CrossFit for Physical Training

By Capt. Davitt Broderick

In LEO/Mil

April 19, 2010

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Capt. Davitt Broderick believes implementing CrossFit at the company level can produce fitter soldiers. Here’s how to do it.

Several years ago during college, I was introduced to CrossFit by a close friend of mine. During my deployment to Iraq I dove in a little further, and after returning I decided using the methods and theories of CrossFit would be the best way to train and prepare myself for life and combat. Luckily, the commander of the company I was serving in shared my sentiments, and we began implementing CrossFit during physical training each duty day.

I will admit that at first I found the idea of implementing CrossFit somewhat unrealistic for several reasons. Many of these same reasons, I believe, are what prevent many other leaders from attempting to implement CrossFit on a large scale in unit-held physical training. In my opinion, physical training is the single most important thing a soldier will do on any given day to prepare himself for combat. Furthermore, I also believe using CrossFit as a template for physical training is perhaps the single best way for the military to conduct physical training in preparation for life and, ultimately, combat.

In implementing this program, I have come across numerous sources, most from the CrossFit Journal, which were instrumental. What I wish to do is pass along the information I found particularly helpful. The intent is to reduce some of the initial legwork involved in this process and facilitate a more expedient process. These reference materials are packaged with the intent of creating a one-stop document to be used by commanders and leaders looking to use CrossFit for a template as physical training in their units.



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wrote …

Great job putting these together! I am attempting to convince my S-3 shop to include CrossFit on a company wide scale. Putting this together will help in many ways thank you!

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