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May 23, 2010

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We’re back with Kelly Starrett at FilFest 2010 as he continues a discussion about how problems in flexibility and mobility affect even the best athlete. This time around, the doctor of physical therapy from San Francisco CrossFit has his eye on combat expert Tony Blauer and his tight hamstrings.

To illustrate his point, Starrett has Blauer go one-on-one in a “lumbar-curve contest” with CrossFit Games champ Tanya Wagner. Wagner wins, which gives rise to an interesting question: would Blauer be even better at kicking ass if he didn't have to waste so much energy fighting tight muscles?

8min 1sec

Additional reading: Part 1—Tuning the CrossFit Athlete by Daniel Christie, published Jan. 16, 2010.



11 Comments on “Exposing Problems, Part 2: Tips and Tricks”


wrote …

I learn soooo much everytime I watch something by KStar. Today, I learned that I have a shitty lumbar curve when I attempt to straighten my legs on the edge of my seat.

Looking forward to the next journal edition, KStar! Thanks for the free consultation.


wrote …

Kelly is an incredible presenter. This video was a great review as I just completed his cert in TO on Saturday. My comment on this video doesn't do justice what you'll learn in person, at a mobility cert.
Worked on some of the stuff we covered at the cert today. It works. Don't overlook this component.
Awesome stuff. Thanks again Doc.


replied to comment from Chris Longo

I was in the Friday edition of the Toronto certification and fully agree. Do the cert. Learn to fix yourself and your clients. The day was filled with a wealth of legit, practical information.


wrote …

I need to get to one of KStar's certs asap!!!


wrote …

Pumped about the June 6 Austin mobility cert.


wrote …

I was just at kelly's mobility cert and it was awesome. learned so much about PNf and mobilization with good warm ups before tackling a WOD. It really makes a difference.
Highly recommended, it will help everyone improve their times and prevent long term set backs from being tweaked during or after a WOD, and if things get tight u will know how to get back on track.


wrote …

I gotta catch one of these certs. Can't wait for the executive stretching series! Thanks Mr. Starrett!


Stephen Wakefoose wrote …

I echo the need to get to a cert. this stuff is just swesome and half the time I'm not quite sure what he's talking about but I get it and can see how it would prove to be a huge benefit. Keep KS's stuff coming here plz!


wrote …

i heart kelly starrett! if you could make a dvd of one of your certs i'd buy it. kelly - you can't put too much stuff on the journal, many thanx.


wrote …

Yep a video series please!!!


wrote …

Can't wait for the Executive Stretching as I sit in my office crouching over the keyboard.

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