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Speal v. Khalipa by Chris Spealler and Jason Khalipa - CrossFit Journal

Speal v. Khalipa

By Chris Spealler and Jason Khalipa

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March 21, 2010

Video Article

At the 2008 CrossFit Games, Chris Spealler finished first overall after Day 1. In fact, his performance was so dominant that he had a bigger lead over the No. 2 spot than two did over 11th!

That famous final workout on Day 2 changed the CrossFit community forever: 30 reps of 155-lb. squat clean and jerks. With Spealler weighing only 135 lb. at the time, many thought victory would go to Olympic-lifting specialist Josh Everett. The title, however, went to Jason Khalipa, who came from nowhere and won the final workout by almost a minute.

During a recent cert at CrossFit San Diego, Khalipa obliterated a lunchtime workout, beating all the other trainers by about eight minutes. The workout was one clean and jerk (155 lb.) and a round Cindy, two clean and jerks and a round of Cindy, and so on for 10 rounds. The total numbers: 55 reps of 155-lb. clean and jerks (squat not required) plus 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups and 150 squats.

Speal, of course, is a master of body-weight movements, and he’s also been doing more strength work in hopes of improving his weaknesses. When Speal showed up to try the workout six hours later, everyone knew he'd be fast in the Cindy rounds. But 55 reps at 155 lb. is a lot of work. How close could he get to Jason’s blazing time?

8min 8sec

Additional reading: Exporting CrossFit: Chris Spealler in India by Rashmi Cole, published Feb. 2, 2010.

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wrote …



wrote …

WOW x2


wrote …

WOW x3.


wrote …

WOWx4 + what a beast!


Brian White wrote …

WOW x5


Olivia de Santis wrote …

Uh.... WOW x6.


wrote …



wrote …

A force to be reckoned with this year. Both of them! Good luck Spealler and Khalipa .Congrats on the Kid.


Jason Khalipa wrote …

wow x 7 is what I said when I watched it happen!!!!

Nice work again Chris


wrote …

so basically 2xgrace +20lbs +10 rds cindy...ridiculous.

I think mikko needs to do this one too


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wrote …

was what i said i watched it happen live...
greatest day of my life right there...

and i agree Mikko needs to try this one too.


wrote …

If you are looking for efficiency of human movement coupled with frightening work capacity it really doesn't get any better than Chris Speal. What is most impressive about the man however is his self deprecating, humble demenour when accomplishing feats of athletic endeavour the majority of us can only dream of. A true legend in every sense of the word. Good luck at the games Chris!


wrote …

Excuse me while I go pick my jaw up off the floor. Epic!


wrote …

That was pretty unreal! The worst/best part of this video is now I have a workout that I want to do. I would hope to see this on the main site real soon but if not...looks like a two WOD day sometime in the very near future. I love the quote about "just going there" when you are tired. What a great attitude to take into a workout. Congrats on the little man cub Chris.



wrote …

that is remarkable. Absolutely outstanding.

congratulations to you both on smoking hot times and for being good humans and sharing so much of yourselves and your training with us mortals

and...yes please - can somebody call Mikko?


Cole Rashmi wrote …

Our internet won't allow the download but.....
Crossfit Sri Ram Ashram loves Coach Spealler!
I still am amazed that our children and young adults, living in rural India, got to experience Chris first hand. What an example for them, an experience that still lives on with all the kids.
Congrats on the birth of little Speal.


wrote …

bad ass!!


Tom Seryak wrote …

That really is mind blowing...


wrote …

lets see mikko do it!


wrote …

I want to be both Spealler AND Khalipa strong! Awesome show. Bravo!


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Awesome video, and congratulations on the son, Chris. If the little one starts early, we might have a Games contender for sometime in the 2020s.


freddy camacho wrote …

Two guys I greatly respect doing some serious work.

