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Therapy—Westside Style by Louie Simmons - CrossFit Journal

Therapy—Westside Style

By Louie Simmons

In Powerlifting, Videos

March 07, 2010

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Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell broke his back twice, and while he was recovering from the first incident in ’73, he invented the reverse hyper.

According to Simmons, the patented machine builds strength and range of motion at the same time, and he believes it has restorative qualities that will do wonders for back problems. The reverse hyper creates traction, opens up the discs and rotates the sacrum, and athletes such as A.J. Roberts swear it’s the best thing for your body after a heavy squat. Simmons himself will use the machine several times a day.

“I’m 62. I just pulled (a) 670 deadlift easy two weeks ago in a meet. If it wasn’t for reverse hypers, it wouldn’t have happened,” he says.

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Additional reading: Tuning the CrossFit Athlete Part 2 by Daniel Christie, published Jan. 28, 2010.

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16 Comments on “Therapy—Westside Style”


wrote …

Cool stuff. I can't really get myself to stretch consistently. I really like this kind of movement that promotes strength and flexibility.

btw, nice t-shirt on Dave Castro. It's so twisted that I love it... I don't know if it implies a sense of humor. I'm thinking more my first response, that it's just twisted... :)


wrote …

I can vouch for the reverse hyper. It is a fantastic machine for both rehab and strengthening. It works your posterior chain like nothing else. As an FYI, I have also severely injured my lower back twice and can pull well over 700 lbs. A strong posterior chain is the key to just about everything in strength and athletics in my opinion and this device is a must have to that end.


Darren Coughlan wrote …

Again Louies stuff is great. We've been following it for some time.

In the video below we show how to get the same benefits with a GHD. It's apart of our GHD Complex and plays a major part in our rugby programming.

CrossFit Newcastle


wrote …

What song is playing? I can't find it.


Finally, the GHD is a multi-tasker! Good stuff.


wrote …

Definitely going to pick one of these up for my box. Thanks again to Louie for the great info. Keep the videos coming.


Erik Miller wrote …

Doing reverse hypers cured my back problems.


wrote …

That's brilliant. He bridged the gap between two conventional ranges of motion, squats and deadlifts. All over CrossFit-land this morning, people are bellying onto picnic tables or kitchen counters to try this out.


replied to comment from Darren Coughlan

Darren: Nice, to the point video. I think you just saved me a couple grand and 25 square feet. Let me know where to send the check :) -Cheers


wrote …

I used to powerlift in the land before Crossfit at a strength gym that followed the Westside method. In the years since I've joined the Marines and have been without a reverse hyper, I've watched my lower back get significantly more beat up. I'm happy to say that my brand-spanking new Rogue reverse hyper arrived Friday and is now serving the Marines of The Basic School at our Combat Conditioning Facility here. Couldn't be happier to see Louie's stuff catching on with the mainstream.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

I actually had the standard model in my home gym a few years back but got rid of it.

I didn't use it as often for my athletes.

If i do snag something again it would be the Belt Squat - with so many athletes here and in season workouts I still wanna have them squatting without the low back stress.

Louie is the man, period!



Damon Stewart wrote …

I've had one for 2 years right now, it's been a miracle worker. Looked all over when I bought it for a good instructional vid, great to see this one and realized I could get more out of it.


wrote …

Great Vid! Louis is the definitely the man! Notice the big guy (don't know his name) when he squats at 4:47 in the video...his nose actually starts bleeding! BRUTAL! Hats off.


replied to comment from Miguel Marin

Ya, I noticed that hemorrhage? Pretty hardcore, but not something I'll be aspiring too.


wrote …

I love Louie vids the guy is a genious, keep em coming!


wrote …

seems like you dont quite get the ROM with the GHD sub. I would be interested to see the set up on the power rack that Louie mentions in the video. I suppose you could do this on any surface high enough so your legs dangle?

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