Running Men?

By Jason Leydon, James Hobart and Rob Orlando

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April 24, 2010

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Both Rob Orlando and James Hobart are impressive athletes who competed in the 2009 CrossFit Games. While Orlando is beastly strong and Hobart has tremendous power, neither likes to run, which caused problems when a 7-kilometer trail run opened the Games.

To address their weakness, the pair hooked up with Jason Leydon of CrossFit Milford, who put together a running program to make sure Hobart and Orlando will be competitive if running shows up as they try to get back to the Games. Leydon hopes to get both athletes to a 6-minute mile without decreasing strength and power.

Orlando and Hobart report that the program is working: they're improving their running and work capacity without losing any strength. After three weeks of training with Leydon, Orlando was still winning strongman contests, and Hobart’s back-squat numbers increased by 30 lb.

Video by Again Faster.

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Additional reading: Training 2 Miles to Run 100 by Greg Amundson, published Feb. 19, 2009.



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wrote …

Cool video. I too loathe running. Good to know Rob Orlando is still comfortable with his strength levels...


wrote …

Cool video. I too loathe running. Good to know Rob Orlando is still comfortable with his strength levels...


wrote …

Interesting video. I also loath running. One thing the video did not have, though, was a report on results. How well did this program work?


wrote …

Rob Orlando running a sub-6 minute mile is a scary thought. Honestly, how many people in the world can squat 500, deadlift 600, and run a sub-6 minute mile? Can't be more than a handful of people.

I'd love to see some more guidance on how to incorporate CrossFit Endurance into programming. Right now, the program calls for adding one day of endurance into the program for a week, then adding another, and eventually working up to three days per week. Unfortunately, I'm not sure *which* endurance workout to add. Should it be speed, interval, long distance, etc. at first?


wrote …

Enjoyed the video from a motivation standpoint, but wish there was more substance. Actual programming ideas...


wrote …

Wish there was an article on this... I doubt I'm the only one who dreads running, mostly because it is such a clumsy, awkward chore.


wrote …

+1 ...I get that same feeling in my stomach because I know I'm not a good runner. Would love to see the program layout!!


wrote …

Damn what does Hobart's sweatshirt say???? My vision is bad....


wrote …

Definitely would love to see an article/program like the CrossFit Strength Bias one!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks for the excellent training advice!


wrote …

Programming can be found on


replied to comment from Sebastian Vaneria

Sebastian, please check out the "Getting Started" section on the CrossFit Endurance website as it will provide more guidance on your question. Our prescription calls for 2-3 sport-specific workouts per week, consisting of 2 interval-based workouts and 1 stamina-based workout.


wrote …

At 310 lbs, I can confidently say my loathing is comparable to all who have voiced their opinion here. This came at a serendipitous time for me. I have really been wanting to run as I have been getting better and better at indoor workouts, but have allowed myself to believe its just not my strength and will decrease my power. I do a 3 day strength split like James. If he is throwing in 2 days of endurance work in between, and seeing results, sounds like a good prescription to me. I will have to give it a go. Thanks for the great article/video.


wrote …

Well done J!!

Rob and James - Glad to see you guys setting a great example by attacking your weaknesses!!

Hope our NE athletes finish high in the Games!!


wrote …

Does anyone know what the running program is exactly? I'd love to try it and see how it improves my time.


replied to comment from Dan Albright

I don't, but there are clues.

Look at and their endurance WODs. Just cut out anything longer than a mile.


replied to comment from Kieran Barry

Thank you. I will check it out.

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