You didn't have a chance Jason. Speal was a D1 wrestler. D1 wrestlers have been getting their asses kicked by hard workouts since they were little kids. He is strong enough to do the C&J, and he doesn't have to carry all your extra bodyweight. Plus, Speal gets regular servings of Speal Cookies. Those things are awesome and give you superhuman powers.


wrote …

I'm constantly impressed with the work capacity, humbleness, and good character of both Jason and Speal. They are both role models in the gym and outside the gym. That video was a clash of the titans.


Jesse Gray wrote …

Dios mio...


wrote …

that 155 cj is only 35% of the cj world record in Chris's weight class, I don't understand why that's so impressive


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DUDE... what a video! probably one of the best CFJ ones I've seen... and i've seen alot. Freddy camacho got it right... wrestlers are hands down some of the best athletes around.


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I'll bite.

Factually, if we assume that Speal could lose two pounds to get into the 137 lb category, the C&J record is 182kg, so it's more like 40% but either way, it's pretty graceless stuff from you.

As you must surely know, it's the combination of movements and quantity of repetitions in such a short time period that make this an impressive and praiseworthy feat.

How about you get on the phone to any of those drug taking Chinese weightlifters and see if they can do

55 70kg C&J,
50 pull ups,
100 push ups and
150 squats in 12 minutes.

or if you don't have them on speed dial, ask Casey Burgener, or any other O lifting superman of your choice to attempt it.

Once you find somebody to beat it, as surely you can, post the video

until then, good luck with your training


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

Let me preface this by saying:

Wow x 29
I'm a huge fan of both athletes, and have spoken with both in person.

That being said, are we really going to count the majority of those reps? I'm all for the 80% rule, but I don't think anywhere near 80% of the squats reached hip extension, or the pull-ups over the horizontal plane of the bar. I'd ask about the push-ups, too, but I'm guilty of smacking my stomach instead of my chest to the ground when I get tired, too.

The quality of the video was fantastic. My quarrel is the positive light it sheds on a Level 2 trainer's movement, which likely would have been held suspect by any number of judges at many of the competitions we are watching unfold on the Games site.

Form must give way to intensity at our limits. I understand that. I teach that. I just miss CrossFit HQ adding subtitles admitting failed reps, etc in their videos - those not only hold the athletes accountable, but teach countless viewers about the movements and what they should look like.

Great effort by both athletes / level 2 trainers / affiliate owners / CrossFit Games Finalists.


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about the reps if they count, going at that speed, things cannot really be that precise. About full lockout, i noticed that when you are doing super fast reps, i don't even think it is safe/or ideal for the joints to be at full lockout. The reps still seemed to be close enough for it to count. In my opinion range of motion of 95% to full lockout is good enough.


wrote …

I can't believe there are any haters out there regarding that video. You guys are idiots. Go somewhere else.

Great video! Keep working hard!


William Davidson wrote …

Impressive video - Watching Chris move is beautiful.
Good luck to both gentlemen with their training and getting stronger - send me your addresses and I'll get some grass-fed beef in the mail. One can only marvel and donate food to endeavors like these.


wrote …

I'm sure Jason wasn't really trying. Didn't want to embarass the newbiesother trainers. I mean, more than normal.

Now, if he had his game face on...

Would love to see Jason have another go at this.


wrote …

Gotta love the haters that wouldn't be able to touch these times with 50% ROM!

Beyond impressive by both Speal and Khalipa!


wrote …

My Hero's WOW xCrossrit


wrote …

My Hero's WOW xCrossfit


wrote …

This is my first post on here, but I just want to praise Speal and Khalipa on a excellent show of athleticism, grace and poise. Speal is always classy and Khalipa's comments that he hopes Speal beats his time are great. I think that is what separates CF from the rest of the fitness world.


wrote …

I think some of us are missing what's so special about this (especially with the "you're not working the full-ROM crowd": there are not many other athletic endeavors in which the top-tier performers put on a demonstration such as this with such sportsmanship and desire to see the other do his best than CrossFit. Let's use the 2009 Tour de France as an contrasting example where Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador were at each other's throats while being on the same team or any team Chad "Ocho Cinco" or Terrell Owens is on as the antithetical representation of what we're about. Perhaps CrossFit is one of the final bastions of amature athleticism. I'm certain there are other sports, but it's nice to be involved in a physical endeavor that encourages us to measure ourselves against the results of the best on a daily basis. The standard is just that- the standard. I guess that's why this appeals to a lot of us so much. Jason and Chris, thank you both for being great examples of athletes and, most importantly, men. This year's games are going to be amazing!



