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The Disposable Heroes Project: Part 4 by Carey Peterson - CrossFit Journal

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May 19, 2010

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Three-quarters of the way through his 100-mile ultra-marathon, Brad Mckee of CrossFit Hammond encounters an injury he was dreading when his knee starts to bother him. With almost a full marathon standing between him and the finish line, Mckee is driven onward by the friends and supporters who show up to help him.

For the remaining miles, inspirational wounded warrior Isaac (Corporal G) Gallegos joins the former Marine sniper to remind him of the purpose behind the Disposable Heroes Project, and Mckee pushes on as more and more people join the trek to the finish line in Hammond, La.

When Mckee finally crosses the finish line, he has some special words for Coach Greg Glassman, and it’s apparent that the end of the ultra-marathon was just the beginning of the Disposable Heroes Project.

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17 Comments on “The Disposable Heroes Project: Part 4”


wrote …

What an incredible story. I was nearly brought to tears after watching Brad fall to his knees after crossing the finish line. Everything about this project is remarkable: Brad, the supporters, anyone who donated, the wounded veterans and fallen heroes, Corporal G, and the crossfit community. My sincerest gratitude Brad for taking the initiative to spread the awareness of this amazing cause and for showing the heart and determination and self-sacrifice to accomplish this monumental task. We can all learn much from this video series. If I'm ever in Louisiana, you can count on me stopping by the box.

Thank you once again for being such an inspiration.


wrote …

What an awesome accomplishment, for a great cause. The four part video series was great made me feel like I was right there along side Brad for the run. Brad your an inspiration thanks for bringing needed attention the the wounded and fallen heros of our country.


wrote …

Sgt. Brad Mckee here. First I want to thank Carey Peterson for an amazing job done on this four part series. When Carey came down to Hammond,LA I knew something special was going to come out of it. We do a lot of filming for the Disposable Heroes Project and I don't think ppl really know how much time is spent in editing a video. I can't thank you enough for what you did Carey. Keep it up brother. TO ALL MY SUPPORTERS. Thanks so much. I can't express, in words, how much the support means to me. The shirt orders have been rolling in from all over the U.S. This will help us raise more awareness for the guys that have given so much. I also want to thank Coach Glassman for affording me the opportunity to own a CrossFit box and do something that I might do for the rest of my life. See everyone at the CrossFit Games in LA. God bless


wrote …

Sgt. McKee - you are amazing! That was truly epic. I am so inspired. I feel so grateful to be American, and for the heros and their families that have suffered so greatly for our freedom and security. Thank you.


wrote …

Incredible. Sgt McKee you are an inspiration in and of yourself, may God bless you, your family, your box, all of our heroes, and may God Bless America.


wrote …

Top notch stuff Brad, I loved following your story. I seriously can't imagine how it must have felt to have all those cameras and all that attention on you when you're going through something so gut wrenching, something where at one moment you're feeling pure euphoria and at the very next moment you feel like crying.

You got some strong shoulders.


wrote …

This brought me to tears! Thank You Brad.


wrote …

I served as a Navy Corpsman, my wife as a Navy Nurse, and my brother as a Marine. I just wanted to say thank you for your service, and all that you are continuing to do. You are a tremendous inspiration Brad.


wrote …

Truly an inspiration. I have many friends serving over seas in both the Marine Corps and Navy and this video is a great tribute to all those friends and family of the lost or fallen. Thank you.


wrote …

Awesome job Brad! You are a true American Hero my friend.

Greg Amundson


wrote …

Wow - tough as a bag full of hammers, between the ears where it counts.

I know that feeling Brad - we made it back, why didn't they? How can an American repay what we've been given? How can an American honor the price paid? Thanks for making this happen. Paul


wrote …

Thank you Brad. Thank you to all who serve our country so honorably. Well Done.


wrote …

That video is truly inspiring. Just curious if anybody knows the name and artist of the "all i want is you" song at the end of this amazing series. Thanks for any help.


wrote …


Fantastic job brother! That is madatory viewing at my box!



wrote …

Wow...Thanks Brad for doing this!
We all needed this and America needed it too.

You make me proud to be a Marine!

LCPL Danny Lau
USMC 0811
CrossFit Sun


wrote …

Semper Fi Marine!!!! I am an Active Duty Air Force Medic and I cannot express in words how inspirational and truly uplifting this series was for me! You are a Patriot and a True American Sgt. McKee. Thanks for your service and your selfless dedication to your fellow Americans and this great country. Your intense determination and warrior spirit embodies all that this country was founded on! "THIS" is why America is the greatest nation in the history of this planet! God Bless to all of those Patriots out there and all those that didn’t get to come home...


wrote …

This project is still an inspiration to me years later! You deserve at least a NAM brother!

Semper Fidelis,
SGT Thompson, 2nd LAR BN


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