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The “Space” Program by John and Kelly Brown - CrossFit Journal

The “Space” Program

By John and Kelly Brown

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May 24, 2010

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CrossFit Agoge started just like many other boxes: with a collection of friends throwing bumper plates around in a garage. Since leaving the humble confines of their home location, John and Kelly Brown have upgraded their space four times, each time expanding into larger and more functional environments.

Jordan and Paula Gravatt catch up with the Browns at their current location in Montrose, Colo., for a look inside their newest box and a bit of shop talk about what makes CrossFit Agoge successful.

6min 59sec

Additional reading: Outfit Your Box: An Equipment Procurement Guide by Eddie Lugo, published Aug. 1, 2008.

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9 Comments on “The “Space” Program”


wrote …

I love to see fellow military members who move on from the service and into to there own CF "box"!


wrote …

Great people, great gym!


wrote …

I also train a few people out of my garage. They are buds from work so it would be akward to start charging them and we are starting to get a bit of a rep around the shop. How hard is it to get some extra space if this thing takes off like it sounds like it will?


replied to comment from scott andrews


Dude, the easiest way is to start asking new folks to pay a little. Even if you ask your buds to drop some coin for equipment. It doesn't have to be a ton. That is a trick I learned from Coach Burgener who has one of the best garage gyms of all time. He basically passes the hat when something needs to be bought. As you grow (both in clientele and in rep) you can start asking for a little and then a little more. At least that is the way that we did it.

Happy Hunting,


Jeff Martin wrote …

I've learned a great deal from John and Kelly over the years and appreciate their contribution to the community.


wrote …


great video, great gym! very cool to hear your story.



wrote …

Great video, really nice space.

FYI, The term "Ambulance Driver" is quite outdated, Paramedic is the correct term to use. I am sure quite a few medics trembled hearing that :)



wrote …

John (Casey) & Kelly,

Great video... and great story told well. You can be very proud of the enthusiastic and dedicated community that you have established in Montrose and of your rep across the CF community as you support the National program in so many ways.

- as usual Miss Wesleigh stole the show!

Looking forward to your trip East for the Cert in October



wrote …

Great job and story guys....can't wait to see you in October!!

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