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CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide by Greg Glassman and Staff - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide

By Greg Glassman and Staff

PDF Article

The CrossFit Training Guide is a collection of CrossFit Journal articles written over the last 10 years primarily by Coach Greg Glassman on the foundational movements and concepts that comprise the CrossFit methodology.

This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with our CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course to help you develop your training knowledge and skills, and to help you prepare for the Level 1 Trainer Test. This is an essential but not an exhaustive resource. Some of the knowledge required to pass the test comes from these articles; all other material comes directly from the two-day course.

The information contained in these articles is foundational to the CrossFit methodology, and, along with the rest of the Journal, should support any successful training venture.

Other Languages: Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese

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135 Comments on “CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide”


wrote …

THIS IS EXCELLENT!!! I am currently deployed and have been putting together articles, but here it all is. Thanks Coach and Staff.



wrote …

Sometimes it amazes me how crossfit gives it all up. I was wondering, just yesterday, what was in the training guide. Awesome!!!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

What a tremendous resource!
I am almost all the way through it for the first time, and will be re-studying it more and more.
Thank you!


wrote …

Awesome!! Thank you so much for this!


wrote …

Yup... this is high entropy for sure.


wrote …

I graduated magna cum laude with a degree in exercise science and this is so much more applicable and informative than anything I have ever come across, thank you coach.


I'm in the same boat. I've been collecting them this pass year in Iraq. Should be a good read.


wrote …

Thank you for putting this together!


wrote …

Thanks for this fantastic resource! I have the Level I Course coming up in July - great timing.


wrote …



wrote …

If any of you guys are wanting to pass the level 1 test, I suggest reading this material. Just passed mine this weekend in Lex KY. The test is no joke.


wrote …

This is absolutely awesome. CF never ceases to amaze me. The CFJ is the best bargain in the world.


replied to comment from Pat Sherwood

Just wanted to thank you for putting on a great cert. You represented Crossfit HQ like a real pro. It was much better than I expected. I have to admit that I kind of expected the test to be a gimmie. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and difficulty level of the test. I hate that everyone didn't pass it, but at the same time it makes me appreciate my certification more than I would have had it just been the weekend without the testing. Thanks again to you and all the other trainers.


wrote …

f'n awesome, I downloaded it had it printed and am currently highlighting all important information!

Thanks guys! I couldnt be more pleased


wrote …

I've read through it once already and am planning on going over it a few more times before my Level 1 Certification in July. Really such an awesome resoutce that is extremely understandable and applicable.


wrote …

Thank you for another tremendous resource! CrossFit is a life enhancer.


wrote …

I am addicted to this training, i want to get certified asap


wrote …

CrossFit has always offered THE BEST technical and acedemic education for trainers available. I am an educator and science based thinker and that's why I fell in love with CrossFit. I'm so excited to see this testing and standardization. This will promote cohesiveness between boxes as far as training ideals and ethics, which will in turn strengthen CrossFit as a training program on a broader spectrum. Not that I needed convincing! As always, the Mothership just making things Better and Stronger. Great and well written training guide. Can't wait to take the test! Thanks.


wrote …

Thank you once again Crossfit, just what I needed. What a great resource. The Crossfit Journal is the best $25 I have ever spent.

Bob Taylor-Gill


Christopher Elgee wrote …

Note for those taking the Level 1 Cert/Test: Not all the answers are in this book. Read up as much as you can, but pay attention in class! Between the two, you should be fine.



wrote …

Now this is what I call information. Amazing. Thanks crossfit for putting in all the work and than handing it over to us. I'll have to move to Paris, France soon, a city without boxes or crossfit coaching. This is a life saver!!


wrote …

Would love to take that course someday!!


wrote …

Great, special thanks from France.
Psych !!!


