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No I in Team by Various - CrossFit Journal

No I in Team

By Various

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May 25, 2010

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Affiliate Cup competitions are always about teamwork, but the Northwest Regional event in Puyallup, Wash., took that idea one step further with a two-person clean and jerk.

After two “standard” team WODs, athletes were faced with 275- and 185-lb. bars for max clean and jerks in 90 seconds. If you thought mastering the intricacies of an Olympic lift was tough by yourself, try coordinating the world’s most powerful lift with a partner for a series of fast reps.

The regional featured three events:

WOD 1—Row 50 calories (each member), then run 800 meters (each member).

WOD 2—120 overhead squats (95/65 lb.), 120 pull-ups, 120 deadlifts (2-inch bar, 213/123 lb.), 120 burpees, then 20 muscle-ups.

WOD 3—Two-person clean and jerk: max reps in 90 seconds (275/185 lb.)

The top teams moving on to the 2010 CrossFit Games in Los Angeles:

1. CrossFit Fort Vancouver
2. Iron Utes
3. CrossFit 801
4. Kirkland CrossFit
5. Oregon CrossFit Dragons
6. CrossFit Refinery

For complete results, click here.

11min 17sec

Additional video: The Complete 2009 CrossFit Games, published December 2009-January 2010.

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11 Comments on “No I in Team”


wrote …

Does this mean that Hackenbruck will not be competing individually? Bummer.


wrote …

I sure hope Tommy Hackenbruck is competing on his team at the games because if he carried his team to LA (did all 3 wods, 19/20 of their muscle ups) and then competes as an individual at the games instead, I have a hard time believing that that team deserves to be there (no offense to the other teammates, I'm sure you guys are good, but that seems like a poor judgment call to pull that move).


wrote …

I apologize if I was incorrectly assuming that Tommy was going to compete as an individual at the games.

I don't apologize if I was correctly assuming. haha


wrote …

I have no problem with pre-qualified athletes competing for the affiliate team, it's within the rules, but beyond that, if an affiliate produces a top-5 in the games athlete I think they deserve to use that athlete to qualify their team. Also, it is a team competition, if the rest of their team wasn't reasonably solid they would not have made 2nd place. I was in the NW affiliate comp, and I can assure you, Tommy could have subbed in for any 1 of our team members and we still wouldn't have made it! Their team likely won't be as strong without him, but so what, they earned their spot, let them put out the best team they can muster for the Games and have a blast regardless of how they do!


wrote …

No "I" in team, but there's an "m" and an "e."


wrote …

The 2-person clean is tight. Looking forward to even more imagination in the team/affiliate workouts over the years. Copacetic!


Rob McBee wrote …

CF Fort Vancouver!!!

Awesome job guys. First Place! We're all so excited by your win and proud of you.
Next stop LA

CF Camas


replied to comment from Rob McBee

Yeah CF Fort Vancouver killed it. They are a really strong team. Good luck at the games!!


wrote …

two person clean & jerk was a great idea. Crossfit Salem tied for second with 33 reps and it was all about teamwork... individually we wouldn't have been in the top ten. I think putting a pre-qualified athlete in an affiliate team is not in the spirit of the games, you should be able to find 6 other people at you gym that desirve to represent your box without stacking the team in a way that they cannot reproduce at the next level.


Damon Stewart wrote …

The rules clearly state you can sub teammates. If Tommy wanted to help his team qualify and then go compete as an individual I've got no problem with that. In my opinion a top female helps more than a top male on the Affiliate teams and he had some badass girls.


wrote …

Two person C&J is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in Crossfit.

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