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Fittest Over 50

By Various

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May 09, 2010

Video Article

In another first, the 2010 CrossFit Games will feature a Masters division in which the top 15 men and top 15 women born on or before July 15, 1960, will compete to become the world’s fittest person over 50.

Qualifying events are being held all over the world, with all participants performing the same workouts. The results will be scored according to the 2009 CrossFit Games, with the top 15 male and female athletes from around the world earning trips to L.A.

The North Central Regional featured the first Masters event, with a host of athletes attacking the following workouts:

3 rounds of:
50 double-unders
21 kettle swings (1.5/1 pood)
12 pull-ups

1RM thruster

Cindy (chest-to-bar)

6min 58sec

Additional reading: CrossFit After 40 by Dr. Allison Belger, published Jan. 30, 2010.

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22 Comments on “Fittest Over 50”


wrote …

I like the way the Masters have a universal workout! Why isn't this consistent for the entire crossfit competition? It would be ideal to have the same workouts at each region.


wrote …

I love this, this is why CrossFit rules, universal to all.


wrote …

Simply amazing.


wrote …

That's about as inspirational as it gets! Thanks for posting. Fantastic that there is a masters division. It gets those competitive juices flowing for those north of 50.


wrote …

That was bad ass.


wrote …

To qualify, do you need to be 50 at the time of the Sectionals or at the of the Games?
I am currently 49.


wrote …

The universal workout posses a lot of problems that I don't think anyone really thought through. In the video you had guys working out indoors. At other locations you had guys outside, on grass, and/or on uneven surfaces. So it's not completely even to compare someones time that is doing double unders on a gym floor against someone outside on a mat where grass catches the rope and slows them down. You can't compare a max thruster when one person is on a hard level surface and the other is on softer uneven terrain. I hope these issues make it back to HQ because there were guys that should be going on but because of the unfavorable condition they had to deal with, were eliminated after the first round. It would be one thing if everyone had to deal with the same conditions but when your doing the same workout at different sites some inside some out it's nearly impossible. If they tried something like this for the main competition there would be such an uproar but since it's the masters most people are going to say it's the first year and that's the way it is. That sucks for the people that got screwed out of a chance to go to the games because of conditions they had no control over.


wrote …

I'll be 48 later this year. I'm looking forward to perhaps competing in a Masters event in a couple years. I wonder how many other MI survivors I will meet.


wrote …

Nice pull up bars! Looks like they are made from steel tube and key clamps. It looks like the cross bracing is made from steel cables. Anyone know who designed / built the thing as I was thinking of making something like it for our rugby club gym but on a smaller scale. I was wondering about how wide I would have to make it so that it won't fall over. I have about 3m x 3m floor area available and I'd like to make the best use of it for pullups and a higher bar for hanging rings. Any help would be appreciated.

Well done all the over 50s xfitters BTW!




replied to comment from Aaron Lengel

Interesting points Aaron. Other possible disparities include additional practice times for those who compete in a later event, and just by eyeball, the bars these athletes were doing pullups on look fatter than the size bar that seems more standard; which makes it much harder.

But the athletes - awesome, just out of sight, top notch, incredible!

I was at a military PT conference this year and an attendee - lots of credentials and very smart and quite nice - stated it is just not possible for ladies to do pullups. Guess they forgot to tell these gals!



Brandon Nugent wrote …

This is awesome!

Question on the universal WOD's

Are the results based on time comparisons by region? For example, if athlete_1_from_NY has a time of 2 minutes and athlete_1_from_CA has a time of 2.5 minutes, does athlete_1_from_NY then move on? Or are the results locally based? I wouldn't think you'd want to compare region against region, but if the times were used to cull the top 5 from a region, then bring those top athletes TOGETHER and compete, it shouldn't matter what their original times were at their regional event...

Am I misunderstanding?


wrote …

Top 15 times from all regions pooled as one move on... That's my point.


wrote …



wrote …

I'd love to find the results. Does anyone have a link?

I went to the North Central Regional site and found all the other results but not the masters. I'll turn 50 next year and I hope I'm in good enough shape to compete! Right now, I don't think I could hang with these folks. What an inspiration!


wrote …

@14 - agree with Linda. Should be easier for this hopeful 48yo, and other interested parties, to find results for the masters. There were some very nice performances turned in the SW this past weekend and would be nice to see the results.

btw - great vid, inspirational performances.


wrote …


Daniel Colson wrote …

The Masters was awesome. I can hardly believe how many competitive over or almost 50 athletes we have that can't wait to enter. They are definitely inspiring. And as far as the cameraderie these guys display, it's unbelievable, it's truly CrossFit. I am so proud of Rhonda in the video, she put in a great performance!


replied to comment from Duncan Beattie

@# 9 Skip Millers design- has the clamps


replied to comment from Aaron Lengel

Aaron - are these results just for North Central, or from all regionals conducted to date? I'd like to see a consolidated overall since the athletes are all pooled together.


wrote …

Those are the pooled results. The competitor number appears to correspond with where they competed. From what I gather, competitors with numbers in the 100s are from North Central... I don't know about any of the other regions. North Central did a good job of updating results which is nice if you know someone competing because you can follow how they're doing compared to everyone else.


wrote …

6 years to go - can't wait


wrote …

Totally awesome.

I wish I was in just half as good shape as these athletes!

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