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May 27, 2010

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The men’s competition at the Northwest Regional contained 66 athletes, including 2009 Games competitors Chris Spealler, Eric O’Connor, Jerome Perryman, Zach Forrest and Jordan Holland. Also in the mix was HQ trainer Todd Widman, as well as Moe Kelsey, who is pre-qualified for the 2010 Games via his 2009 podium finish. The event was held May 15-16 in Puyallup, Wash.

The regional featured four events:

WOD 1—3 rounds of 10 overhead squats (135 lb.) and 50 double-unders.

WOD 2—As many reps as possible in 90 seconds of Apollons axle deadlifts at 263, 303 or 353 lb., with the score calculated by multiplying weight by total reps.

WOD 3—5-mile run.

WOD 4—30-calorie row, 30 thrusters (95 lb.), 3 rope climbs (20 ft.), 30 kettlebell swings (2 pood); 20-calorie row, 20 thrusters (115 lb.), 2 rope climbs, 20 kettlebell swings; 10-calorie row, 10 thrusters (135 lb.), 1 rope climb, 10 kettlebell swings.

When all was done, three more athletes had secured a spot in the Games: Chris Spealler (first) and Eric O’Connor (third), both from Park City, Utah, along with Jerome Perryman (second) from Portland, Ore.

For complete results, click here.

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Additional video: The Complete 2009 CrossFit Games, published December 2009-January 2010.

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19 Comments on “Veterans’ Victory: The Northwest Regional”


wrote …

Congrats to everyone who went out there and threw down on those wods.

But........... I'm a HUGE Speal fan!!


wrote …

Speal, you're awesome! Amazing effort!


wrote …

Personally, I think Speal should be good for a bye into the games.

Perhaps anyone who wins an event should get a return invite, along with the top 10 (not sure exactly) and past champs?

On the other hand, we wouldn't see him dominate the regionals like this, so maybe not.


wrote …

Way to kill it Jerome!!


wrote …

Games are gonna be sick!


wrote …

Yeah Jerome! Reppin the 503...Watchin you crush the DL WOD was nuts.


wrote …

brilliant video. that last WOD looked deeply unpleasant.

can anybody tell me where Moe Kelsey would have come if he'd scored?


wrote …

After watching so many HQ trainers on other vids, it's weird to think that anyone else may be as fit, or even more fit, as them. When I saw Speal wasn't in first after day one my jaw dropped. The work capacity of these guys is insane. Hope to be on that level someday. Congrats!


wrote …

This is a magnificent way to 'get to know' the athletes, thanks, inspiring performances - as usual. Go Speal go!

The competition level, holy cow. The mind boggles at how far this can go.


wrote …

Moe would have ranked 7th. We think its very cool that he came out and competed even though he's pre-qualified. We were happy to have him as part of the competition and his scores were kept in all but the final rankings.


wrote …

You guys get the feeling that there are many, many guys who didn't qualify that would make some serious noise at the games?

Many thanks to HQ for posting these vids on the Journal, LOVE IT!!!


wrote …

I'm curious how speal did on the deadlift and what the scoring was for it. he won 2 of the 3 events the first day and wasn't in the lead. That guy is a unreal and a class act to boot.


wrote …

Just did some leg work and saw that he came in 25th on the deadlift. It'll be interesting to see at the games how much the weight chosen plays into the winner.


wrote …

Awesome video, the regionals coverage overall has been stellar! Where can i get a copy of those michael mills and professor ace tracks?


wrote …

Keep it up Speal!! You the man!


wrote …

Its great to see speal in there again. Not to put the others down but Speal is inspireing, u don't have to be 6 feet or 200lbs to win.


wrote …

Can someone explain why Castro said row for calories aspect helped Spealler out as opposed to distance?


wrote …

Holy smokes, awesome video to capture such an amazing event.

Stellar performance Jerome! Hard work pays off! Back to the Games!!


replied to comment from Brian Hassler

You get points equal to your place in the workout, so the lowest points at the end is the winner. For example, Speal came in 1st, 25th, 1st and 1st- giving him a total score of 28.

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