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May 22, 2010

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Ben Bergeron of CrossFit New England wanted to bring the best CrossFit minds and bodies from the Northeast region together for a four-day session in preparation for the 2010 Games.

The concept was simple: take some of the top athletes from the local sectional competitions, mash them together with great coaches and further round off those rough edges even the strongest athletes have hidden away.

The result was an intensely focused, fast-paced training camp that created camaraderie and friendly rivalries. It also exposed the weaknesses of some great athletes, enabling them to round out their skills in preparation for a run at the Games.

Video by Again Faster.

10min 39sec

Additional reading: Training With the Enemy by Kevin Daigle, published May 17, 2010.



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wrote …

Cool idea.


wrote …

Based upon what I have seen in person this weekend at the Northeast Regionals, this training technique works.


wrote …

Great video, good golden nuggets to take away and apply in WOD's.


wrote …

would love to see hobart's whole talk if it is available?
or even a summary/notes if someone has it?


wrote …

Having that training camp was a great idea Ben. It looks like it's paying off big time.


wrote …

I like the idea of James' 'breath counts.' I've seen myself and others lose as much as 45 seconds just sucking air and lapsing in concentration between exercises.

On those pushing or falling back releases on the rings, after each muscle up, are people reestablishing a false grip for the next rep? It doesn't look that way.
I have a decent enough muscle up to hit reps one after another from dead hangs, but that's after dropping down and reaching up once more to start from scratch. I could never figure out how people come plunging down with all their body weight and maintain a false grip. I guess they don't.

What's the trick? Do you tweak your wrists at all during the up-swing, or do the speed and momentum compensate enough?


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Very helpful insights, thanks!


wrote …


That was me doing the demos on the muscle ups - I tend to loose the false grip ater the first or second primarily because I'm turning out at the bottom. You tend not to need it because the momentum compensates - as you surmised. My hands actually come off the rigs a bit (and regrip) at the top prior to the dip extension (until I get too tired!).


wrote …

What an amazing community CF is. This sharing of info, training techniques and truly trying to make your "competition" better simply does not occur elsewhere. Great job!


wrote …

Thanks for answering, Nesbitt. A few of us were talking this morning about that move, and I'll be studying the video and trying it soon.


wrote …

great video

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