And Now a Word From Our Trainers

By CrossFit HQ Training Staff

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April 20, 2010

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It takes a lot of highly skilled trainers to lead the large number of CrossFit certifications throughout the year, and it’s rare to find most of CrossFit HQ cert staff in one place at one time. Most trainers live in different areas and regularly travel all over North America and the world.

The recent Trainers Summit at the University of San Diego gave many of the cert staff members a chance to come together and swap stories, learn from subject-matter experts such as Louie Simmons and Dr. Nicholas Romanov, and keep their training skills on the cutting edge.

In Part 1, we meet some of the people who take CrossFit out into the global community as they talk about their first CrossFit experience. Yes, most of our top trainers were just as miserable as you were after your first WOD. In Part 2, the trainers share some of their most memorable experiences training the CrossFit method in boxes from Boston to Auckland.

Featured trainers: Jesse Ward (Lynnwood CrossFit), Andy Hendel (CrossFit Charlotte), Pat Sherwood (CrossFit HQ), Lisa Ray (CrossFit Flagstaff), Dennis Marshall (I3E CrossFit), Nadia Shatila (CrossFit Belltown), Rob Miller (CrossFit Delaware Valley), Austin Begiebing (CrossFit Unlimited), Erik Preston (CrossFit San Elijo), E.C. Synkowski (CrossFit Boston), Pat Barber (CrossFit Santa Cruz), Heather Keenan Bergeron (CrossFit New England), Tamaryn Venter (CrossFit New Zealand), and Russell Berger (CrossFit Huntsville).

Part 1: 6min 15sec
Part 2: 4min 53sec

Additional reading: You Be the Trainer #2 by Lisa Ray et al., published June 27, 2009.

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12 Comments on “And Now a Word From Our Trainers ”


wrote …

Hey, Sherwood, you need to start putting out some more journal content! You always crack me up.


wrote …


I thought you use to own a Crossfit in Virginia?


wrote …

I love seeing people who love what they do!


wrote …

I started cracking up every time E.C. did? Love that laugh!


Patrick Cummings wrote …

I could watch EC laugh her way through a story for about an hour.


wrote …

I have to share: I was fortunate to watch that actually go down...and, it was ALMOST as hysterical as the 14 times I've ALREADY watched the video. Picture EC in a wide open space, not a soul within 20 feet of her (not even the camera dudes), completely doubled over laughing for...mmm...about a solid 6-7 minutes.

I've showed my parents, friends, neighbors....and, I'm currently reloading it for #15.


wrote …

#2, Benjamin, yup, you are right. I used to have one in VB. I'm living in Denver now and loving it.

I 100% agree with everyone else, I LOVE EC'S LAUGH!!! I have watched the video several times just to laugh along with her!

And I love the fact that Heather's top is so bright that the camera has trouble focusing on it. It is like looking directly at the sun. Heather = bright colors.


wrote …

I have not met/heard/learned/or seen a CrossFit trainer that isn't a complete class act... I consider myself very lucky to have found CrossFit and to have met some of these wonderful people. When my Box opens, you are all welcome anytime, no matter what time it is... CrossFit has changed my life and so many around me through the training, community, nutrition, and spirit that I now can't imagine my life without it.... Thanks for everything guys and gals of CrossFit
Justin Key
(future co-owner of CrossFit Coweta in Newnan GA)


wrote …



EC S wrote …

glad yall find my cackle amusing! and heather, thank you SO MUCH for making it clear to everyone how insane i look ;)

nadia - you are hysterical!


wrote …

Thank all of you trainers for making it a top priority of instilling passion in the pursuit of fitness.


replied to comment from Pat Sherwood

Aside from the late April snow showers, Denver is a pretty awesome place to live.

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