CrossFit Radio, Episode 116

By Justin Judkins

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April 21, 2010

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On Episode 116 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins caught up with Tony Budding as he visited with CrossFit Avalanche co-owners Myles Lewis and Travis Weaver. Justin also interviewed NorCal Sectional winner Laurie Galassi. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

5:29 Tony Budding explained how he visited CrossFit Avalanche while vacationing in the Lake Tahoe area. Tony was impressed with the culture owners Travis Weaver and Myles Lewis have fostered in their box, and he believed others could benefit from their story. Budding facilitated a radio interview, and Lewis talked about the business in general and how it has grown since affiliating. He described some keys to success and how the pair has created a culture. Lewis went on to explain the programming emphasis and where the partners plan on going in the future with their affiliate. Weaver commented on their partnership and how they work in tandem to create a seamless experience for their athletes.

39:57 Northern California Sectional winner Laurie Galassi came on the show to talk about her amazing performance at the competition. Galassi shared what it was like to compete at the largest sectional and how she prepared for the event, how she approached each WOD and how she managed her diet. Laurie commented on her gymnastics background and how she is a perfect fit for CrossFit, then explained how she will be preparing for the Southwest Regional competition.

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wrote …

JJ- great show again. Like the interview with CF Denver I posted to earlier, it's great of all of you guys to post examples for us to aspire to be. Keep them coming!


wrote …

Hello JJ,

On Sunday 25-April-2010, the wife & I ran the Big Sur 2010 Marathon (26.2-miles), our first marathon.

My only training was:
(a) since August 2009 - the posted WODs at as I prepped for the Big Sur 2009 Half-Marathon (13.1-miles)
(b) since December 2009 - the posted aerobic WODs at

You may recall that I theorized my November 2009 half-marathon time (~ 2:27) would have been better had I been doing BOTH crossfit mainsite WODs and crossfit endurance WODs. I think my time did improve based on the April 2010 full-marathon time (~ 4:55) HOWEVER it is _NOT_ an apples-to-apples comparison. The half-marathon was flat-terrain that I ran. The full-marathon was hilly terrain (~2100-feet of elevation gain, ~2400-feet of elevation loss). One uphill portion (Hurricane or "Hurri-pain" Point) in particular was a WALKING uphill.

In other words, even though I walked some portions of the hilly-terrain full-marathon, I still maintained my flat-terrain half-marathon pace. The implication is that had the full-marathon been flat-terrain I might have easily broken 4:00 (knock on a bumper plate).

I did both the mainsite & endurance WODs, less frequently scaled now, back-to-back, without the > 3-hour gap between them, best I could at 24Hr Fitness (one rower, too many treadmills, fair assortment of free weights, dumbbells, barbells, no rings) having done an onramp class at Planet Granite Sunnyvale (the local climbing gym) back in August 2009. Took some getting used to to figure out the Crossfit Endurance WOD lingo (SC, LC, U, and this means what exactly?)

Post-marathon race I had no pain, no injury, no cramping, and three trivial toe blood blisters. The next morning I did air-squats and went up & down three flights of stairs 2-steps at a time, several times. Later that evening it was four flights of stairs at SJSU Parking Garage & Engineering Bldg. No pain, maybe a little tightness.

My wife is in pain & exhausted, having only done LSD treadmill runs at 24Hr fitness.

Diet Regime? None. Week before the marathon I was doing Sausage Egg McMuffins with hash browns for breakfast. Otherwise avoided 'processed' food (e.g. donuts, most breads, etc).

FWIW, the Crossfit Journal QuadDipsea videos were an awesome inspiration for the Big Sur Marathon. THANK YOU Team Unscared!!! Unanswered question from those videos - Why is Dave Castro frightened of pink?


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