Quality of Life, Not Leisure

By Lt. Jason Fernandez

In LEO/Mil

March 06, 2010

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Lt. Jason Fernandez believes it’s time for members of the military to rethink their definitions of quality of life to include things that really matter—like fitness and health.

What is quality of life?

Ask the average CrossFitter, and you’ll probably hear something about being able to walk up the stairs, play with your grandchildren or get off the toilet at the age of 75. Now ask the same question of your typical military member, especially one on a lengthy deployment, and you’re bound to hear something along the lines of bigger TVs and more comfortable living arrangements.

“Quality of life” is a phrase that is thrown around so much in the military that it has become misunderstood. As a supply officer in the U.S. Navy, I hear the phrase a lot, and in my opinion it has been bastardized to the point that I give it about as much consideration as washing my vehicle in the middle of the desert!

If I were to try to sum up what true quality of life is, it would be something like this: quality of life is any activity or asset that enables you to perform your duties in a manner that contributes to the greater good of your unit/group. Somehow I don’t see TVs and video games falling under that definition, but feel free to disagree with me on this one.

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17 Comments on “Quality of Life, Not Leisure”


wrote …

my "wolf pack of one"
hahahahah the hangover is such a good movie!


Olivia de Santis wrote …

Great article but there's one question on my mind: that's a hell of a lot of moustaches - is a 'stache a requirement of the wolf pack?


wrote …

The real question you should be asking is why more men don't sport bristly upper lips. Mustaches make you impervious to pain and irresistable to the fairer sex. And yes, they are required.


wrote …

Awesome article... I am growing a mustache NOW!


wrote …

I think the mustaches are a functional requirement. Take a look at the back of the t-shirt on page 4 of the story. Too Funny!


wrote …

Dr. Fern spreading the gospel!


wrote …

This article is a good read. Many of these things I think about on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing and return home safe from Iraq.

Glenn Hyzak


wrote …

For those of you out here who doubt the power of the "stache", I recommend you dig down deep inside and muster the strength and courage to grow one. I too started this journey a non believer, but even in the infant stages I noticed an overwhelming amount of confidence and personal wellness. Its amazing to see how the men of this so called "Wolfpack" walk with such confidence,and command so much respect from all they encounter. And for the many of you who feel you are only being baffled by my intense amount of BS just ask me for my before and after pictures.


wrote …

Dr. Fern and the mustachioed wolfpack! You guys stay safe over there and keep up the good work. :)


wrote …

Nothing says Navy like mustaches and short shorts.


wrote …

Jason, like the article, love the 'stache. I was part of the crew that was there for the EOD sign and rock wall build. The bosses were into globo-gym so we had to take our CF crew outside quite a bit, it is good to see you and your guys make it better.


wrote …

Jason!! Great article, bro. It has been amazing to watch your development as an athlete and now a trainer. Stay safe over there. I look forward to chasing after you in some wods when you get home.


wrote …

Great article and great job, Jason! I will be ready for you to pass on the Swedish 'Stache and continue "the mission!" See you soon, Brother.


wrote …

...and where do I get on of those shirts?!!!


wrote …

Having founded CF Slayer over here I can only agree with you 100%. Seeing the changes in the attitudes, the friendships, and the unity in people from across the spectrum of people here who may not have been connected prior has been such an amazing experience. Our box, just like yours started from the bare grassroots and built into a stronger community than an other on our base. I have had several members follow the same paths... continue back home and move near Boxes or look for boxes in their communities which they had never done before. Several have gone on to get certified, and more and more are spreading the knowledge back to their units and their communities. I wish I had known where you guys were set up out here. We have had several EOD guys join us out here. Let me know if you would be interested in trading shirts out- CF Slayer has some new ones. But sadly my stache is no where up to Navy standards due to genetics. Let me know. SSG Mike Snyder. crossfitslayer@gmail.com


wrote …

The whole quality of life argument echoes a comment that a former Commandant of the Marine Corps made a few years back. When questioned as to what improvements he planned to make for barracks, PXs, and officer/enlisted clubs, he said the best quality of life improvement he could think of was actually BEING alive, so he preferred to spend his money on tough, realistic training that would help lead to victory in combat. Fancy barracks rooms and big TVs aren't very useful if you're not alive to enjoy them. In that regard, CF's ability to boost the mental and physical toughness of those who do it regularly represents a significant quality of life improvement with a fairly minimal investment of money and equipment.


wrote …

Great article, having served myself for the past 15 years I have seen many a sloth in uniform and it is nice to know there are other out there trying to defeat that trend. Keep up the good work!

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