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Coaches Prep Course: Coaching the Squat by Adrian Bozman - CrossFit Journal

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May 30, 2010

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CrossFit’s compound movements get great results but require a great deal of work on the part of the athlete. A squat may be one of the most common movements in the world, but a good squat is rarer and requires technique, flexibility, strength and body control.

Trainers looking to teach the movement need to understand it inside and out, and they need to have a host of tools at their ready when less than optimal movement is observed. No one cue or fix will work for every athlete, and no two athletes have the same problems.

At a Coaches Prep Seminar at CrossFit Santa Cruz, top HQ trainer Adrian (Boz) Bozman breaks down the squat in detail, offering tips and tricks for trainers who are looking to improve their coaching and drive their athletes to top performance. Boz goes over common faults and then offers a wide variety of solutions trainers can use to produce better movement.

The Coaches Prep Seminar builds upon the Level 1 Certification and is designed for coaches looking to take their training to the next level. To register for the course, visit

15min 52sec

Additional reading: At the Chalkboard: Just Squat by Greg Glassman, published March 27, 2010.

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8 Comments on “Coaches Prep Course: Coaching the Squat”


wrote …

Great video!


wrote …

wow...that was a masterpiece. I love seeing people who are experts in their field demonstrate why they are good at what they do. Nice job, Boz. Great video!


wrote …

Thank you for a great video! I really needed those instructions myself.


Jon Harting wrote …

Really good video. Would love to see more like it.


wrote …

It may be my computer, but every time I try to watch the video it stops at about 1/3 way through. I even saved it to my computer and it did the same thing. It shows to be 15+ minutes long, but I'm only getting 5+ minutes. Anyone else having that issue?


replied to comment from Jason Sharpe


Try using a different mrdia player. The video stopped at 5 mins using windows media. I used flash player and got the whole video.


wrote …

I had the same problem as Jason; I'm running windows media player on vista.


wrote …

....and that's why Boz is the man. Much love homie!

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