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May 14, 2010

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Dave Gordon lives a life many affiliate owners will understand: full-time job, family responsibilities and a box to run in his “free time.” His gym, CrossFit South Aurora in Colorado, runs both tae kwon do and CrossFit classes out of the same space, and he attributes his success primarily to “treating people with respect.”

Form is also a major focus in Gordon’s box, and he takes advantage of low overhead to offer his clients complimentary fundamentals classes. The special free sessions run every Sunday, and athletes are encouraged to show up and work on the nine basic lifts in the same peer-review fashion as a CrossFit Level 1 certification. Athletes expose their flaws in front of friends and correct them—and everyone learns.

“Everyone goes in the circle,” Gordon says.

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3 Comments on “CrossFit Aurora: Fundamentals and Respect”


wrote …

I love the complimentary fundamental classes. Its a great concept.
I notice when the clients understand more of the fundamentals they tend to learn faster and excel quicker with their form and their goals which i have found made them stay with the box for the long haul.
Cool box.


wrote …

Right on! Outstanding box, coach and philosophy!


wrote …

He is such a nice guy....great attitude, cares about his members..great, inspirational...

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