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Disrupting the Supply Chain by Jeff and Mikki Martin - CrossFit Journal

Disrupting the Supply Chain

By Jeff and Mikki Martin

In Kids, Videos

April 07, 2010

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At the recent FilFest 2010, Jeff and Mikki Martin of CrossFit Kids explained how the program disrupts the supply chain of the traditional gym model.

By introducing children to the CrossFit program at an early age, they develop capacities they’d never reach through traditional training, and when they grow up they probably won’t be found doing 3 sets of 8 at the Globo Gym. The Martins believe they can have a tremendous effect on fitness by getting to kids while they’re young and teaching them functional fitness lessons that will stay with them long into adulthood.

The difficulty, though, comes in keeping the program fresh and exciting. Young minds need constant stimulation, and they need a program that is, first and foremost, a lot of fun. Mikki recommends observing children at play and then integrating their natural, functional, playful movements into the workouts. Engaged, happy kids will become fit and healthy kids—and eventually fit, healthy adults.

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7 Comments on “Disrupting the Supply Chain”


wrote …

That was cool!

Mikki and Jeff have so many good ideas about how to make workouts fun. Well Mikki does, Jeff has lots of ideas about how to make them horrible, which is why Jeff doesn't work with the smaller kids.

Is that Lisbeth at the end of the clip?


wrote …

Thank you for doing what you are doing. I felt the emotion from Jeff early in his talk. You really are making a difference that can change the world we live in. I am encouraged and seriously thinking about Crossfit Kids more than a regular box?


Great video! I love hearing Jeff and Mikki discuss their program. CrossFit Kids is SO important. It's integral to get kids thinking about exercise as fun rather than drudgery. To get them to move well and safely sets them up for success throughout their lives. As coaches, we are setting the foundation for their lives and for the future of CrossFit.

I loved the game ideas and the advice to watch kids to learn what they think is fun. Funny how you can plan something you think will be fun, but sometimes they think it's lame/boring/too difficult, and if you give them the same tools to come up with something themselves, they love it. I think our creativity as coaches is just as important as allowing the kids to be creative and play an active role in their own training.


wrote …

I am a chiropractic physician with a ms - sports science & rehab and I have been exposed to cf for 4 years and consistently cf'ing for about 9 months. When asked who I like to treat most, I always say kids (specifically 12-16). If I can help them move and live well now, what does that do for them as they go through puberty and solidify their general motor patterns? Same answer as in the video. What you do is awesome for kids, awesome for you, and awesome for society... Congrats and keep pushing the envelop!!!


Adam Kayce wrote …

Every time I hear the Martins' speak, I get so pumped up. I can't wait to attend a CF Kids cert, and start spreading the good work!


wrote …

Hey, I warn to try that warm up of spinning around. lol No, I'm serious.


Dominic Sirianni wrote …

Great video. We had the pleasure of attending FilFest this year and meeting the Martins right before we launched our kids program. The program has been going great and we can't be happier.

Watching the kids get their game face on and get sweaty has been great.

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