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April 26, 2010

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Arm wrestling is a niche sport full of specialists—but they get the job done very effectively. Legendary champion John Brzenk and rising star Travis Bagent proved that point by taking on any and all comers at the 2009 CrossFit Games, and neither lost a single match in Aromas.

Brzenk is the subject of Sevan Matossian’s award-winning film Pulling John, and Specialization finds the director back in the world of arm wrestling as Bagent seeks to unseat Canadian Devon Larratt, the world’s No. 1 ranked arm wrestler, at the Mike Gould Classic held March 27, 2010, in Oshawa, Ont.

Both Bagent and Larratt are CrossFitters, but at the end of the day they have one goal: pinning another man’s wrist to the table.

37min 08sec

Additional video: Arm Wrestling Explained by Travis Bagent, published June 14, 2009.

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19 Comments on “Specialization: Travis Bagent vs. Devon Larratt”


wrote …

Sevan - I love your movies dude! Keep on keepin on. I hope for more great stuff in the future.


wrote …

The contrast between the two men is incredible. Great storytelling as usual Sevan.


Rob Barrese wrote …

I love hearing Sevan correct form/execution during WODs... professionalism at its finest! Keep up the great work!


wrote …

Travis is a real cool guy. Talked to him for a while at the Arnold Classic and he was kind enough to share his entire training regime that he followed for the last 10 years which was passed down by his father. In fact, I had no idea who Travis was until 20 minutes into the conversation he said yeah thats me in the poster right on the wall behind you.


wrote …

Fun stuff. Really enjoyed the video.


wrote …

Sevan, your movies are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!


wrote …

Great video.. but a little surprised there clean and jerk form is so sloppy being lvl 1 trainers and are coaching others.


wrote …

Great stuff! Keep up the great work Sevan!


wrote …

Hey! Where's the quality astronomy articles I've been so accustomed to on the Journal?


wrote …

Yeah Nick, what a breath of fresh air.


wrote …

Awesome to hear and see that GPP training will take any specialist and make him/her break through their perceived potential barrier. We hear it from Louie and Dr. Romanov, and now we see it with these two elites in their sport. Awesome piece and nice "programming" with it coming right after Part IV of the Louie/Dr. Romanov series.


wrote …

I laugh my butt off every time I see Travis do a workout. Has he ever finished one?


wrote …

Both seem to be using a "monkey grip" when doing the clean and jerk. Is this due to some mechanical problems in the hand of an arm wrestler? Very cool video!


wrote …

It's fun to see these 2 studs do the wods!!! I love these movies, Thanks Sevan!

Only one thing... while watching it at work, I'm constantly turning down the volume when the music comes on and turning the volume up when they start to speak. The music is always so loud! Gets me fired up though!


wrote …

I get so excited to see your videos have such a great way of telling the stories of these athletes and their lives!! I feel like I am getting the information needed, but in such an intriguing way. I am never bored and I never want the video to end.....even if it is late and I have to sleep! Thanks so much.


wrote …

Great job. Very entertaining.


wrote …

Fantastic video made there sport and the two respective athletes come to life!


wrote …

Thanks Sevan, well done, enjoyed getting to know these CrossFitters and incredible competitors! Makes me proud to have had Travis kick my ass at the Games last year!


wrote …

My favorite part was watching Travis's future hall of fame receiver catch those passes... that was awesome

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