wrote …

Gentlemen, stellar effort. Keep pushing the bar! CrossFitters everywhere are dragged ever-upward by your example, myself included. Thanks so much.


wrote …

Inspiring stuff gentlemen! Awesome work!


wrote …

Jaw dropping. We did this WOD for our Affiliate Team tryouts (it was WOD #1 of 2 for the day). Our best athlete did it in 24min and it was devastating for everyone. Jason and Chris are absolute beasts and I can't wait to see them in action at the games this year.


replied to comment from Andrew Wilson

I must have missed the part when he was trying to set the world record for clean and there a part two? Jeez, some people...


Zach Even - Esh wrote …


Who knows where Speal wrestled during college?

This bruddahs r straight up BadAss.



wrote …

Absolutely unreal. Spealler is... inhuman.


wrote …

Zach, Speal is a Pennsylvania boy. Wrestled at Lock Haven U. Div. 1.

Speal, amazing! Way to represent the little people.

Vic 38/150/5'5" You're my hero.


wrote …

William...I'll take some grass fed beef :)

Nice work Chris and Jason, did the WOD today, thanks for pushing me and thousands of other crossfitters. You both set the bar high...very high!


Jake Di Vita wrote …

I have the utmost respect for Speal. He's been one of my favorite athletes to watch for years now.

Here's another way of looking at it. I'm sure Jason can physically do anything that Speal can (albeit some things slower - he can still get them done). I don't know Speal's current level of absolute strength, but I'd be willing to bet that there are things that Jason can do, that Speal simply currently can't (a 505 deadlift is a good example).

I'd be curious to see what would happen if Speal gained 20 pounds of muscle (or even bulked up to 185).


Maury Birdwell wrote …

One of the best CF videos so far, nice to see some actual editing rather than just filming a workout and throwing it up. Well done.

I have to agree with Daniel on the ROM. Both incredible athletes and seem like great people, but on the pullups in particular their ROM pushed the boundaries of questionable. Their chin barely broke the plane of the bar only by craning the neck. Perhaps they train otherwise and then scale it back to bare minimum standards for competition. For example, I've noticed the same thing in Speal's burpees on other videos: he barely gets his feet off the ground, whereas I encourage myself and others to actually jump. Perhaps the difference is for me it is training rather than competition.

Great stuff nonetheless.


wrote …

I agree, fast times become meaningless with fuzzy meeting of standards. Even if both Speil and Khapila had distinctly met the standards (obviously they can both do a pull-up and get their chin over the bar without the crane the neck thing), they still would have crushed this!


wrote …

I just did this workout it took me 20:50. WOW! It was pretty hard. Who made up this wod anyways? Those clean and jerks just got longer and longer as it progressed. Chris and Jason, very impressive!


Woah, Csizmazia, don't think we've met but I've seen you around at Ouray and such. You should know that I've failed to finish Murchison (for stupid reasons) twice now and your soloing photo in the guidebook continually taunts me.

Agreed, they can crush it regardless and do countless "real" pullups. But particularly for folks like us (climbers) I think chest-to-bar is the standard at least a majority of the time.

