Mindset—Not Skill Set

By Zach Even-Esh

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April 22, 2010

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Speaking at FilFest 2010, Zach Even-Esh explains how getting your mind right is sometimes more important than anything else.

A lot of people find themselves in a groove that quickly becomes a rut, and before they know it they’re 55 and they’ve wasted the best years of their career. Even-Esh had this flash of inspiration in an airplane just before take-off and immediately got off the plane and changed directions in his life.

Soon he found himself running a hardcore, no-frills gym in New Jersey, and he decided that to succeed, he needed to run his business as if he didn’t need the money—even though he did. Rather than taking any client with a credit card and a pair of sweats, Even-Esh started screening his clients and creating exactly the gym he wanted. He filled his gym with rusty equipment, drove his clients hard as hell and cranked the music to 10.

And guess what? He found the clients he needed.

8min 57sec

Additional video: Answering the Belltown by Nadia Shatila, published Feb. 9, 2010.



20 Comments on “Mindset—Not Skill Set”


wrote …

Great Video about chasing your passion and staying true to your style of training and personality. Zach is the man " jedi mind trick his ass"


wrote …

I seriously dig Zach's videos. He's got it all figured out.


wrote …

Priceless ;)


Mauricio Leal wrote …

Haha. I love how he still has the same WTF fear I get when trainees get all pukie. It is terrifying as a trainer to dish out serious pain cause you never know when Tim the Tory Attorney is going to show up and rip you a new one. But you also gotta stick to your guns and not go all soft on your methods. A fine line, but it's quite easy to compromise and go where the cash is. Great lesson and I will certainly keep it in mind.


Mauricio Leal wrote …

Tim the Tort* Attorney


wrote …

great stuff......wish I would have been there to hear him start to finish, live.


wrote …

I've been on Zach's e-mail list for a few months now, guy is all about kicking ass and going all out. I don't know anyone who would hate that mentality.


wrote …

great stuff Zach


wrote …

Z-MAN You Kill Me DUDE You are the Real DEAL i love it keep it comin, there is nothing like being YOURSELF and Running YOUR OWN BIZNESS. Youre a great inspiration.
Jeremy CrossFit Capacity


wrote …



wrote …

Best video ever!


wrote …

Z is the man...one of the best lectures I've heard. Great stuff!!


wrote …

awesome video!


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

yo dudes, thnx so much 4 the killa feedback!!!

it was an amazing time at FilFest :)

And yes, people still throw up here, one dude threw up BEFORE the workout even begab last week, that was a NEW one :)

Peace & Kick Ass!



Rob Barrese wrote …

Outstanding Zach... really, truly great stuff. Keep it up!


wrote …

Amazing storytelling; inspiring and hilarious.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

I have a large globo gym about 200 yards from my door, and they provide me with a place to send people I don't want to have in my gym getting in the way of the serious people.


Frank, yo bro, same here dude, globo gym and I share a parking lot.

But, I leverage EVERYTHING, so, if they are not athletes, then I send them to my web site where they can get a free e book and find out more about my methods to use on their own at home.

I only want ass kickers who are competing for sport.

Create your OWN rules, stick to your guns :)



wrote …

Mr. Even Esh, I respect you so much and I hope one day I am able to inspire young kids the way you inspire me. Right now I am running a lifting club out of my garage and I have been feeling really discouraged, but after this video (like all of your videos) you got me AMPED UP to kick ass tomorrow!

- Rene N. Arteaga
1st St Barbell Club


Kirk Said wrote …

Zach, found your videos on Crossfit. I have been thinking about doing my own gym for athletes for years. Your videos are getting me off my ass and I am doing it out of my garage. I have been in a corporate fitness center and it because "safe " because of my family, but I have died here and I am going for it and because of these videos I feel the gladiator mentality coming back.

Thanks your in kicking ass,


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