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May 18, 2010

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The North Central event kicked off the regional competition season and hosted a number of top CrossFit men chasing four spots in the CrossFit Games in L.A. Former Games competitors including Patrick Burke, Matt Chan, Ricky Frausto, Pat Sherwood and others made stiff competition a certainty.

Held April 30-May 2 in Castle Rock, Colo., the regional featured four events:

WOD 1: 1,440-meter run

WOD 2: Max ground to overhead.

WOD 3: 3 rounds of a 500-meter row, 12 overhead squats (115 lb.), 50 double-unders.

WOD 4: 10 snatches (145 lb.), 20 chest-to-bar pull-ups, 30 stick jumps (24 inches), 40 ball slams (45 lb.), 30 stick jumps, 20 chest-to-bar pull-ups, 10 snatches.

When the final results were posted, Matt Chan (first) and Patrick Burke (third) were going back to the Games after placing in the top 20 last year, with Ryan Lilienthal (second) and Jeremy Christofferson (fourth) to join them at the Home Depot Center.

For complete results, click here.

15min 50sec

Additional video: The Complete 2009 CrossFit Games, published December 2009-January 2010.

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13 Comments on “Back to the Games?”


wrote …

Great video! I liked the introduction of all the final competitors.

Is it common and desirable to set up the competition as a time-based race to the finish in the final WOD or it it better to base overall finish on place in each WOD? The race to the finish allows competitors to come from way back. It definitely makes it less predictable and more exciting. A lot rides on the final WOD.


wrote …

Whoever produced these two vids (for the men and women) did a hell of a good job. Great music, great use of interviews, action, and slow mo.


wrote …

wow.... i mean, wow.... thank you for this video. I agree with Thomas 100% about whoever produced this video. Excellent work.


wrote …

Awesome video, slow mo stick jumps are sweeeet.


wrote …

My hat is off to every athlete that competed that weekend. I have to give a special shout out to Pat Burke. He was next to me during the final WOD, but after the first snatch I never saw him again. He was a blur. His time and Matt Chan's time on WOD #4 were incredible.

It was a great weekend. I had a blast rubbing elbows with so many CrossFitters. Our community rocks. And I agree, the videos are top notch.


wrote …

Pat Sherwood "Shit the Bed" Funny Stuff!


wrote …

Amazing video! Great footage and editing!

I'm no math whiz or elite runner, but it seems like a couple of the top guys would be sub 5 minute milers! I know there was a down hill at the end, but that's real fast, especially considering high altitude!


wrote …

This Vid is awesome.
Seeing all the qualifiers only makes me cringe to know that the best of the best are going to go head to head this summer.
For those who didn't qualify there is no shame i respect you even more for going all out.
Makes me want to excel that much harder.
I am proud to be part of this community.


wrote …

The only thing about the video is I cant find the music anywhere. I would really like to DL that Western Fire song but can't find it anywhere. If anyone knows where its at let me know.


Ron Wilhelm wrote …

Split times for on the final workout for Matt Chan and Pat Burke:

Pat Matt
10 snatches 31.2 26.8
20 C2B 25.7 29.7
30 stick jump 36.6 32.3
40 ball slams 109.7 96.4
30 stick jump 40.5 40.4
20 C2B 73.2 70
10 snatches 101.5 100.3
Total 418.4 395.9


wrote …

Very nice work on the video heber. Way to keep pushing the bar.


wrote …

Hey, guys. It was a great weekend! I saw lots of heart with that muscle. Good luck top four!


wrote …

Pat Sherwood - very funny comments there!

This was a truly inspiring weekend to watch and be part of. Great job guys!

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