A Day in the Life of a Starr

By Sevan Matossian

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April 11, 2010

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Nothing is ordinary about a day in the life of Kelly Starrett. Whether he’s helping fine-tune one of the world’s fittest men or running an outdoor-only CrossFit gym in San Francisco, Starrett is one interesting guy with an incredible depth of knowledge about human movement.

Starrett’s doctorate in physical therapy lends him credibility, but it’s his deep background in training that keeps people returning to his gym and attending his Mobility and Recovery Certifications. Starrett, a charismatic speaker and energetic motivator, is also a regular contributor to the CrossFit Journal, where he helps athletes and trainers alike prevent injuries and improve performance.

Recently, Sevan Matossian spent some time with the amiable Starrett and came away with an interesting view into his life, including a behind-the-scenes look at Kelly’s struggle with addiction:

“I think that if you replaced two-thirds of your blood plasma with coffee, it would challenge your liver in ways that would only make you stronger.”

33min 45sec

Additional Reading: By Any Means Necessary by Mike Warkentin, published July 29, 2009.

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52 Comments on “A Day in the Life of a Starr”


wrote …

Kelly, you're the man.


Michael Garrett wrote …

hands down the best video. CrossFit is amazing and so is Kelly.


wrote …

Love it


wrote …

The last thing Kelly says about focus is exactly why I love Crossfit. Hit the nail on the head. Awesome video.


wrote …

Kelly is the man, what a cool video. More like this please!


wrote …

And this is why I love Crossfit...great, great work guys. Gotta get to the M&R Cert. Wish Kelly could come out to the E Coast but looks like we'll have to head out West at some point soon. (I'd sell a taxed-by-coffee kidney to have KStarr work on my jacked-up hip.)


wrote …

Awesome vid!! Kelly is a classy dude fo sho'!


wrote …

brilliant vid, i feel very fortunate to have access to k star's knowledge on my interweb machine. thanx kelly and sevan.


wrote …

Internet man crush....


wrote …

awesome! Even though I am a dude, I love you Kelly. You are living the life. Great video too


wrote …

if I had seen how long it was before starting, may have never watched .... thank goodness I started. Fun, learned stuff, J watched it with me, how cool is all that


wrote …

Kelly takes Crossfit to another level. Crossfit should start a new cert. - Mobility & Recovery!


wrote …

Coach K, thanks for all your insights. Nothing has done more for my performance and capacity than your instruction.


wrote …

awesome video. k starr.

my friends went to your cert in okc.
they are just dying to get your notes from the class.

thanks k starr. i am looking forward to meeting you u in late may in toronto.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

K Starr is straight up BadAss!

This was a sick blend of info and lifestyle and I think most peeps will dig more of this!!!

Thank U guys!!! That was shaweeeeet!!



wrote …

This is the best video I've seen on this site. Thanks.


Hollis Molloy wrote …

Kelly is a CrossFit role model for sure. Amazing athlete, Outstanding Coach, Humble and Funny. And what a beautiful family.

Cheers to the Starrett Girls.

Let's have a Kstar reality show!


Adam Kayce wrote …

Kelly would watch a show about Lance Armstrong's nutrition, but I'd much rather watch a show about K-Star, doing anything.

Add me to the man-crush list; K-Star is my hero.


wrote …

the man, the legend.

great video.


wrote …

Great video. Love the line - I'm the F@#king stretching guy. Quick question, i have occasional pain just above the patella (I'm thinking patellar inflammation)and I'll hit it with an ice cup massage when it flares up and sporadic foam roller work. I realize I have flexibility issues in the hips i.e. butt wink and a subsequent hard time getting into the bottom of the squat (and I know this is really general) but what could be a fix or something I should focus on?


wrote …

the man.... more videos, i would love to see him adressing indivdual problems


wrote …

I heart K-Starr.


wrote …

...and we have the same coffee machine - Moccamaster rules


wrote …

I was in San Francisco recently and stopped by San Francisco CrossFit. I was lucky enough to meet Kelly and his outstanding trainers. Kelly brings a staggering level of knowledge and experience to CrossFit and he will continue to better this community. I have not been yet, but plan on attending his mobility cert as soon as possible. Excellent video!


wrote …

As a fellow PT and new Crossfitter, CrossFit is so fortunate to have what they have in KStarr. Looking forward to Cert in June!!!


