A Violent Agreement: Part 3

By Greg Glassman, Louie Simmons and Dr. Nicholas Romanov

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April 15, 2010

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In Part 3 of this series, legendary runner Roger Bannister is one of the subjects of discussion by powerlifting coach Louie Simmons, Pose Method inventor Dr. Nicholas Romanov and CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman.

Bannister is noteworthy for being the first man to run a mile under four minutes but also as an example of what inspiration can do. Bannister’s four-minute mile was hailed as one of the great sporting feats of the ’50s, and yet his time was bested just over a month later by John Landy, and a multitude of runners have since gone on to accomplish something many thought was impossible.

Simmons experienced similar increases while chasing deadlift records set by others, showing the importance inspiration created by observable, measurable and repeatable results.

Perhaps more interesting than anything else is the synergy that’s created here as three great coaches and trainers come together to talk about elite fitness and high performance.

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Additional video: Evidence-Based Fitness by Greg Glassman, published Dec. 1, 2007.



6 Comments on “A Violent Agreement: Part 3 ”


wrote …

This was a great piece. I hope to see more of these types of discussions.


wrote …

I agree, Great discussion about the mental aspects of peak performance as well as the willingness to push through self limitations. I appreciate the fact that crossfit brings experts together for the benefit of the community. This is why crossfit is the future of fitness.


wrote …

Interesting discussions certainly.

(Does Simmons ever stop talking about himself?)


wrote …

Can someone PLEASE explain the 40% meeting power comment...everyone seemed in agreement, but neglected to explain what they were talking about. Seems it could be an important issue...


wrote …

They comments indicate they seem to like Mel Siff. What were Siff's thoughts on CrossFit?



Zach Even - Esh wrote …

This was awesome, I notice the tension was MUCH less during this video than the prior videos, I think Doc would be great at WSBB club and they should connect more.

It would be an awesome meeting of the minds "in the trenches" rather than just standing face to face.

Great series, I wanna see more fo' sho!


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