wrote …

This guide and the level 1 Cert I attended are fantastic at really providing and concrete explanation as to what CrossFit is. Even so, it is sad that so many people claim they are CrossFitting and have never read, researched or tried to understand what the hell they are doing. Fantastic job! This is a great starting point for anyone in any fitness endeavor, but my advice ... keep reading, keep learning and keep going. This Training Guide is not it! Learn, mold, blend and adapt. That's what we are meant to do. That's what we were born to do. Until next time. ~eric pelletier~


wrote …

since i knew crossfit i jjust loved it, but now that a read this training guide i just can say , it is amazing it is real !!!!!!!!! nice see you soon!!!!


wrote …

Excelente !!!!!!!!!!!! greetings from Monterrey Mexico


wrote …

Thank you so much for this resource, awesome!! Hello from Guam!


wrote …

I'm so darn excited to finally make the move to sign up to get my certification. I'm studying Business Management with a concentration in Sports Management and a minor in Real Estate. CrossFit with is life changing. CrossFit has turned my life style completely around. I started CrossFit in May 2010, in hopes to fill a void. It worked well and it's the best training I've every done. I started at the CrossFit in Estero,"THE TRAINING BOX" at The guys at the gym have really opened my eyes to CrossFit and the lifestyle I want to live by. I have played and been around sports all my life. I have been doing CrossFit for 5 months now, and October 2010 will be half a year. I have also switch to eating on the paleo way. I will be graduating college in Fall 2011. CrossFit is the best hands down. I'm looking at being a Firefighter Paramedic soon as well as a CrossFit trainer on my off time.

Thanks Again CrossFit,

Jeff Ballou
Lambda Zeta Chapter
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Florida Gulf Coast University


wrote …

There is provision for translation of the "CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide" to Spanish


wrote …

Just downloaded it into my iBooks as a PDF! So that I can always have it on me as a training tool/reference. I have my L1, but now I have to take my test in December. No worries I think I'll ace it with some good ol' fashioned studying.


wrote …

Right now in afghanistan, and waiting to go stateside, get back at crossfit and get my l1 certifcation. Training hard here in fob sharona, but the good thing of wod is when you doing surrounded by other people, that's when i push harder expecially if they are younger than me(Im 50) and beat them its lets see....awesome!!!!


wrote …

I began Cross Fit 5 weeks after bub no 2. Got my body back, began lifting weight I never thought I would do and challenging myself more than ever before. After 10 years in the Fitness Industry there is NO other way I would ever train again. Cross Fit is the only way. Love it. Did the Brisbane Aust Level 1 Course in September loved it best course I have ever done and trainers absolutely inspirational. Thank you so much.


wrote …

If you are serious about CF..READ IT! and if you want to do really well on your CERT and with your AFFILIATE..KNOW IT!


wrote …

Great stuff, I just got into crossfit about a month or two ago and although these are some of the hardest workouts I have done in forever I love every minute of it. It really helps with my job being military police in the Air Force as well as my soccer and basketball life outside of work...


wrote …

Awsome... completely packed full of all the info I could think of to ask. I just got into this and am reading everyday to be sure im doing everything right and get the most out of every exercise. I have always thought of "working out" as just lifting weights but since I have started CF I am hooked ! Ill never get bored with the variety and challenges there are with CF.


wrote …

Should be required reading in any Exercise Science class and for any military drill instructors.


wrote …

Great work guys, so much appreciated. All this valuable info available to share. But most importantly to educate us. CF is awesome Im quite new but Im addicted. Love it...


wrote …

This information was extremely useful. Thank you it was very appreciated!!


wrote …

I down losded this today and can't put it down. What a great resource.

Thanks Crossfit!!


replied to comment from Omari Broussard

OoooooWESUM read thank You G and staff! My heart and Belief is in CROSSFIt for life! I feel stronger,fitter-building muscles that i couldnt even have before.
Hope to meet you guys in New Zealand sometime
Maggz xo


wrote …

,,The best system there is :-)


wrote …

Hi Guys,

This quote is taken from the top of the page

"This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with our CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course to help you develop your training knowledge and skills, and to help you prepare for the Level 1 Trainer Test. This is an essential but not an exhaustive resource. Some of the knowledge required to pass the test comes from these articles; all other material comes directly from the two-day course."

