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After introducing New Zealand All Blacks rugby player Owen Franks to the Burgener Warm-Up and some snatch position drills, Mike Burgener takes him through several weighted skill-transfer exercises at Mike’s Gym in Bonsall, Calif.

Franks is very strong and can overhead-squat well over 200 lb., but Burg wants to test him with the snatch balance. Ideally, you want your snatch balance to be 20-25 kg more than your snatch, and Burgener firmly believes that increases in the snatch balance transfer to increases in the full movement.

“The confidence in the speed that is generated there, and the speed strength that is generated there, has a direct relationship to how much I can snatch,” Burgener says.

Taking Franks 5 kg above his max snatch reveals a lot to Coach B and gives Franks new tools to use to improve his bottom position—and his snatch numbers.

13min 20sec

Additional reading: Learning How to Do Full Snatches by Bill Starr, published Jan. 13, 2010.

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4 Comments on “All Black in Bonsall: Skill-Transfer Exercises”


wrote …

I've watched this video 3-4 times. I can't believe there are no comments! I suck at the OL's, I don't even try to snatch with anything much over the empty bar, I can't OHS 95 lbs. But this video has made the snatch balance my new best friend. I'm going to do hundreds of these suckers, then give the OL's another try. Thanks Coach B.


wrote …

You're right Mike, this series is gold. The prescription seems to be Burgener warmup, snatch press and OHS, and snatch balance to build strong/quick positions and transitions, then work the snatch starting light and increasing only with technique.


wrote …

Mike, I agree. I have watched both of these videos multiple times and there is something in the practice and the warm-up. Since I began using the Burgener wu I have improved my flexibility and my ability to OHS 95# multiple reps! I do also use the Snatch balance in a w/u state which seems to be helping as well.


wrote …

found these videos excellent i am really looking to get involved in olimpic lifts to improve my power and burgeners way of teaching these lifts is making it a lot easier to understand.

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