DIY on Display at Tamalpais

By Michael Papes

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May 03, 2010

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Michael Papes was a tae kwon do master and trainer who thought he was fit. Then he ran into a few CrossFit WODs at San Francisco CrossFit. Connect the dots in between those workouts and this video, filmed at the grand opening of his box, Tamalpais CrossFit in San Rafael, Calif.

With a host of CrossFitters and potential CrossFitters checking out the new facility, Papes talks about how he was able to find a location, as well as his plan for the first months of operation. Then he explains all the eye bolts in the floor of the box.

Turns out Papes has found a clever way to allow athletes to use resistance bands while training: he’s drilled holes in the floor to accommodate removable bolt systems. According to Papes, the bolts are even strong enough to resist the inhuman pulling power of Kelly Starrett himself.

Now that’s an impressive system.

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Additional reading: CrossFit Westside? by Tom Seryak, published March 24, 2010.

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8 Comments on “DIY on Display at Tamalpais”


wrote …

What was the website that the tubing was bought off of - the video was kind of mumbled.


Agreed, I cannot decipher what it is either. This would be good to know.


wrote …

He accentuated the 'Z'.

Drilling into the floor is really clever.


wrote …

The above link long as you don't read their workouts. (Inner thigh squeeze! teehee)


wrote …

I read the name and thought it said Michael Phelps.


wrote …

Do not install in a paved parking lot! Pavement expands in heat and the threads would be useless; ouch!

Also, I hope he meant negative cashflow and not negative revenue...

Good luck with the gym, looks and sounds awesome.


wrote …

One should be careful and inspect your tubing regularly. I have had friends get a nice shot in the butt when the tubing breaks. This was in a swimming setting so perhaps the chlorine ate up the tubing faster.

I heard that there was a swim coach who had the tubing break on him and he is now sterile. The company that sell commercial versions redesigned the tubing with small nylon webbing running down the center to stop potential snaps.


wrote …

if you want to take on this project, you can find more info on the resistance DL's here:

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