"Some of the knowledge required to pass the test comes from these articles"

Can anybody point me in the right direction to which articles to read or watch, for the Level one training course.

Many Thanks



Josh Groves wrote …


Everything in that manual is fair game on the test. Learn it, live it, love it. Pay special attention to the progressions described for teaching movements and the terminology used throughout the manual. The test pulls straight from the manual in many places, so knowing how the manual describes things is vital to success.


wrote …

Hi guys, im thinking of doing the Crossfit level 1 course then one day doing the level 2 course. Just wanted to know what to expect in the course? I'm not very academic, but im pratical. Is the test really "hard", and what should i expect? Thankyou.


wrote …

I took the class 2 years ago and am scheduled to take the written test next month. I would down load the written materials in the Journal pay special attention to anything Glassman says. read and reread. The level two is all about the trainers knowing you can teach and pass the knowledge form level 1 to anyone.


wrote …

Hi all this is Tanay Gurjar from Ahmedabad, India. I would like to pledge my full support to spreading Crossfit methodology in my country, where there is almost Zero awareness about any kind of fitness amongst the majority of the population :-)


wrote …

When will we the training guide in french?


replied to comment from Omari Broussard

Wow just got my hands on this, and I cant put it down! Thanks so much Crossfit, you have truly changed the way I view fitness and training for life!


wrote …

Ready this material gives you goose bumps! I just want to put it into practice...cant wait!! cheers xfit


wrote …

An excellent training/reference manual. However, I would like to see you rename the section "Girls for Grandmas" As a 56 year old athlete, I find it offensive and sexist. Since I pretty much can hold my own with the younger women at my box, I really hate to have it inferred that only older, women athletes require scaling.


replied to comment from Janice Baker

"Girls for Grandmas,” is neither offensive, nor is it sexist. Personally, I find it fatuous that you think the title, "Girls for Grandmas," is sexist. We live in a world of boys and girls, men and woman. There will be things that one sex does well, and things that one sex does not do well. That is just a fact of life. One you and I will NOT escape. Get over it, get on with it, and don't be so obdurate and oblique.


wrote …

Pretty good.


wrote …

The Training Guide is an incredible resource for anyone serious in getting fit. It is a total gift of wisdom and knowledge, yet easy to understand and apply. I've been in sports my whole life and have a background in professional tennis, having played on the ATP tour shortly.
I played and trained with the best conditioning and fitness coaches in the tennis world. I'm from Switzerland and have been lucky to have trained with Roger Federer himself during my career and shared the same conditioning trainer as he did and still does.
I was forced to put an end to my tennis career in 2007 after 2 consecutive pneumonias that lasted 4 months to get rid of, and over 2 years to recover my fitness level. It was hell.
I've pretty much seen and done it all in fitness and conditioning for top sports and came across Crossfit in March 2011 and I *wish* I had found out about it during my pro sports career. It is changing my fitness life and I've already lost 6% body fat and gained 3% muscle mass in less than 40 days since I started integrating Crossfit. Thank you so much for this and everything you do, it's a blessing!


wrote …

Either I have not had enough coffee or fish oil, but this is confusing. Found on page 13 under diet.

"Calories should be set at between .7 and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass depending on your activity level."

What the heck does that mean. I have a feeling it is trying to actually just tell you your needed protein per day, but the calorie part is throwing me off.


replied to comment from Courtney Campbell


I'll give you an example, numbers are a bit rough but should serve to demonstrate:
Say an athlete weighs 222lbs.
He's 10% bodyfat, so has a lean mass of 200lbs.
They're suggesting 1 gram of protein per pound ie 200 grams of protein per day
There are 4 calories in a gram of protein, so the above is 800 calories.
Then, on the same page, they suggest this should be 30% of your calories, so 800/.3 = 2666 calories per day, with the rest coming from fat and carbs accordingly.

Does this help?


wrote …

Great stuff...please check the spanish version for irregular and/or unusual traslations.

