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The Disposable Heroes Project: Part 2 by Carey Peterson - CrossFit Journal

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May 17, 2010

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You can take two routes when training for a marathon or ultra-marathon: you can take the traditional approach and run endless miles that beat you down, or you can do CrossFit. Brad Mckee of CrossFit Hammond started with the former, and when his body started to ache, he went back to CrossFit.

His ultra-marathon? A 100-mile run through Louisiana in support of his Disposable Heroes Project to raise funds for wounded warriors and their families.

In Part 2 of this four-part story, Mckee explains his strategy for the trip and the physical challenges he plans to overcome. He’s been battling sore knees in the period before the marathon, but he’s confident that great planning, optimism and rugged determination will help him overcome aching joints, cramping muscles and fatigue.

Parts 3 and 4 will be released over the next two days.

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Additional video: Brooklyn’s Wounded Warrior by Keith Zeier, published Oct. 2, 2009.

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9 Comments on “The Disposable Heroes Project: Part 2”


wrote …

Can't wait for part 3! I've done plenty of 12 milers in my career but because of this, I'm going to go run a marathon this weekend and see where that takes me. Thanks for this mini-documentary


wrote …

An inspiration.


wrote …

Gonna play devils advocate here. I think the cause is AWESOME!! truley, what a great reason to raise money and awareness. After watching the two videos and looking at Brad as an athlete, I find him ignorant in his training and the way he is not able to listen to his body may cause him horrible repercussions in the longevity of his body. Again, GREAT CAUSE, not so smart athlete.....


wrote …

It's awesome to see Hammond on the map. Great Job!


replied to comment from meghan norsen

training is important but in situations like this it is precisely his lack of training that makes the feat so moving. he doesn't know exactly what pain lay ahead ... he is not 100% certain his body can withstand the treacherous pounding of an ultra ... yet he boldly attacks the event anyway ... mimicking our American warriors who display such uncommon valor on a daily basis. so yes, he may be lacking in his training but by no means is he unprepared.

way to go brad!


Brandon Nugent wrote …

Great cause and inspirational.

I think that while this is somewhat of an experiment for Brad and a test of mental strength (in addition to the cause he is running for), for those that want to do ultra's, this is not the way you would want to do it. There's a balance out there somewhere and pure crossfit without specialization will prepare you for a hell of a lot of things in life, even allowing you to suffer (emphasis on suffer) through an ultra. A little more running as prescribed by CrossFit Endurance (CFE) would have helped him here. (unless I am mistaken, I didn't hear mention of that)

There's no doubt that running is tough on joints. The fact that he appears to do all of his running on pavement only makes it that much tougher. CrossFit in theory should get you in shape in all dimensions (endurance, speed, strength, skill..), in practice I see many affiliates leaving out the adaptive component.

If you're going to run (and by running I mean long, longer than a marathon), you need to spend a little time getting your joints used to it. CFE is a great place to start for this.

Looking forward to part 3!

Brandon (CF level 1 and CFE certified)


wrote …

You got guts buddy, well done... Loved the video, the honesty, the cause, my heart goes out to Corporal G, I really feel for that guy and those others for whom you ran. I'm proud to share the bond of CrossFit with you.

BMack and the guys and gals at CrossFit Endurance could have done you a world of good for you. I've ran 2 ultras. The first I trained on a Brian Mackenzie schedule, it was awesome, no ligament or tendon issues in the knees, hips or ankles. I finished well, recovered well, enjoyed the run.

The 2nd, which was just 2 weeks ago, I did no running other than what was in the Crossfit wods and I just gotta say that my knees and hips were screaming after about mile 10. I made it to the end, finishing decently, but it was rugged. I was hurtin, limping, hating running, hating being out there, I couldn't run or walk down a hill w/o much pain. Up hills were no prob, the legs were strong from the crossfitting, I had fantastic energy and stamina, but the feet, knees and hips were toast. After having done the 2 approaches I won't go into another one without CFE training in addition to the CF wods.

I totally admire your guts buddy!


wrote …

Good on ya, Brad! Not only are these videos inspiring and motivating, but Brad seems like such a darn affable guy that one can't help but get behind him and his cause. Love the support of the CF family and friends - it's so great to see!


wrote …

Powerful medicine, keep it coming Brad and team. Paul

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