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April 09, 2010

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A recent CrossFit Endurance Certification had a special guest named Hallie Kuhlman. The youngest athlete to attend an Endurance Cert, Kuhlman is a high-school track-and-field athlete out of Kansas, and she has a bright future. During her freshman year, she took first place at State in the 100-, 200-, 400- and 800-meter individual competitions, showing an impressive combination of speed, endurance and stamina.

Kuhlman, who has been CrossFitting for about four years (two of them under the Endurance program) is headed into her sophomore track-and-field season and is looking to continue her winning ways. Honing her mechanics will improve her efficiency, which will in turn make her even faster.

Her coach, Kevin Ayers, attended the recent certification with her to ensure that all the knowledge packed into the weekend-long event could be brought home and applied throughout the season.

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17 Comments on “Tuning a Champion: Hallie Kuhlman”


wrote …

great video, grat athlete.
Can somebody explain the jump rope drill that was being done?
Thank you!


wrote …

Impressive young lady. I like the post training reviews - changing someone's run technique in a weekend is impressive.

I don't know squat about POSE really, watched all the site vids and Dr. R's DVD but I've had no instruction - anxious to get to a running cert asap.

I love watching people run fast (who doesn't?), and I like the fact that even that little bit of training I've been able to get from a few videos means I can see good movement in POSE runners. POSE is beautiful to watch like a good oly lift or a good air squat.


wrote …

the rope tech is used to explain how we need to land on the balls of the feet. This is what i am currently using to condition for my 5k. Being in boxing has helped but adding the run calves got tore up :)


replied to comment from Robert Cortez

It looks like they are are practicing their leg pull with butt kicking.


wrote …

I can't wait to watch this! As a high school PE teacher I'm looking forward to seeing how Bmac puts CF and CFE together for this highly talented athlete.

And I can't wait to replicate that success with others!!

Has anyone else seen Hallie Kuhlman's running records? Holy crap!


wrote …

Great Vid. Looks like an awesome cert, I know you were in Utah a year ago B-Mac but we want you at Ute Crossfit if you wanna come back out.


wrote …

Nice work Hallie and Kevin. Most HS athletes shy away from CF because they do not want to work that hard and many HS coaches are set in their ways and do not want to learn more. Hats off to both of you for starting a new generation of young athletes and coaches and thank you Brain for sharing your knowledge and being a part of the CrossFit community!


wrote …

That younng lady was a hell of a runner on Saturday morning. The improvement she showed from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon was awesome. She also showed how ultra competitive she was and how hard she was willing to work during that BRUTAL workout (I had to sit out two of the 100's as well). Expect to see even bigger things from her from this point forward.


wrote …

What's scary is her potential at longer distances. Anybody predicting a future NCAA 3000 M Steeplechase champion here? I am. Thank you for not burning out a young runner. Any other school and she'd already have been moved up to 800-1600-3200 triples twice a week in track season. People often mock 1A school for their lack of competition when compared to 4-6A schools, however her "lack of competition" is only going to accomplish two things- first, she will know how to win (you can't coach that); second, she won't be burned out from overtraining. Great efforts Haillie and awesome job Coach Ayers and BMacK.


replied to comment from Tommy Hackenbruck

There is an Endurance Cert scheduled in Salt Lake City at SLC CrossFit August 7-8th. All the scheduled certs are on the CFE site under the certification tab. Hope you can make it.


Brian MacKenzie wrote …

I have had the privilege of working with a lot of atheltes. Mom's, dad's, kids, amateurs, professionals, etc. in all different sports. This young ladies drive is second to none. Her talent comes not necessarily from her ability as an athlete, but in the humility, and willingness to learn. Something this young ladies family was beaming with! What was not shown in the video was her breaking down from not being able to finish the workout. We created some pretty big expectations (not on purpose, but by bringing her to the Cert she felt she was supposed to beat everyone) and she didnt want to disappoint. She lives in Kansas and we were in Denver... A difference of 5,200ft at the location, and she still wanted to win, and we had some MONSTERS at the Cert that lived in Denver. Needless to say, that little lady and her coach are doing things with CF/CFE that are going to change the way things get done. Kevin Ayres, (Hallies coach) is about the humblest dude I've met too (something about Kansas... Hmmm). He has been CrossFitting his kids for 4 years. His Fottball Team which plays both ways is a 3 time State Champ as well.

Not only can you expect to see Hallie emerge as a future star (with whatever sport she chooses, because she plays 4 i believe) you will see this coach and school represent the future of what athletics is.

Tommy, shoot us an email brother and we can set something up if you'd like. Routing for you my friend, although I'll be in Europe with Certs come games time... Best wishes!



wrote …

This is good. The coach should be coaching. A great many coaches just get their athletes to do a programme (whether it is crossfit or something else) and don't take the time to coach technique. Running is a skill which can be coached just the same as any other skill. Margo Wells says that anyone can get faster by improving their technique and by getting stronger in the right way.


wrote …

awesome video, insane athlete and learned a lot. My only concern is what is the name of the song used as it was just as amazing as everything else


wrote …

Unbelievable video and what an amazing spotlight on an up and coming athlete! Can't wait to keep an eye on her future achievements.

Side note: Was that Timothy Ferris (4 hour work week guy) at the cert?


wrote …

Hallie's story is amazing! I was a D1 track athlete so the sport has a huge place in my heart. Her abilities are amazing! shocked shes only in HS ...shes ganna be scary strong/fast when she gets to the college level. Keep it up girl! im rootin for yah!

ps iv emailed my college coach about her and her training :) hope he'll look into the whole crossfit world!!!!!


wrote …

Brian youre a rockstar!


wrote …

I can't believe this was four years ago! I am still so incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful help and advice I received at the CrossFit Endurance Certification. I can't thank you enough, Brian MacKenzie!! As I watched this for the first time since it first came out, I realized how Brain's advice still holds so true for me today. After tearing my ACL my junior year, it was devastating to not be at the very top as I was before. He nailed it; that is and was my biggest struggle. Sometimes being at the top is not what alway counts. For me, what really counts is how people pick themselves back up and keep fighting. As always, a special thanks to my coach, Mr. Ayers, for pushing me to go beyond my limits and teaching me so many amazing things. I am so incredibly fortunate that I got the opportunity to learn so many life lessons from track/running. I thank God for giving me such an awesome gift.

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