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March 31, 2010

PDF Article

The individual PDF articles published in March 2010 are collected here in a single download.

The video and audio articles are not contained in the PDF.

The articles included here are:

Fournier - The Fish Go CrossFit
Seryak - CrossFit Westside?
Fernandez - Quality of Life, Not Leisure
Williams - Weakness Bias Training
Mason - Optimized Post-Workout Nutrition for the CrossFit Athlete
Sullivan - A Vote for CrossFit
Houghton - Get Some More
Kilgore - Running the Wrong Way?
Ames - Protecting Your Business: The Waiver
Morrison - Denmark: Land of CrossFit
Platek - Moved to Mate?
Shrago - The Mind Game
Deavers - One Year on the Main Site
Starr - Building the Base of the Strength Pyramid



5 Comments on “March 2010 Collected Articles”


wrote …

Seriously, can we cut out the pictures of scantily clad women already? I am a husband and father of one (little girl) with a little guy due in a month. I get tired of seeing these photos all the time and don't think I will be renewing my subscription. I come to the journal to be educated, not to look at some woman's backside.


wrote …

Seriously, Is that a scantily clad woman?
I am a husband and father of five (three girls and two boys). I looked at the picture and saw a fit looking back.
What do other people think?
Regards to all


replied to comment from Michael Roe

Anyway, can we get off the moral turpitude soapbox? Once again thank you for the outstanding information! And yes, I am married with a wife and two children one boy and one girl.


wrote …

There is already too much of the "form focus" in the biz, CrossFit don`t have to jump on the same wagon, so yes education is what I want, leave the rest up to the individual


wrote …

I think you are in the wrong community if the sight of people in fitness gear is upsetting to you. It's a classy image and not degrading at all. Most women I know that have seen it simply as "I wonder how many blocks she's on?"

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