Thanks for your continuous work....


wrote …

Korean Language available soon?! Just wondering


This one of the best training guides I've seen!


wrote …

7.30.11 for some reason the PDF did not download... any suggestions


wrote …

So I'm going to my level 1 cert this weekend. I have done all the fundamental moves of crossfit but one thing I have noticed is there is no emphasize in the medicine ball clean. This is a great tool for beginners and they are very rarely talked about. I understand there isn't much weight involved in a medicine ball clean but there are so many athletes out there still struggling with there form. You teach an over head squat with a PVC pipe or a broom stick so why are we teaching our athletes cleans with a 45 pound bar or more? Why instead of doing squat cleans for a WOD a trainer substitutes for front squat? We have a medicine ball clean. Let's us it!


wrote …

Thanks for a great guide!

However, I disagree with a few things..especially on page 11 where it says that the olympic lifters are the strongest athletes. Go and check some Storng-man competitions: far greater loads, far greater variation, reminds much more of crossfit.


wrote …

Where do i find the WOD?


wrote …

training guide how to download???


wrote …

just signed up for the level 1 cert in swansea UK. this will come in very useful for study!!!


wrote …

This is pretty awesome. Me and a good friend of mine are both deployed in Afghanistan. We are taking the Level 1 certification in February and this is as extensive and informative you can get. Thank you for putting this together.


wrote …

Hi, is this the UPDATED training guide?



wrote …

So much more information than 90% of my Exercise and Sport Science degree. Thanks Coach!


wrote …

I am a trainer and have been getting more and more into this. I have questions and need help. can anyone direct me please?


wrote …

Great item now time to start studying


wrote …

Great stuff!!! Korean Language available soon?! Just wondering

Thank you@:


wrote …

Is anyone else having trouble downloading the Crossfit Level 1 Training Guide PDF? Thanks


replied to comment from Omari Broussard

Hope this doesn't sound like a silly question but does the level 1 training guide is there a audio verse available?


wrote …

I cannot dowload this either any suggestions?


wrote …

Great guide, easy to read and understand


wrote …

I cannot open the pdf file for the training guide?


wrote …

I would love to see a french version, - I have many avid crossfit newbie friends that would greatly benefit from a french training guide! thanks


wrote …

Amazing... simply amazing.


wrote …

Dont you have the training guide in Norwegian now?


wrote …

We waiting thé french version .. ;)


wrote …

I am new to CrossFit and to this website. Where is the CrossFit Training Guide located? I can't see or find a link anywhere.


replied to comment from Chad Miller

Chad, I cannot locate it either. I saw it last week but now I am wanting to study and cannot locate it.


wrote …

The wife is doing the level 1 at rogue this weekend any pointers?thx


replied to comment from Chad Miller

Does anyone know where the Crossfit Training guide is located? I have been looking for level 2.


wrote …

can not download training guide. so frustrating as I need to study. can anyone offer any advice??


wrote …

This is Awsome! I understand crossfit so much more and am able to explain it to my clients more clearer


replied to comment from Tessa Cone

I can't either! Were you able to download it?


wrote …

I can't download the Training Guide! HELP!


wrote …

I am unable to download the Training guide as well. Any idea's


replied to comment from John Vondriska

Nope...have written them some emails but haven't gotten a response yet.


wrote …

This should help those who can not find it. Took me a while too but was able track it down.


wrote …

Same issue downloading PDF, can't open and also can't open link posted on Joshua's comment box???


wrote …

Cant download!!!


wrote …

Download not working...still :/


wrote …

Ok... Glad I am not the only one. I can't download either.


replied to comment from Jessica DeBerry

Right button and save target as.


wrote …

When is the revised level 1 study guide coming out? I heard from some of the HQ trainers that it was being revised and going to have a lot more updated information in it. When can we expect it?


wrote …

Can't download!


wrote …

I cannot download!


wrote …

Cannot download!


wrote …

I can't download the training guide either!


