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CrossFit for Congress by Congressman John Sullivan - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit for Congress

By Congressman John Sullivan

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March 29, 2010

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U.S. Rep. John Sullivan is a fourth-generation Oklahoman with a passion for fitness—and CrossFit.

Elected to Congress in 2002, Sullivan has served his state as a representative on a number of health-oriented caucuses and strives for elite personal fitness as a member of both CrossFit Sky (Oklahoma) and Primal Fitness (Washington, D.C.).

With four kids, lots of travel and a congressional seat to fill, Sullivan has a busy schedule, but at 45 he still finds time to hit the WOD five or six days a week. He decided to put his improved work capacity to the test at the recent Oklahoma Sectional as a challenge to himself and a way to inspire others to get fit, and Sullivan gave a great effort to finish 92nd of 102 athletes. He plans to compete again next year.

Beyond personal fitness and leading the charge against the obesity epidemic, Sullivan believes CrossFit competitions are important for local economies. “Any city should be grateful to have a CrossFit competition in their city,” he said.

And, less than a year ago, Sullivan began the recovery process from alcoholism. With the help of the Betty Ford Center and the camaraderie of his CrossFit communities, he’s come a long way. “CrossFit has helped a lot,” Sullivan said. “It’s a big part of my life now.”

Sullivan’s story was also featured in an article published March 31, 2010, on Politico.

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10 Comments on “CrossFit for Congress”


wrote …

Great Video!! Its nice to know CF has a friend in the U.S. Congress...


Frank DiMeo wrote …



Josh Elmore wrote …

Awesome work John, thanks for being a loud voice in the community. Keep up the great work and know that you are inspiring others to be better versions of themselves.


wrote …

Great video. It's awesome to see how Crossfit has has become such a positive outlet for our society.


wrote …

This was one of my favorite journal videos in a long time. John, thank you for all of your support to this community. I think this is huge where public figures are enjoying the health benefits, and congratulations on filling your life with positivity.


wrote …

Great vid! Michelle Obama is taking up the cause of childhood obesity. Is there an opportunity for CrossFit to get involved?


wrote …

I would vote for John if he was from my district. Hope he can influence more in congress to participate.


wrote …

Great video, Congressman Sullivan said it all. As a 46 year old father of 5 and former high school wrestler I can relate. I would be thrilled if he was my representative!


wrote …

Good for the Congressman doing Crossfit. He knows the benefits of a good strength program as well. I would hope he can carry this knowledge to congress and sponsor bills that would remove things like high fructose corn syrup from food. Getting poisons like this and artificial sweetners out of food would go a long way in improving the health of the American public.

I am sure the Congressman understands the importance of organic/grassfed meats and how factory farms are a scourge to the American diet as well.

I look forward to seeing bills sponsored by the Congressman that improve the welfare of the cititzens of his district as well as the rest of the country.


wrote …

umm, I'm not from Oklahoma but I'd like to vote for this guy for president. Awesome that there are people in high places who get it.

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