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April 14, 2010

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Firebreathers and potential firebreathers present an interesting challenge for trainers. Because top athletes are usually pretty good at most movements, trainers can often forget about them while working with struggling athletes. Similarly, some firebreathers aren’t challenged by WODs programmed for the general CrossFitter and get complacent because they always get the top times and weights.

Keeping firebreathers motivated is an art, and Tanya Wagner of CrossFit Apex shared several ideas with the delegates at the recent FilFest.

One great idea: scaling up a WOD. If we scale down for athletes, we can scale up to give top CrossFitters the challenge they need.

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Additional reading: Scaling Up CrossFit Workouts With Rings by Tyler Hass, published May 1, 2008.



4 Comments on “Programming for Firebreathers”


wrote …

this is why i left my crossfit box to pursue my own training. i have good relationship with the ppl that work at my local globo gym so I can move things around as needed and do crazy WODs without them getting their panties in a twist. I was getting to the point of proficiency in my workouts (with good times) such that the trainers no longer needed to pay me any attention and so they didn't. i miss the competition but im hitting more PRs, am leaner and more muscular than I ever was at my former affiliate. I'll be moving soon and there is a well run affiliate where I'm going. I very much look forward to more coaching and being a part of an actual crossfit gym again.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Carlina, wow interesting situation you had there!

I saw Tanya speak and this was AWESOME!

How right on point she was, ya gotta break em' down sometimes, they can't always dominate and the right people understand this!

Her presentation at FilFest kicked ass and really resonated with me!

Thank YOU, Tanya :)



wrote …

yeah i mean i can't say i didnt see it coming. the gym was growing very fast without a growing group of trainers. i have to really give crossfit, in particular tanya, coach b, coach g, and kelly starrett huge props for continuing to provide stellar training material, nutrition information, stretching and physiology information, and overall inspiration. one day, maybe after my move, i'll finally get to attend a cert.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Well-said, Tanya!
Thanks for the great insights.

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