Data Driven

By Patrick Cummings

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April 19, 2010

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CrossFit is a measurable, observable and repeatable fitness program, and Patrick Cummings of Again Faster takes measurement to the next level in this video shot at CrossFit Fenway.

With three competitors fresh from the New England Sectional, Cummings narrates a workout comprising three rounds of 10 clapping parallette push-ups, a 250-meter row and 20 power snatches (40/30 kg). Reps are counted on-screen for each athlete with a timer running, allowing viewers to see exactly where time is made up or lost for each athlete. Cummings also gives viewers round-by-round splits.

Heather Keenan Bergeron was 17th at last year’s CrossFit Games and recently finished first in the New England Sectionals she used as a tune-up for the regional event for which she had already qualified. Mat Frankel placed fifth at the sectional, and Pat Padgett placed 26th.

Does this presentation offer any insight for those looking to improve their performance, or is it just a new and fascinating way to watch a WOD?

Video by Again Faster.

11min 41sec

Additional reading: A Statistical Analysis of the 2008 CrossFit Games by Robert Novy-Marx, published Dec. 8, 2008.

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26 Comments on “Data Driven”


wrote …

Definitely liked that, would LOVE to see something like that setup for the live streaming of the games this year, would make the whole experience better.

I also liked how having accurate times for all the rounds makes it easier to see who's consistent and what consistency can do to an athlete in a workout.


wrote …

Awesome! It was great to participate in this...thanks Patrick. You guys did a stellar job as always. Well done.


wrote …

That was an impressive video feed. There could possibly be a data driven application to such a tool, but represents the data collection tool. The "data driven" component arises from the application of collected data (i.e., the analysis) in terms of making the client better. Whether you use group design (large N) or single-case design (small N), this segment would constitute one data point for each client. But as they progress, and more data are collected, then a trained coach could use those data to drive client performance and help push them to the next level.

As a researcher and a Crossfitter, I think the single-case design methodologies offer the most useful tools to analysis client data and help make them better. Here's a link that has some basic information on single-case design:


wrote …

loved this


wrote …

Really liked the format, good vid.


wrote …

so awesome. i too would LOVE to see some of this for the Games...
fantastic effort on part of the athletes as well.


wrote …

This was really amazing. I agree this would enhance how we watch the games.


Bill Ellsworth wrote …

A whole new career path just opened up for Patrick.


wrote …

Love it!! should be part of the games.


wrote …

Definitely would love to have the games video like this. It would let us see just how the elite CFers are able to continue on when exhausted, where they take their breaks (if any) and would just be cool as hell.


Adam Kayce wrote …

Ditto for having something like this for the Games... and I agree, as a one-off experiment it was interesting, but to have an athlete tracked over time would be really telling.

Necessary, though? I suppose one could make the argument that keeping a well-documented log could produce similar results over time. But heck, the 'cool factor' alone was worth it!


wrote …

Interesting that the guy with the best consistency ends up being a lot faster than the guy who started fastest. Very consistent with my rowing experience too. Think that competitions will be more and more determined by how well the participants can judge the pacing of a new WOD. Definitely interested to see more of it.


wrote …

fantastic format for showing crossfit competitions and the "play by play" had nice delivery too. excellent video.


wrote …

Great video.

Heather has stomped my butt into the ground on more wods than I would like to remember. That workout looked tough. Nice job, everyone.

Oh yeah.........and Patrick Cummings in THE MAN!


wrote …

awesome.. every wod video should be like this.


wrote …

This makes it even more fun to watch WOD video! I would love to see my own metrics in a workout like that. Very nice.


replied to comment from Carlina Muglia

This exactly!!


replied to comment from Greg Cox

That was EXCELLENT! It would be great if the games could be broadcasted in this same fashion... any chance of that?


wrote …

Amazing! Really gets you involved with the WOD.


wrote …

I loved the video. I think this is every CrossFitters dream to just workout and not even think about reps and time and splits.. it's all there in front of you.. I would love to have that kind of info and immediate feedback.. especially on high round / rep stuff. like a filthy 50 or a Cindy.. it would be great to see where I start to drift off pace, or when in a 20 min. routine I usually need a quick break, etc. I think it's cool to look at this info to analyze yourself.. when you feel good, and compare that info to your diet, sleep, etc. That way you could confirm oh yeah when I eat a little more fat I usually don't break at minute 6 or whatever... or when I eat too many processed carbs, etc I start to feel it and start to go broken in my reps earlier on... etc.
Great to see this.


wrote …

why did the countdown for the meters on the row jump from 200 to 159 and from 100 to 59? It's like it was set up for minutes or something.


Good eye, Joe. I had no idea it was doing that--clearly a glitch somewhere. I'll know to look for it the next time around, thanks!


Ian Kellogg wrote …

Ahhh, I was hoping you were going to pump out some cool analytics at the end, like power output over time and/or peak and average power....

Interesting info regardless.


wrote …

Loved the data feed! A MUST for the '10 GAMES!!

Great job to those that participated and to Patrick for making a killer vid! Very impressed!

How do we integrate this technology into our boxes?


wrote …

Patrick that was fantastic. I hope you posted this to see if people would like this at the Games . Thea answer is absolutely YES. This is he format that makes our sport watchable to main stream viewers which would ofcourse bring more people to the crossfit community and that benefits everyone. Thankyou and nice work from the athletes!.
I would also know how to bring this type of tech into our box?


wrote …

CrossFit TV?.... sickness

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