Don’t Quit Your Day Job?

By Dr. Allison Belger

In Affiliation, Coaching

April 27, 2010

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More and more people are finding fulfillment with a career in CrossFit. Dr. Allison Belger talks to several affiliate owners who successfully made the jump and put their skills to use in the CrossFit box.

In today’s economy, plenty of people are working multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. It’s not uncommon for people to make use of different talents, different experience and different personality strengths when working jobs that sometimes have nothing to do with each other. At a certain point, though, many working people would probably be happiest if one career could provide enough financial stability, psychological satisfaction and flexibility for life’s interests.

With the increase in popularity of CrossFit and the growing number of affiliates, many people are becoming part-time affiliate owners, and countless others have completely devoted themselves to the business of CrossFit, leaving behind other careers for good. Members of the CrossFit community know all about the program’s incredible fitness benefits, and a growing number of people are also experiencing the rewards of a career in CrossFit.

All kinds of skill sets can apply when CrossFitting as a career. The business side, management demands, athletic forums, community-outreach possibilities, interactions with clients and many other domains combine to make owning an affiliate a multifaceted, challenging and exciting prospect—maybe exciting enough to warrant quitting that day job!

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11 Comments on “Don’t Quit Your Day Job?”


Matthew Crabtree wrote …

This is exciting and encouraging as I am moving my affiliate out of the garage and into a leased space!


wrote …

Awesome article, thank you!


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Dr. Allison, this is awesome :)

I once, LOVED teaching. I thought it was the MOST amazing job ever and found it crazy to be payed for such a great time.

As the years went on, more and more craziness came down from Admin, creativity was crushed although they always encouraged it, when you tried to move forward and push for progress your co workers hated you and Admin made excuses and bailed on the great ideas and instead stuck to the same ol'.

The school became depressing, the focus was on bigger lesson plans, NOT providing better for the students.

Teachers walked the halls without a smile, Sunday night sucked because Monday morning was around the corner.

How HORRIBLE I viewed this, and as I spoke in my videos, I felt liberated to take action and prove to my family what LIVING is REALLY all about, and happiness is the core!

I was also hoping to motivate others who were so unhappy, as I KNEW it negatively affected their lives and their family life.

It is scary to make the jump so a plan must be in place and a certain amount of savings, etc.

It will be uncomfortable but as CrossFitters, we are ALL used to being Uncomfortable :)

Thank you for sharing, Doc :)


Underground Strength Gym aka CrossFit Underground


wrote …

Fantastic article and thank you for sharing!


Allison, thank you. I've just started an affiliate ( and am a full time psychology/neuroscience professor. I've been training students on campus for their student fitness club S.P.O.R.T. (Students Participating in Organized Running and Training) and I train a few other people out of my gym. This article really inspires me and reaffirms my notions about CF and its life changing effects. I've noticed that many of my skills in teaching and research are incredibly applicable to my CF training. And, my CF skills are making me a better teacher and researcher! The idea of dropping it all and opening a box, well quite frankly, scares the hell out of me! Maybe someday, maybe just the garage gym for now.

At any rate, thanks so much for writing an inspiring and helpful article!



Damon Stewart wrote …

Allison, thanks for doing this. As I reflect back on this winter I realize that my season pass was a waste of money. There were so many mornings I could have went snowboarding and came and coached Crossfit instead. How many people would take their job over snowboarding! It's been a privilege to be part of this movement, learn from other box owners, develop as an athlete and a person, and make a living doing what I love. If anyone has any questions about getting started please feel free to call/email me, I enjoy helping new Affiliates in any capacity I can.


wrote …

Great article. My friend introduced me to crossfit last january when I was going to National Personal Training Institute and have been addicted ever since. My goal is to open a gym near me but it's tough when the economy is bad and I love working out and training people. One day I hope to have a box of my own but its hard when just training doesn't pay enough to save up for one. Thanks for the article.

P.S. Damon if you could I would be interested in talking with you to get things going. My email is, thats the easiest way to get a hold of me.


wrote …

Hi to you all. It's Allison, from my husband's login. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my article and write comments. Good luck to you, Steven and Matthew, as you expand your affiliates. Damon, thanks for being a great subject and for sharing your experiences with us all. Zach, I've enjoyed your videos, and it's clear you have landed exactly where you should! Mark, it was nice to meet you at the recent Bay Area events. Thanks again...until next time!


wrote …

This article was a eye awakening article for me. Personally I am going to take the crossfit level1 so that I can become a trainer at a facility that will take me under their wing. I hoping either a gym in Colorado or Maine. It is truly a passion of mine to help people in a mind - body fashion. I have trained kids to the elderly and I have grown to understand how to train and how not to train. Here's to my next challenge. It's great to be a part of the national community.


wrote …

Great article, thanks for sharing your experiences. I am an attorney and have my Level 1 Cert, I am training on the side at a local affiliate but together with a colleague are strongly considering ownership of a new affiliate or partial ownership with an existing affiliate. Your article may just kick start the process. It is exciting to see others making real success stories with the dual paths.

Damon your offer to field questions is very much appreciated. Best of luck to you all.


wrote …

Loved the Article! Very inspiring! I am about 5 years from retiring from the military and just found Crossfit while here in Afghanistan (unfortunately still here)! I sound like an infomercial but CF has changed my life to the point where I am convincing my husband (another workout junkie) we need to open a box when I reitre (or even before)! I am excited to get back and set up our garage gym and even get my military friends involved! Any pointers or business tips would be GREATLY appreciated!! Have a GREAT DAY and best wishes to all my fellow Crossfitters!!

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