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Training a Perfect Beast by Brian MacKenzie and Piper Denlringer - CrossFit Journal

Training a Perfect Beast

By Brian MacKenzie and Piper Denlringer

In CrossFit Endurance, Running, Videos

May 07, 2010

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Endurance athletes and CrossFitters alike are finding success with the CrossFit Endurance program as they train in ways that were once thought to be useless for long-distance athletes.

At this Endurance cert in Colorado, Brian MacKenzie explains how the program works as he goes over how to incorporate CrossFit workouts into training and how to program for specific goals. Piper Denlringer talks about how CrossFit proper prepares athletes for the CrossFit Endurance program that, in turn, produces “perfect beasts.”

5min 11sec

Additional video: Conquering the Quad Dipsea by San Francisco CrossFit, published Feb. 25, 2010.

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11 Comments on “Training a Perfect Beast”


wrote …

Very nice.


wrote …

Would you add in Crossfit Endurance as well as a strength program?


wrote …

I love Crossfit but I am a skeptic of CFE. Runners and Triathletes are very specific in their training and goals. I don't see how a General Physical Preparedness program can make them better - it's against the Crossfit fundamentals in my opinion


replied to comment from Caleb Tice

I hear ya Caleb, but I think that the problem is only a simple disagreement on personal goals.

If you are unsure of how a general preparedness program can help make someone better in a specific sport then I recommend you look around the site a bit more. Having worked with soft tissue injuries and imbalances through manual tissue manipulation for years (read fancy way to say quality sports massage) I have yet to see a person who failed improve in their sport when their body was brought into proper alignment. I also have yet to see a fitness program that works to create alignment as avidly as CrossFit. The irony here is that it is simply a byproduct of CrossFit's clearly stated goal of increasing human performance across broad time and modal domains. That also sounds like a fundamental element demanding that CrossFit take on athletes from any sport and help them to improve.

Here is another thing to consider. See... somepeople LIKE to do endurance sports. I don't fully get it... yet, but who cares. What I do get is that these athletes are chasing something they are passionate about. To call into question the value of a persons hobby, sport and way of expressing their fitness is like arguing that green is so much better than blue. We aren't suppose to approve or agree about something so subjective, and God help anyone waiting around for everyone to approve or agree on anything. To me CrossFit is inclusive, not exclusive. What we can do is look at how a program that promotes fitness only helps to make anyone more successful at any endeavor.

It may also make you feel better to notice that CFE is not the main page programing. Clearly it is meant to be an addition, not a replacement and I know that this addition has helped many athletes to decide to have a sip of the KoolAid. How can that ever be a bad thing?


wrote … really put it into perspective for me. Thank you for this video.


replied to comment from Daniel Oates

Daniel, you are on the money. If it hadn't been for me finding the CFE site I may never have started Crossfit. I went from wondering if I would be able to complete any kind of endurance event again, to running marathons with only a 40 days between them; and was still able to complete a WOD on the days after each race. And besides, in the words of Coach Glassman's World-Class Fitness in 100 Words "Regularly learn and play new sports." So isn't one point of Crossfit, and having a high GPP to be able to compete in various events?


No disrespect, but many "think" much, "say" much and have "strong" opinions on this subject. Do it first then form your opinion. That's what I did. And i can say the programing this video speaks on works awesome. From personal experience. I used it CF main site and CFE exclusively to train for an Olympic distance Tri. Nope, I didn't win, but I had fun and competed well for my age and newness to the sport.
Last years CF Games winner. Mikko Salo, crushed the trail run, then shortly thereafter crushed the deadlift competition. He can hang in any endurance competition out there. Endurance "experts" can think and pontificate all day on this stuff. This programming is not only safer, it's less time consuming and gives better results. Great qualities in a program for an amateur endurance athlete.
Train on.


Drew Holmes wrote …

I have found doing crossfit a few times a week has increased my stamina for endurance. At mile 70 during an ironman it was not my legs that were tired as I rained them to bike and run, it was my lower back and shoulders. with a crossfit type program I find my core more stable letting my legs bike and my arms swim. I found it a huge benefit.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Very informative, thanks!


wrote …

God may not exist...but crossfit/crossfit endurance definetly works


wrote …

CFE works! unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way. I trained for a half marathon without strength training and I was a lot more prone to injury, and my diet was messed up also. I developed that "I've earned it" complex. I ran my first half marathon at 5'10 2010 pounds and around mile 9, it was brutal. I finished the race at 2:06, but it was difficult carrying the extra weight.

Since I've been doing WOD's my stamina and strength has improved drastically. I ran a 10k a few weeks ago and it was a lot better.

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