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Biathalon Basics by Pepa Miloucheva and Hannah Dreissigacker - CrossFit Journal

Biathalon Basics

By Pepa Miloucheva and Hannah Dreissigacker

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April 10, 2010

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Pepa Miloucheva, who won gold at the 1994 World Ski Orienteering Championships, takes Pat Barber and Again Faster’s Jon Gilson through a day-long introduction to the sport of biathlon.

First, it’s a stint on the trail with Miloucheva to dial in the skiing, and Barber and Gilson find themselves in unfamiliar territory in a sport that takes a lifetime to master. Next, it’s on to the rifle range with Concept2’s Hannah Dreissigacker to learn more about the rifle, shooting positions and accuracy. Finally, the guys wrap it up with a bit of friendly competition.

Video by Again Faster.

7min 58sec

Additional reading: CrossFit’s Right on Target by Dave Re, published March 29, 2009.

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7 Comments on “Biathalon Basics ”


wrote …

Good, old Craftsbury!!! and Pepa!


wrote …

Ever see a fish out of water? Looks a lot like these two on skis!


wrote …

Jon and Patrick were good sports. If you need a strong "SkiErger" grab Patrick if you are in a gun fight then go with Jon! - Greg


wrote …

Gotta love the Norwegian drive-by.


wrote …

"Biathlon Basics", even? :)


wrote …

I want to give that a try!


Rob Barrese wrote …

Great video! Pat showed the true signs of a beginner in show sports... jacket open! Nice job!

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