Rebuilding Khalipa: Part 6

By Kelly Starrett

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April 17, 2010

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“I’ve got a lot to work on ... .”

That isn’t the type of thing you’d expect to hear from the winner of the 2008 CrossFit Games, but Jason Khalipa is a committed athlete who knows that if he’s going to continue to improve, he’s got to round out his weak spots. In this case, Khalipa is focusing on specific impingements in his hips and looking at how they relate to his squat.

In this installment of Rebuilding Khalipa, Kelly Starrett of San Francisco CrossFit discusses and exhibits proper torque production through the trunk and legs. Compromise the trunk for leg position and torque is affected; reverse the equation and net the same result. Ideally, some mobility work and specific cueing will improve Khalipa’s mechanics—as well as his squat.

9min 9sec

Additional video: Hip Prep by Kelly Starrett, published Jan. 9, 2010.

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12 Comments on “Rebuilding Khalipa: Part 6”


wrote …

My symptoms are exactly the same as this,feet pointing out too much,knees stay out on way down, but the same on coming up with any significant weight,they come in,till i get by that sticking point Kelly talks about,but if i try and squat with them any closer,i lose balance or just can't get down at all !will try the pushing on the outside of feet and any other of the hip stretches to try and improve,i always thought it was just my tight hamstrings,seems it's everything !great series,more please !


wrote …

Awesome series. Makes me want to get to a Mobility Cert to learn more.


wrote …

Whats the artist name of the Rebuilding Khalipa theme song and the title of the song? Does anyone know?


wrote …

Legend in the making - Alpha & Omega


replied to comment from Ryan Warkentin

Thank you!


wrote …

Great series.

In the earlier parts we could see Jason's limited internal rotation and told his strongest position to produce force were when his hip was at the back of the socket, i.e externally rotated. Obviously this was something that was being worked on by Kelly.

When passively flexing Jason's hip, his knee would shoot out to the side with his femur externally rotated, the only way to have his hip in a greater degree of flexion without external rotation was with Kelly's force applied through the capsule. When squatting heavy, Jason said his knee's would roll in (technically out of his strongest position), is this similar to Kelly applying the load downwards to get his hip into a lesser rotated position?


wrote …

Dear Crossfit Gods,
Please clone K-Starr and send him to every Crossfit gym. The guy is a wealth of knowledge. :)


wrote …

tried pushing out with the heels and rolling quads in/hips out when I squatted and I was sore the next 2 days in ways I have never felt before. Definitely the hip adductors were doing work and that attachment to the pelvis back by the glute was sore too. That being said I felt moving heavy weight was a lot smoother by changing that one little thing. Can't wait to try heavier!
I love you K-Starr!


wrote …

Great series, really enjoying it. Please come do a Mobility cert in Colorado, Kelly!


wrote …

Kelly when will your book come out? I'll be first on the list to buy it, I know it would be a best seller!!

Thanks Jason for being the example, this is going to help a lot of CrossFitters.


wrote …

Is Kelly the coach of all the mobility cert programs? Or are there substitute coaches depending on where the cert is held? Thanks


wrote …

Don't we all wish that we had our own Kelly Starrett's with us 24/7? Awesome series. Love the K-Star videos. So jam packed with information!

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