All the best.


replied to comment from Nick Williams

I mean, it's only 70kg, that's a warm up for a lot of oly lifters. And its not going to supply a quality load to improve speedstrength, it's just neglecting to build more he power, and just wearing down the ssc. I don't see why its such a big deal, they should be doing it with 110kg or at least 77% of their pr


replied to comment from Andrew Wilson

hmm Andrew, I think you just don't get it.
Thus workout is not meant to improve speed/strenght.
Nor it it meant to be an attempt at breaking any Oly lifting records.
It is its very own feat of muscular endurance and sheer mental determination to beat the clock.
You may question the training benefits if you like, you may question the CF methodology if you like, great! Don't do it if you think its not what you need.
But one thing you can't get away with is saying this in not impressive or "no big deal". That is weak.


replied to comment from Daniel Schmieding

I feel like Daniel is on point. Stellar performance by both atheletes, but I'd really love to have seen their times if they'd not counted reps that weren't to standard. I'll be the first to say that rules are made to be bent, but a standard is a standard. Did you really do a squat if you didn't go down all the way and didn't open your hips all the way up? Isn't the crossfit standard chest to bar on pullups? Don't pushups go from chest on ground to full arm extension? I mean, if that's not what the standards are then say so. But if it is then lots of these reps didn't count and these guys would still have had stellar times, but maybe not quite so fast. If we want to be taken seriously and not viewed as a bunch of snooty fit-snobs then we have to hold ourselves to standards. Otherwise we're just doing the globo-gym thing under a different name.

Again, though, awesome job Chris and Jason. You both inspire me to be better.


wrote …

Regarding the comments from Brian Alexander and Daniel Schmieding…

I agree with both comments other than chest to bar being the standard. The standard for pull-ups is chin clearly above the bar and no “Pez-Dispensing”. I hold, and possibly unfairly, Speal and Khalipa as CrossFit idols. In my gym ROM is held as priority one. There is no excuse for shorted ROM outside of a few “close” reps lost to intensity. If you are unable to keep the ROM then slow the pace or take needed rest. Plenty of the pull-ups, squats and push-ups were clearly not there. If we (the CrossFit community) are to compare times and appreciate efforts then we all have to be held to the same standards.

All that being said, the video is still a ridiculous show of strength and athleticism.


replied to comment from Andrew Wilson

The big deal is that crossfit is about improving total work capacity compared to limit capacity, so think about it this way.

Lets estimate speal did all of his rounds of cindy in 30 sec each. that is 5 minutes for 10 rounds of cindy. that means he did 55 reps of 155# cj in about 7 minutes.

so what is your cindy score? what is your heavy grace time? what is your double heavy grace, and quarter or half cindy time?

That is a ridiculous amount of work to get done in 12 or 14 minutes. That is seriously inspiring.


wrote …

Wait a second while the comment made by Andrew Wilson is inflammatory and just well dumb, I think the comment made by Mr. Williams about the chinese weightlifters being on steroids just as distasteful. If not I want to see HIS DOCUMENTED PROOF if he has nothing else other than their gold medals as an argument then I dont want to hear it. He probably thinks that westside methods are just for people who use steroids too.


Bob Guere wrote …

I hesitate to even comment.... but what the hell, I haven't kissed much butt lately.

Jason and Chris, to say I'm not surprised sounds dismissive. But it's not. You two continue to inspire, impress, entertain, and grow. I say I'm not surprised because I've come to expect a higher and higher bar, day in and day out. As a coach (and marginal athlete at best) I love how you two inspire greatness from so many. If either of you never win another competition, your accomplishments will be set in stone as leaders and role models.

To the "rep-counters".

Shut up. This was a "pickup game".... sure both could've gotten deeper in the squats and chin over the bar. And if they both did, both of them would've added a minute or so to their times. This wasn't sectionals, regionals or Aromas. Get off their case. And it would've been just as impressive.

If you seriously doubt the capacity of these two based on some less-than-perfect reps, you've got some learnin' to do.


wrote …

Ok, you guys who think that us "rep counters" are hating on Jason or Chris need to come down off your high horse. Everybody who's had something to say about the ROM in the workout has bookended their comments by saying how awesome those two guys are. Lay off it. Nobody was pissed off at Coach when they put the comments on the video of Greg Armundson not locking out at the top of his squat cleans. Would you say Coach was doubting Greg's capacity? Would you say Coach "has a lot to learn"? I'm not comparing myself to the Coach, but I'd like to think he would see our point on the ROM issue. It's a standard. If the workout calls for pushups and you see somebody doing "flutter pushups" and not going all the way down or up then is that ok since he's going really fast? Or opening hips all the way up on box jumps or dead lifts? Of course not, becsuse there's a standard.

