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May 06, 2010

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The first regional competition went down April 30-May 2 in Castle Rock, Colo., as a host of athletes and teams competed at 6,210 feet for spots in the 2010 CrossFit Games in Los Angeles.

The event also marked the first Affiliate Cup competition, with over 30 teams taking a run at top spot. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the programming was the final WOD, which saw the teams complete all three workouts in the 2008 CrossFit Games individual competition.

Event 1: Suicide run (2,000 meters total).
Event 2: Max snatch.
Event 3: 50 muscle-ups, 200 overhead squats (95/65 lb.), 3,000-meter row.
Final: Chest-to-bar Fran (95/65 lb.), 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts (275/185 lb.) and 10 burpees, heavy squat Grace (155/100 lb.).

The winner? CrossFit Omaha, with CrossFit Rockford and Brother’s CrossFit rounding out the top three. View the full results here.

11min 44sec

Additional video: The Complete 2009 CrossFit Games.

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7 Comments on “Quest for the Cup: North Central Regional”


wrote …

Guess I'm spoiled by the normal great video quality. Maybe I'm just getting old but does all the indoor footage look blurry? Also, perhaps a better music choice?


wrote …

You're just old Dan. I feel qualified to tell you this.


Daniel Colson wrote …

It wasn't real bright in there so I'm guessing it's tougher to get real good video. Great Event!


wrote …

Looked like a great event,
Now we need footage from the individual events!!


wrote …

Yeah, Good point about the lighting. Didn't mean to sound like I was bitching. I was totally impressed with the event and how well it was run. Some of the best juding I've seen in a long time. Still hate that music!!!!! haha


wrote …

I'm not one to bitch...and I didn't compete nor did my affiliate. However I can't agree that that was some of the best judging I've seen. I saw some great form and technique and then I saw some non-lockouts, not low enough squats and elbows not locked out on muscle ups, yet the judges still giving the "count-it" sign. I absolutely love crossfit and competing I would just like to see a little more consistency in the judging, because it's not fair to the affiliate teams who were locking everything out and squating low enough to possibly get beat by teams shorting reps. Again I'm not trying to cause controversy just an observation.


wrote …

And I do know the judges are volunteers and that is awesome. Maybe a step to take some day is to have official CrossFit judges like a patched ref or umpire like all other sports.

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