Central Canada Showdown

By Mike Warkentin

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April 05, 2010

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Mike Warkentin talks to the organizers of the Central Canada Sectional and shares some of the best moments from Edmonton.

Two days before the Central Canada Sectional, co-organizer Chad Williams was getting borderline hate mail from CrossFitters dying to know what WODs would test them in Edmonton, Alta. By the end of the competition on March 28, it was apparent Williams would be receiving thanks and compliments rather than nasty notes.

While the workouts had been more-or-less set for about six weeks prior to the event, they weren’t announced on the 2010 Games Web site until just over two days prior to the sectional, which kicked off March 27 at the Edmonton Garrison military facility in Alberta, Canada.

The WODS, programmed by the CrossFit Edmonton team of Williams and Auty Brooks, were classic CrossFit.

“Our main goal was to just provide as broad a spectrum of movements and challenges as possible within the realization that this is the sectionals and we want people to be able to do as much of the movements and workouts as possible as near RX’d as possible,” Williams explained. “So we knew we wanted to have a strength component and a met-con component, and then we loved the idea of a classical CrossFit-type workout, so we have a small triplet in there.”

The final WOD was a chipper Williams said was “somewhat based on the 2009 Games.”

Some of the highlights of the sectional tell the story.



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Great programming, great venue, great weekend!

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