wrote …

If anyone else is struggling to open the PDF, try right-clicking the link and opening it in a different window or tab. This worked for me.


replied to comment from Omari Broussard

So I am trying to figure out what I need to study for my level 1 certification can anybody tell me?


wrote …

If you pay attention to the lectures during your L1, I don't believe any additional studying is needed in order to pass.


wrote …

Just passed the L1 certificate last week and I think the best way to simplify all this is to read through the entire booklet once, and be an active listener in the course and everything will be find. Also, to have a background of the movement of crossfit is always good! Good luck


wrote …

thanks very one for all the info


wrote …

Awesome Guide! Those who are complaining about the CF-L1 Trainer test, are not studying this guide and are not paying attention to the seminars at the course. This guide will set you up for success in the CrossFit World.


wrote …

La guia es muy interesante, mem estoy preparando para el level one, y es una discipplina que engloba todo. excelenteeeeeeeee


wrote …

Recently took the Level 1 course, and this guide is EXCELLENT. The trainers were awesome and the people taking it great. The venue was set up well,and everyone was very helpful.
Only suggestion to the guide, add a few more photos with tips on correcting common faults. As we go through the training I felt as well as others, this would of been helpful. Thank you for providing AMAZING TOOLS!


wrote …

I have a one question.
There is CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide Translated into Korean?
If anyone has it, please send me an email.
Perhaps... This is not illegal, right?
I was hard to understand English completely, leaving questions.
Thank you!!


wrote …

Good stuff, now if I could just figure out how to stop laughing when I do a burpee..... by laugh I mean puke.


wrote …

I love how crossfit has changed my life, the cliché saying I know. From being a personal trainer for 14 years, crossfit blew open the fitness world on a level never seem before, I am stringer, fitter and im better shape ive ever been, my clients are transformed and the sense of community as comraderie it creates is unmatched by any. Proud CF L1


wrote …

Do you have the CFD_L1_ParticipantHandbook_Revised_02.pdf in spanish?


wrote …

Great guide! Very thorough.


wrote …

Thanks for all the great informations and for this new passion that you gave to me.


wrote …

Just starting to study for LV1-cert. Any suggestions on breaking down this training guide?


wrote …

You guys are awesome. Will enjoy reading this


replied to comment from seungjong jeong

Yes how do you download it ?


wrote …

Aweeeeesome!!! I'm in desperate need of this. I'll give it a shot and keep on.


wrote …

@seth . See the pic of the woman squatting click the download link below it. Takes less than 5sec


wrote …



wrote …

Gracias por colocarlo en ESPAÑOL!!!!!


wrote …

this is the crossfot Bible! :)


replied to comment from tanay gurjar

Hey, I am from Ahmedabad too. I'm planning to open a crossfit gym along with a martial arts studio. If by any chance, you come across a certified crossfit trainer in Ahmedabad, then kindly do let me know :) Mail me on


wrote …

Harika , Türkçe olarakta bunu yayınlasanız 💪 çok başarılı olacak


Dionizio Neto wrote …



wrote …



wrote …

Thanks for the training guide videos


wrote …

Sweet! Thanks for making this resource available. I am eager to take the level 1 course this Fall in Chicago. High-five from Germany!


wrote …

I don't see a link to download the PDF file in English. Why is it not available?


wrote …

I'm wandering if there is Aribc language. ..


replied to comment from Ali Alnoman

there is Aribc language. ????..


wrote …

Hi, Is the training guide level 1 also available in Dutch?


wrote …

I can't believe that you updated the training guide! When did that happen?! That's so freakin' awesome! I was going to ask if you could do the same to some other old articles, like all the ones written by Coach Glassman for example, but it's obvious that you can, so I hope that you do. I mean, it was done for the Zone Meal Plans article, and I'm pretty sure people loved that.


wrote …

Does this level1 Training Guide have a Chinese version?


wrote …

Cannot add notes in iBook on iOS devices for PDF ebook. Strongly recommend to publish a EPUB edition!!!!

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