And again, thanks to Jason and Chris for the inspiration. It helped out on today's WOD.


wrote …


I don't have documented proof so go ahead and call me a liar. But yes, CHina is a communist, terrorist country who had a massive government machine working towards their success at their Olympics and they would have done everything in their power to ensure this success.

If you don't believe this, then you misunderstand China.

Then look at the results

China won every weightlifting event that they entered in Beijing apart from the men's 77kg which they won silver with the same weight as the korean who won gold.

And consider this:

Three of China’s gold medalists won in major blowouts. Its athletes lifted 22 pounds more than the runner-up in the men’s 69 kg competition; 31 pounds more than the runner-up in the men’s 62 kg competition; 37 pounds more than the runner-up in the women’s 58 kg. Not inconsiderable victory margins.

The sixth Chinese gold was a massive blowout. That would be this Liu woman, at 69 kg, who defeated the silver medalist from Russia by 68 pounds. Yes, by 68 pounds. It wasn’t a competition, it was an exhibition.

When one country dominates weightlifting like that, we are left with two ways to look at this.

1. The dominant country has hit on some formula that no one else has figured out. A system of training, a way of identifying weightlifting talent. And that system, and that method, has produced weightlifters who are trashing the competition. Maybe that has happened. Maybe. May-be.

2. The dominant country is cheating. And hasn’t yet been caught. And its competitors haven’t figured out how they’re doing it.

Choose for yourself.

I'm not sure how old you are Michael, but I was around in the 70s and 80s when eastern european women won everything by miles until Ben Johnson got caught and the iron curtain went down. Some of their world records - 400m, 800m etc are still there today.

It has been proven that they were all being systemmatically doped with steroids.

Likewise, I was around in the mid 90s when a group of Chinese long distance runners broke massive massive massive world records in the long distance running events. We're talking 90 second records for the 10k event and China all of a sudden won every distance event at the olympics from 1500m up and held all the records.

They were taking EPO and disappeared as soon as that test appeared.

Now it's weightlifting. It's HGH or a new form of undetectable steroid. It'll come out.

and you know it.


wrote …


re Westside, your argument is completely different - it's about method.

I haven't criticised anybody's method. I'm really interested in the Westside approach.

But they do support steroids and admit taking them. And the reason they take steroids is because they help them get stronger than they otherwise would.


replied to comment from Ian Nigh

If the "workout is not meant to improve speed/strenght" then why is the clean and jerk, a speedstrength exercise used in the workout? I mean, if you want to test muscular endurance and sheer mental determination to beat a clock, why not just hang off a cliff with just your hands as long as possible. If you want to build speedstrength you use olympic weightlifting, not paying attention to the physio and not training an athlete with reason is sloppy sloppy stuff.


replied to comment from David McKay

"The big deal is that crossfit is about improving total work capacity compared to limit capacity, so think about it this way."

If they were using the clean and jerk right, with the right load and not a feather bar, their total work capacity would improve more by adapting to relative loads that would increase their he power.

"so what is your cindy score? what is your heavy grace time? what is your double heavy grace, and quarter or half cindy time?"

What's your max snatch (95 pounds isn't a max), 400m time, vertical jump? Information that is actually useful?

"That is a ridiculous amount of work to get done in 12 or 14 minutes. That is seriously inspiring."

But what about the physio development of the athlete?! That's more important than work!!! Work has NO significance in building a human body!!


wrote …

Killaz!!! Both of you guys Chris and Jason. Way to go. Bar is set super high. But thats great, its all good.
Can't wait for the 2010 CrossFit games! It looks like there is going to be some awesome WODs.


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

I care less about whatever arbitrary standards the athletes set (while those might matter, if they're really trying to compete against one another), and more about increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains...