I have to agree with Aaron ^.

As for the coffee maker, hmmm gonna price it out. With the dosage of Caffeine intake fluctuating day by day, a steady prn drip would do us just fine. Or a pump.
Just like the morphine one.


Eric Obrien wrote …

I can't thank you enough for allowing us other CrossFitters to take a birdseye view on a day in the life of the K-Starr. You are one of the CF Gods at Olympus. Who fixes the fix-it man when you need it?


wrote …

GREAT editing job on this vid! Fascinating content. If I could DVR this journal, this vid would be saved and replayed a few times! ;)


wrote …

I'm constantly amazed by Kelly, it blows me away that one head can condense and readily draw on so much knowledge. I always look forward to logging into the journal hoping there's another of Kelly's videos. Keep up the great work


replied to comment from Brian Hassler

Hey Brian, one thing I can think of, that Kelly mentions in his series "Solving Knee Problems" is that when your knees come forward, over your toes, too far, you get more shear force on the knee, which can lead to inflammation and pain. He also mentioned that movements that shoot the knees out, like push press, can cause this too. Try to keep your shin as vertical as possible, and keep your knees pushed out, that may help.


wrote …

"coffee is radical and you're a sucker if you dont get to drink it!" AMEN Brother Starrett, preach it. Ive been cleaning up my diet and following the zone now and amazed at the results, but no coffee, cmon. Whoever advocated something that rediculous has obviously never realized that its a gift straight for Mother Earth.


wrote …

Great man. Very inspiring. Carry on with it!


wrote …

"We don't have walls!" LOL. Kelly thanks for all the vids both educating and entertaining.


wrote …

yup, awesome vid. Could watch this mobility and recovery stuff ALL day long. When you coming to the UK Kelly?


wrote …

Amazing at so many levels. Business; slow is OK. Building community, building people, be patient, it takes a lot of work. Community: CrossFit is frigging huge and growing. There is an amazing array of talent here. Health: A by-product (correlate) of movement - better movement, better health. How you look - posture, how you move - performance - is directly connected to better health and longevity (IMHO). Family: What an amazing human being Kelly is. Seeing him with his family, at peace, continuing to interact with the camera, his knowledge, etc... I am proud to occupy a small piece of the turf called CrossFit.


replied to comment from Drew Barquist

Thanks Drew, I recently started refocusing on the burgener warmup and have already seen improvement in the bottom portion of my squat but I know i need to focus on getting my hips back and keeping a focus on the tracking of my knees.


wrote …

Kelly - you are the man. Loved the video, it reinforced the need for me to get to your cert.


wrote …

Thanks for all your work Kelly.


Dominic Sirianni wrote …

That executive stretching routine that Kelly gave us at FilFest has become a staple of my day to day office job. I hope to attend a mobility cert soon.


replied to comment from Dominic Sirianni

Can you share a quick summary of what it is?


wrote …

Just registered for Kelly's Cert. in Austin for June. Looking forward to attending. Any feedback from previous attendees


Zach Miller wrote …

Great video. I loved the intro... KSTARR... so epic.


wrote …



wrote …

This and the Mikko documentary are the two best videos CF has made (which is saying a lot). Great job Sevan! Thanks for making this.


replied to comment from Steve Lamar

Just attended one in OKC. Should be a requirement for any coach - great lecture info and awesome hands on action learning different exercises.

Thanks to Kelly for taking time to share some of his vast knowledge with us in the movement and mobility certs.


wrote …

From your most unique fan, truly awesome in all ways! No words to describe! You are a Star. We are all so lucky to enjoy your skills, knowledge, and beautiful family. Hallie Ward


wrote …

The last message was from Hallie Ward...not, Kelly Starrett!


wrote …

Kelly, I had a ACL done about 20 years ago and I do not have the mobility in that knee..can not bend past 90 degrees. How can I get the range of motion back? BTW,everytime I see a video with you it is like I am getting educated and intertained at the same time.


wrote …

Awesome vid. Kelly never ceases to amaze me!


wrote …

I heart Starrett! The dude abides....


wrote …

looks like you are living your dream kelly.


Joseph Alexander wrote …

I can't believe it I never saw this...very motivational video. Great job Kelly.

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