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May 13, 2010

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The North Central competition was the first regional event of the 2010 CrossFit Games season, with 50 women vying for only four spots at the big show in Los Angeles.

Held April 30-May 2 in Castle Rock, Colo., the regional featured four events:
WOD 1: Max ground to overhead.
WOD 2: 1,440-meter run.
WOD 3: 3 rounds of a 500-meter row, 12 overhead squats (75 lb.) and 50 double-unders.
WOD 4: 10 snatches (95 lb.), 20 chest-to-bar pull-ups, 30 stick jumps (20 inches), 40 ball slams (30 lb.), 30 stick jumps, 20 chest-to-bar pull-ups, 10 snatches.

WODs 3 and 4 separated the field, with only 23 athletes able to complete all four workouts. Of those 23, Jasmine Dever emerged victorious, giving her a two-year string of regional wins. Dever placed first overall in last year’s Rocky Mountain Qualifier but gave up her spot in order to compete on the Affiliate Cup Team from Front Range CrossFit. Stace Tover, second overall this year, will also be making a return trip to the Games, where she placed 36th in 2009. Kelly Jo Smith and Jessica Hellyer also punched tickets to the Home Depot Center.

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Additional video: The Complete 2009 CrossFit Games, published December 2009-January 2010.

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24 Comments on “The First Four Women”


wrote …

Absolutely incredible ladies! Wish I could have been there. Why don't we see any women use the buterfly kip?


wrote …



wrote …

Great work, ladies!


wrote …

great video - I love seeing the girls put it all on the line.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of every second counts and a staggered start to the final WOD with everybody knowing exactly what they have to do to win.

I'm sure there's a thousand reasons why it would be too tough to do at the 2010 Games but how cool would it be.


Francois Raymond wrote …

This video sets an new standard on the crossfit journal. Very nice.


Daniel Andrews wrote …

Megan John is my hero!


wrote …

Wow. Love this video. The ending sequence is amazing to watch. And the joy these women find in CrossFit -- totally inspiring.


wrote …

Incredible! This is the first video of a CrossFit games that I have seen (new to Crossfit). Inspiring! Amazing! Great job ladies!!!


wrote …

Great video! I was there to see so many of these awesome moments. The one that stands out....the small girl at the end (sorry I know they showed her name but I haven't had my coffee yet). The first thing you notice about her is obviously her stature. She was standing among giants. Then you notice her great smile, drive, and passion. To walk into that last event, in contention to place, and do 20 reps, snatch, at your PR, is simply the most incredible thing I saw. I was in the stands in front of her watching every rep. When the crowd erupted, that was her moment, placing or not. Awesome.


wrote …

Fantastic video! Brought tears to my eyes at the end. These ladies show so much heart and dedication. I'm inspired!


wrote …

One of the best videos representations of the CF Games yet!!! Really makes me want to become a part of it live someday...


Rob Barrese wrote …

watching the faces of some of the women it is awe inspiring at the physical efforts. It quickly reminds us why we do what we do.. such victory in every rep.


wrote …

It is really impressive to see those women doing the Olympic lifts. There is just something very cool about it. Oh, and the CF gals aren't exactly hard on the eyes :).


wrote …

Awesome work word "Inspirational"
Way to get some!


wrote …

Damn it, that last part made my eyes water.
You guys are too crazy, love you CrossFit.


wrote …

That was an excellent production. Great editing! The ladies demonstrated some very inspirational performances. Well done!


replied to comment from Francois Raymond

I agree. Thought the exact same thing while watching. Good call on using a fun track at the beginning and something more epic at the end.


wrote …

Wow! That was awesome! Best video I've seen yet on the Journal. Totally made my day. Those women were just amazing.


wrote …

Goosebumps. So proud to be a part of this community. Great job, ladies!


wrote …



Frank DiMeo wrote …

Awesome work, gals!!!!!!!!


wrote …

THIS is why I LOVE this Sport...moments like ladies are SO inspirational...makes me wanna get out there and do a WOD RIGHT NOW!! Awesome video guys :o)


wrote …

No matter what the outcome was i still believe everyone there was FIT!!!
Well done Ladies and Gents.


Olivia de Santis wrote …

Definitely the most inspiring video for me so far. These women are incredible.

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