The most important part of the squat is the accompanying hip extension. If it is absent, the benefit of the movement is greatly dulled. These athletes are chasing increased work capacity, as are the athletes this video is meant to motivate (if that is in fact its intention).

This is not an attack on their character, their potential capacity, their past performances, their coaching, or their worth to the community. Only their effort to maximally increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains, which requires full range of motion, especially throughout the most important range of the movements.

That's all. None of us are "haters." We're looking for consistency in what this community / website / seminars / certifications / coaches have upheld since its inception.


replied to comment from Dach MI

Dach MI -

The Crossfit standard for the pull-up has always been chest to bar. C2B is not a "games" only standard. If you want verification refer to the Crossfit Journal article dated April 01, 2003 "The Pull-up" by Greg Glassman. Coach specifically states "The requirements for the CrossFit pull-up are simple yet tough to execute. The pull-up begins from a hang at full arm and shoulder extension and ends, regardless of grip, with the chest pressed tightly to the bar."

Why is it anytime someone tries to enforce standards they are classified as "haters"?


wrote …


my belief is that actually that standard has been changed in recent times.

Chest to Bar is one of three standards applied at different times, the others being chin over bar and occasionally dead hang but that actually if a main site WOD includes the term 'pull ups', it actually means chin over bar.




wrote …

I'm with Daniel ... who cares if it was a pick-up game. Those guys are elite and often-times represent the face of crossfit. With all the emphasis crossfit puts on ROM and standards, if the elite are cutting the reps short than what happens to crossfit's credibilty? Affiliates and coaches can preach standards/rom all they want but actions speak louder than words. Those guys have a lot of power and i'm not just talking about physical power, i'm talking about the effect they have on people who see those videos. They should know this and they should therefore live up to the applicable standard.

Final point: why leave any room open for people like me and daniel and others to bitch about the reps? Elite are elite because they are the standard. So finish your reps and you shut up the critics.


replied to comment from Andrew Wilson

Andrew, Have you heard of CrossFit? it's a great general fitness program which increases peoples work capacity.

Please explain for my benefit, and anyone else who cares, exactly what your definition of work and subsequently work capacity is. If you would like mine and indeed anyone whose looked into it i.e. Coach, go grab a physics text book. Actually I'll sumamrise (I'm Australian excuse the correct spelling) it for you.

Work is force times distance, Power is force times distance divided by time i.e. work divided by time. so actually when you say they need more load so they can adapt and increase their power, by the very definition you are wrong - you seem to think they have some power, they can only express power. Decreasing their times directly increases their power. So it seems that increasing your ability to do work i.e. increasing our work capacity will also increase your power (work being the numerator in our equation) in which case yes you are right a higher load will potentially increase the expressed power, if and only if the lift were completed at the same pace. However as I said before decreasing their times also and more directly increases their power output.

Does that make sense?

So explain to me again why Work has no relevance to building a human body? And what about the physiological development of the athlete, in case you missed it, this wasn't a strength work out, it was a MetCon i.e. a workout designed to make your tax your ATP utilisation and delivery systems i.e. your Phosphogen, Lactic and aerobic systems. O lifts have an amazing ability to achieve this criteria, hence why the C&J was used.

I hope you continue to learn about CrossFit and you'll understand it's methods eventually.

Thanks Mitch


replied to comment from Nick Williams

I think you'll find that the standard has not changed, but CFer's have bastardized that standard for the sake of time. Additionally, you are not referencing three standards but rather confusing standards and variations in the same sentence. Chest to bar and chin over bar are standards of pull-ups. Kipping, dead hang, and butterfly are different variations of pull-ups, I'm not including grip differences as part of the variations. If done to the true Crossfit standard all three, kipping, dead hang, and butterfly, should end with the chest tightly pressed to the bar.


replied to comment from Craig Bailey

Craig Bailey

Apparently you have a preference to the CTB pull-up. That’s fine, as it is a great variation of the pull-up. However, it is not the HQ standard. The C2B pull-up was first popularized in the CrossFit community during the 2008 CrossFit Games. This was done as a clear way to count the rep. Refer to the “standards” videos on the 2008 Games by Tony Budding. After the 2008 Games some CrossFit boxes and some CrossFitters started using this as the pull-up standard, only to see it abandoned in the 2009 Games. The CTB pull-up was not seen in the 2007 Games or the 2009 and has not been the standard at most Sectionals. If CTB was is indeed the standard since 2003, why has HQ sanctioned the chin over the bar in so many events and WODs?

