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Spanish Push Jerk by Maggie Dabe - CrossFit Journal

Spanish Push Jerk

By Maggie Dabe

In Exercises, Videos

May 28, 2010

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Maggie Dabe from CrossFit Fairfax is one of CrossFit HQ’s traveling seminar trainers. Originally from Ecuador, she explains our standard cues and faults for the push jerk entirely in Spanish.

The push jerk is the third in a series of overhead pressing movements, and the jerk allows athletes to get the heaviest load possible overhead. Once the athlete is confident with the push press, he or she is ready to move on to the push jerk. Like the push press, the jerk utilizes the same set-up position, dip and drive but adds a second dip. By driving a load with the hips and quickly moving under it, an athlete can often surpass his or her maximum push press by about 30 percent.

One of the major faults in the push jerk is anything less than full hip extension. Muted hips put the athlete at a distinct disadvantage when trying to come underneath the bar because the weight has not been moved upward with enough force. Extending the hips completely before coming underneath the bar will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful lift. Aggressive lockout of the arms is also critical for a successful jerk.

This series is our first venture into foreign-language instruction in a video. Posts covering all nine of CrossFit’s foundational movements can be found in the Journal archives.

Maggie Dabe explica el empuje de envion en Español.

Video by Again Faster.

11min 48sec

Additional reading: Mastering the Jerk by Bill Starr, published June 15, 2009.

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6 Comments on “Spanish Push Jerk”


wrote …

This is an awesome idea!

With sufficient time, practice, and standardization of terminology, I can see some Korean-language materials in the future.

John Frankl
CrossFit SAP (Speed and Power)
Seoul, Korea


Jaime Arashiro wrote …

qué sigan viniendo los vids en español, gracias Maggie


wrote …

estoy con Jaime ... que sigan viniendo más vídeos en español ... gracias Maggie y al Journal por ellos!!


wrote …

I spent 7 months living in Mexico last year during which time I practiced crossfit at a local gym. Frequently other people would ask me about CF and the various movements and I always found it difficult to explain as my spanish was not the best. This video is exactly what I needed back then. Thanks Maggie for putting it together and keep posting more of them. I know a whole group of people who could benefit from some solid instruction in espanol!


wrote …

gracias por traducir articulos en español.
un éxito su página.


wrote …

Excellent execution and clear diction enables understanding. Keep up the series.

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