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A Violent Agreement: Part 4 by Greg Glassman, Louie Simmons and Dr. Nicholas Romanov - CrossFit Journal

A Violent Agreement: Part 4

By Greg Glassman, Louie Simmons and Dr. Nicholas Romanov

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April 25, 2010

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Elite coaches have unbelievable stores of knowledge, and with that knowledge come great stories. In this informal continuation of the Violent Agreement series, Greg Glassman, Louie Simmons and Dr. Nicholas Romanov trade stories and ideas about training and general physical preparedness.

“Even a marathon runner has to sometimes sprint to the finish line,” Simmons maintains, while Romanov explains that the end of a marathon is characterized by runners who are out of strength, not aerobic capacity.

The clip concludes with Dr. Romanov talking about the strength requirements of differing speeds of running.

6min 56sec

Additional video: Speech to Okinawa Marines by Greg Glassman, published June 28, 2009.

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5 Comments on “A Violent Agreement: Part 4”


wrote …

This has been a great series to follow, thanks. It is cool to be a fly on the wall for this discussion. I find it interesting that most of our SME will get along quite well.

Can we get more videos like this? I think the community would get a lot of great information and insight from similar discussions.

Thanks Journal Staff!


wrote …

I can't hold my tongue any longer. I was a pose running guy long before I was a crossfitter. I've followed Dr. Romanov for years and in the past I would seek out pose running coaches with zero satisfaction until I finally came across Brian Mackenzie. Brian was the only coach that could take away my injuries and make my running amazingly fun. Major props to Brian. I wish Brian would have been in this series with Coach Glassman and Louie. I'm glued to each word Louie and Coach G offer and would think Brian could not only hold his own with these guys, but actually add to the conversation.

Brian has had years to interpret the russian scientists words in a way that nobody else can. Actually Brian could probably speak for Dr. R in a much more eloquent way and the good doctor would probably admit that as well.


Brian MacKenzie wrote …

I could, and have held my own with these gents... Thank you, brother. Greatly appreciated. I think something needs to be noted though...

Louie and Romanov both play different roles in what CrossFit Endurance does. I have information and books (not to mention VHS Tapes of all things, remember those???) produced by Westside Barbell and Louie from 1995. I've toyed with Westside stuff for years, and I was stoked when I heard Louie was coming on board. With that said, a lot of my early education came from Westside stuff. Which has a lot of Russian based training in it.

Romanov teaches "quantum physics" of running mechanics. Hell, he teaches mechanics for everything, but I'll put a lot of money on it that not everyone can agree on it. There is a good reason for that too. Its not because he is necessarily wrong, but in my opinion because he is so far ahead of most of us. He's what I like to call "retarded" smart. I've spent 6 years of my life working in some way under this man. He was a mentor of mine for a reason...

and here we are now.

Some people learn better from certain teachers. Not everyone enjoys learning from my foul mouth. I get that. I am sure Romanov understands this too... probably why he let me become a level 3 coach with him.

Maybe this made sense. Maybe not. Know this... CrossFit Endurance incorporates a lot of stuff from a lot of learning, and there is no one thing out there that is right. Greg has shown all of us this because he has brought a lot of experts together under one roof. Me being one of them.


wrote …

Great discussion. Where else can you find this type of mastery of sport being shown except here at CrossFit.


wrote …

I've been taught by Romanov in his run cert and Carl Borg endurance cert and both were amazing, I learned so much from them. They look like their both the same type of cert but in actuality it was totally different.
Romanov was pure science and physics concentrating on perfect pose running and more, while Carl Borg taught endurance running using CrossFit as the base to getting faster and fitter in running while still maintaining the pose method.
I am hoping to get into simmons at some point, that can only ad to my fitness level.
keep up the great minds.

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