When HQ necessitates CTB pull-ups in the Games or main site programming, it will be specifically stated, as below:

March 23, 2010
TUESDAY 100323

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:
Chest-to-bar pull-up
Box jump, 30 inch box
GHD sit-up

Otherwise, its chin over the bar, as below:

March 19, 2010
FRIDAY 100319

With a continuously running clock, do one pull-up and one handstand push-up the first minute, two pull-ups and two handstand push-ups the second minute, three pull-ups and three handstand push-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able. When you cannot complete the required number of reps for either exercise, continue only with the other as long as you are able.

Furthermore, if you look at CrossFit Exercises & Demos from the main page and search for pull-up videos, you will see HQ trainers teaching the pull-up with chin over the bar. Bellow are a few of the examples:

Kipping Pullup Concepts [ wmv]
Kipping Pullups, Step 1 [wmv][mov] » Nov 29 07
Kipping Pullups, Step 2 [wmv][mov] » Dec 4 07
Kipping Pullups, Step 3 [wmv][mov] » Dec 10 07
Kipping Pullups, Step 4 [wmv][mov] » Dec 15 07


wrote …

sorry Craig... sounds like Dach Mi burned you.

Its just like our modern legal system. The legislature can hand down a law (ie a standard) at one point in time, but the law itself changes with time. Cases are decided by Judges who's job it is to Interpret the law. This often times leads the legislature to subsequently redraft the law, thereby changing it or reiterating/reinstating the original.

Its the same way with the pull up. Coach gave the law back in Apr 2003 CJ article, but clearly, as Dach Mi has pointed out, that standard has been changed and has only occasionally been put into effect. The only way for CTB pullups to become the standard again is for the law to be handed down from HQ themselves (it the legislature). Otherwise, as it stands, the chin over bar case law is the precedent and qualifies as the standard.


wrote …

"Andrew, Have you heard of CrossFit? it's a great general fitness program which increases peoples work capacity.Please explain for my benefit, and anyone else who cares, exactly what your definition of work and subsequently work capacity is."

My definition of work and work capacity is occupation and occupation productivity.

"If you would like mine and indeed anyone whose looked into it i.e. Coach, go grab a physics text book. Actually I'll sumamrise (I'm Australian excuse the correct spelling) it for you."

Something tells me your and Coach's physics book doesn't have an anatomy, physiology, and kinisiology chapter... along with a missing education background in the field.

"Work is force times distance, Power is force times distance divided by time i.e. work divided by time. so actually when you say they need more load so they can adapt and increase their power, by the very definition you are wrong - you seem to think they have some power, they can only express power. Decreasing their times directly increases their power. So it seems that increasing your ability to do work i.e. increasing our work capacity will also increase your power (work being the numerator in our equation) in which case yes you are right a higher load will potentially increase the expressed power, if and only if the lift were completed at the same pace. However as I said before decreasing their times also and more directly increases their power output.Does that make sense?"

Rewatch this journal video, then watch this video: and resay I'm wrong and rethink who has greater power and work capacity. btw these guys are only 123 pounds

"So explain to me again why Work has no relevance to building a human body?"

Work has no relevance to building a human body because it has no detailed comprehension of the cause and effect training adaptions that take place on the cellular and nerve level. Someone can cj 180kg for 1 rep and match the same work with doing pointless reps with 95 pound "thrusters".

"And what about the physiological development of the athlete,"

Building a human body is physiological development

"in case you missed it, this wasn't a strength work out, it was a MetCon i.e. a workout designed to make your tax your ATP utilisation and delivery systems i.e. your Phosphogen, Lactic and aerobic systems. O lifts have an amazing ability to achieve this criteria, hence why the C&J was used."

