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Erin Cafaro Learns to Run: Part 2 by Dr. Nicholas Romanov - CrossFit Journal

Erin Cafaro Learns to Run: Part 2

By Dr. Nicholas Romanov

In Running, Videos

March 05, 2010

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Elite athletes such as world-class on-water rower Erin Cafaro don’t have a lot of trouble learning new athletic techniques, but it still helps when the inventor is doing the instruction.

In Part 2 of this series, Pose Method creator Dr. Nicholas Romanov teaches Cafaro about pulling her foot off the ground to create an efficient stride.

According to Romanov, the pull is a combination of hip and knee flexion, and the height of the pull is determined by the speed of the stride. When sprinting, for example, you lean forward more than when jogging, and consequently you need to pull the foot higher off the ground. Finally, Dr. Romanov fine-tunes Cafaro’s mechanics to allow her to stop “interrupting” the force of gravity.

On her final trip across the gym at the University of San Diego, Cafaro looks less like a rower and more like a runner.

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Additional reading: Body Weight Perception by Dr. Nicholas Romanov, published Dec. 28, 2009.

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9 Comments on “Erin Cafaro Learns to Run: Part 2”


wrote …

It looks to me that when Romanov jogs in this video, he is not reproducing Pose. Instead, he lets his feet come up behind him, rather than under him. Anyone else see this?


wrote …

Having had no formal tuition or training and just messing around with Pose on my own, it feels good and more efficient UNTIL fatigue sets in and then it gets ugly. The compromise between intensity and technique seems a bit out of the loop. I guess the same 20% deviation from perfect form in favor of intensity applies, but in running with so many "reps" it's a bit blurry.


wrote …

Her next to last run, when he's saying, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you,' was her best. It was when she was doing the least amount of work with her feet. You can see earlier when she's trying a little too hard to replicate some kind of false stride. That strange chopping always gives away runners who are trying to work on the POSE.

I'm as guilty as anyone. We had a mile run in the middle of our WOD today, over rolling terrain, and when fatigue set in and things got ugly, which is to say when the chopping motion set in, I'd have to remind myself to do less with my feet and get the lean once more. 'Number 4, number 4, number 4,' I'd chug along, trying to minimize the impact on the ball of my foot.

When it works, it's an awesome feeling.


wrote …

The chemistry these two have in this video is mind blowing.


wrote …

All kidding aside, I felt a difference when consciously trying to lean and re-create the #4 pose each step. Tough to get the hang of it when aiming for a max sprint though.


replied to comment from Thomas Nunan

"When it works, it's an awesome feeling." I agree, it's that same sublime feeling of a near perfect snatch or a new level of awareness in the DL pull, getting the BFK, etc. THere is genuine pleasure in quality movement that is totally independent of performance (bigger numbers). It feels better to move better.


Dane Thomas wrote …

Watching and listening to Dr. Romanov doing his best to deliver as much of his knowledge as possible but being held back by the language gap makes me anxious (been there myself while learning new languages) but it also makes me wonder just how much we are missing.


wrote …

Looking forward to the part 3..


wrote …

I agree with Dane. It seems as though Dr. Romanov really knows what he is talking about but his teaching is hindered by the language barrier

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