Mile-High Mission: Fitness for All

By Jordan and Paula Gravatt

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April 23, 2010

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Randy Goldstein and Steve Paul own and operate CrossFit Denver. The first public CrossFit facility in the state of Colorado, CrossFit Denver has enjoyed nearly five successful years in a number of locations. In that period, Randy and Steve have seen countless transformations, including severely de-conditioned people returning to functional capacity and elite athletes radically improving their game.

Goldstein and Paul admit that it’s not always watching the firebreathers that keeps them motivated to coach and train; it’s the constant cycle of improving the quality of life for the average person.

“What I love about it is I can actually do what I love and actually help people,” Goldstein says. “I see people change their lives. They don’t just change their bodies. They don’t just change the way they move. They literally change their lives.”

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Additional Reading: CrossFit Works by Daniel Andrews and Mike Warkentin, published Nov. 2, 2009.



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wrote …

These guys are awesome. I shopped a few gyms before joining Crossfit Denver. The magic here is in the programming. They keep athletes of many levels not only challenged, but also genuinely impressed by one another's accomplishments.


wrote …

Thank you for continuing to show us great examples within the community. This is something for which to strive, to say the least. Isn't it amazing that there are such diverse examples from Zach Even-Esh's approach to these guys. It is a further example that there is a market for anybody who has the passion to put in the time. The results speak for themselves. Here's what's magnificent in the mind of this Asian-bound, apartment gym-bound CFer: these two groups (Zach and CF Denver) are only TWO examples of what is right within the community. Keep showing us what is great! Cheers from Thailand- Tim


wrote …

A class act. Visited CF Denver on a business trip for my first WOD ever in a CF gym. still wear the t shirt with pride.

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