Every physical activity is "metabolic conditioning"!! Strength work is metabolic conditioning!! Just because you give it a fancy, impressive term, DOESN'T mean the body will FORGET to adapt to produce force more effectively with that load!!! How do you "tax your atp utilisation"?!! Do you even know what atp is, what it does and how its made?!! Lactic isn't a system its a byproduct.

"I hope you continue to learn about CrossFit and you'll understand it's methods eventually."

The only method crossfit uses is put a bunch of random movements together with random waits, do it really fast to impress people. Otherwise it's methods hasn't produce an athlete that can run a sub 4 minute mile OR have a 40in vertical jump


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that lifter is phenomenally strong, incredibly powerful and very quick. He is a fantastic athlete.

His work capacity across the domains he operates in are elite. I for one can't comprehend how somebody that little can get that strong.

The whole point of Crossfit is to improve work capacity across broad time and modal domains, not just two or three of them. It notes ten physical skills and it's broad, inclusive approach improves work capacity across all of them.

training somebody to run a 4 minute mile or a 2x bodyweight snatch involves a level of specialism that requires a focus on a couple of these physical skills to the exclusion of the others.

there is nothing wrong with this level of specialisation. it is required of almost all elite sportspeople, with the potential exception of athletes that have to operate across a variety of domains - MMA athletes, decathletes, potentially some football/rugby players as well as military and law enforcement people.

Crossfit is not designed to produce long distance runners or weightlifters, it is a program to forge elite fitness - fitness by the CF definition as above.

It does that very well - better than any other program that I have seen or experienced.

But you know all this don't you Andrew. Because you're just here to cause trouble.

either way, good luck with your training. I can only imagine you're a beast if you're not impressed with Speal and Khalipa - maybe post a video of yourself?


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Very well said!


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I didn't see Guiness on hand to certify their world records. Nor did I see Games Judges counting reps. So take it for what it is...a phenomenal spur of the moment effort at a tough workout by two of crossfits finest at separate sides of the stature spectrum. Would you have rather they didn't show the video? This sounds like watching Jordan vs Bird play hoops in the driveway and then just complaining the whole time.


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Well said Nick!

I have had the same argument with my brother that Andrew is raising. Athletes that have a high aptitude for one specific event will always trump a Crossfitter at that event. Those tiny Chinese lifters are incredible! But if you put them in an unrelated athletic endeavor that neither athlete specializes in the Crossfitter would crush the life out of them. That said if you want to be great at one event crossfit is not for you.

Since we are on the topic of reps counting or not. Have any of you seen some of the crap that is being counted as a rep at some of the sections?


Jason Khalipa wrote …

Chris I had an opportunity to re do this, got 13:36 but still couldn't catch you! Your fast as hell! Again nice work


Frank Beauvais wrote …

What an impressive performance for both athletes! I just finished this one w/ a time of 22:33 here @ Nampa Fire Station 2. We ride a fine line while doing the WODs while on duty. I probably could have gone a little faster, but not by much. The clean and jerks just suck the life out of me. While not much bigger than Spealer (5'7" 155#), he showed just how far he's come in the last year or 2, and inspires me to conitnue to push harder. Khalipa continues to just crush everything in site and I can't wait to see footage from this years games.

Jason- a quick question for you about your strategy. When you start getting tired (if that's possible), do u catch your breath to do 2 or 3 more reps at a time, or do 1, drop the bar take a quick breath or 2 and then get 1 more? I'm trying to figure a strategy for myself and am debating between the 2. On one hand, just 1 rep is not that bad, but there's something to be said for the momentum factor of getting 2 or 3. But then there's the longer breaks after the 2 or 3, vs multiple smaller breaks after the single lift. your thoughts????


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Wow these guys are animals, I just did this workout yesterday and my body feels like I got hit with a sledgehammer.


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I just recently started crossfit. This workout would be so hard. I go to this gym.

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