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Hobart at the Hybrid Challenge by James Hobart - CrossFit Journal
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James Hobart has some impressive CrossFit numbers, and he isn’t too bad at strongman movements, either. Competing at Rob Orlando’s Hybrid Winter Challenge, Hobart motored through WODs featuring clapping push-ups, stone and log presses, squats, tire flips, power cleans and more to make it to the “final mystery event.”

While the first events were a challenging but manageable intro to CrossFit mixed with strongman, the final event was designed to separate the good from the great:

Yoke walk (425 lb.)
Farmer carry (217 lb. per hand)
Load 2 atlas stones and 1 193-lb. keg (over a racked barbell)
5 deadlifts (315-lb. fat bar)
3 deadlifts (365-lb. fat bar)
Sled drag (135 lb.)
1 burpee

Hobart and Orlando will see if their training can get them back to the CrossFit Games during this weekend’s Northeast Regional in Albany, N.Y.

Video by Again Faster.

7min 29sec

Additional reading: KingKinggg KongKonggg by Rob Orlando, published Nov. 3, 2008.

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14 Comments on “Hobart at the Hybrid Challenge”


wrote …

Hobizzle, you're amazing. Good luck in Albany!


wrote …

It was incredible but his colum is ok???I dont think that he did well whif heavy weights it´s not dangerous for the spine???


wrote …



wrote …

Amazing is right, I was going to ask his height/weight but managed to find it on the CF Games 2009 website.

James Hobart

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180

certainly is inspirational.


wrote …

Love how, at the end, it looks like he says, "That was hard!"

Great performance, James.


wrote …

what amazes me is that he only came 70th at Aromas last year. It scares me that there are 69 fitter.

Congratulations James, you're a terrific athlete. My best wishes for qualifiying for the Games and then putting on a successful display


wrote …

WOW! I am rooting for this guy! Very impressive.


Tim Brooks wrote …

james hobart = peter parker


james hobart + glasses = clark kent?


wrote …

#6 Nick, Last years games went long run, heavy deadlift and then a cut of bottom 10. 69 better at a combo of a long run and heavy deadlift,sure. I would guess if events went in a different order last year his placing would have been much higher.


wrote …

I 2nd that Tim. I was looking for a great big "S" on his chest!! Freakin' kid is bad ass strong! Capri pants gotts go though! :-)


wrote …



wrote …

LMAO at the capri comment. I don't care if that kid wears a leotard at the games... he's freakish strong. Double bodyweight DL on a fat bar... for 3 reps?? Great work, James!


wrote …

I'm fortunate enough to train with this guy on a regular basis; one of the things I find so impressive about James is his knowledge of human movement. It's part of the reason he can get away with his freakish superhero strength: he moves so efficiently and takes advantage of every pound of his bodyweight in ways that I can barely dream of. James' presence at our gym (CrossFit New England) has made a huge impact on the quality of our training. AND, he plays Legos with my son until the sun goes down. He's the man.


wrote …

He's not too bad with an imaginary light saber either! The guy is a gem AND an inspiring athlete - killer combo.

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