Training With the Enemy

By Kevin Daigle

In Athletes, Competition

May 17, 2010

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CrossFit New England designed a training camp for individuals heading to the Northeast Regionals. Kevin Daigle says the sessions turned competition into camaraderie.

Many of us aspire to become the insane, WOD-shredding, rampaging beasts we see day in and day out on and Youtube, in the CrossFit Journal, and elsewhere. There are also a great many of us who have achieved a high level but are struggling to make it to the regional and CrossFit Games level. Ask 10 top trainers how to get there, and you’ll get answers as numerous, convoluted and—in some cases—terrifying as my boyhood fantasies about Kathy Ireland.

Up to this point though, we have seen a common thread in the way many of these athletes have been preparing for top-level competition—or at least how that training has been presented in the media. Often we’ll see a video of Jason Khalipa, Josh Everett, Tanya Wagner or others on the main site and notice that the athletes are usually training on their own.

That’s not to say these athletes always train alone or in small groups, but we frequently see videos of top athletes and a coach, sometimes with onlookers, sometimes with one or two other people in a WOD. And perhaps they do train alone most of the time due to schedule, specific needs and goals, and availability of suitable training partners. If they do take the lone-wolf approach, I postulate that the way forward for these athletes may be training in groups—precisely the way most of us train.

So what would top athletes be capable of if we could get these people together to push each other in workouts? Being the crafty, inquisitive mofos that we are, we put together a training camp to find out.



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wrote …

Awesome article! I second the author's point on Ben Bergeron: a phenomenal coach and programmer (probably one of the most underrated in CF). All you guys from CFNE are some of the nicest, most humble people I've ever met. Best of luck to you guys in Albany!!


Wencil Stanek wrote …

Great writing Kevin!


wrote …

That is an extremely cool idea. I am competiting in the Northeast regionals next weekend and have been to a box exactly three times. The idea of getting together with the top athletes from around the region sounds like an awesome experience. I am jealous that the New England group did this. As a crossfitter that trains in my garage alone an event like this would extremely helpful.. Ok my head is about to spin off my shoulders but very cool idea guys.


wrote …


AMRAP Metaphors in 9 pages. 3.2.1. GO!

Wow. Nice writing brother.

Thanks again to Shihan Ben for putting together an amazing weekend. Only you could get 4000 people together for a wod.... (the 5k we did was part of the Boston Marathon weekend. Ok so they were'nt ALL Crossfitters....)

Looking forward to seeing all of our "comrades" tear it up in Albany.

Is it Friday yet?????


wrote …

It's a bit off topic, but I'm glad somebody else appreciated the Paleo wonder which are Larabars.


wrote …

Great training information which I want to incorporate.
Any recomendations on an o-lift profram to follow?


wrote …

Dude awesome article gets me pumped up, even though im down right now. CFNE and all the people who train there are the reason why we drive almost an hour to get there. The atmosphere is truly one of a kind. I can't wait to see everyone compete this weekend.


wrote …

I appreciate the comments guys, It was my pleasure to participate in this camp and hope that what we experienced will help others take their game to the next level.

Ryan...Larabars are amazing, I have to limit myself otherwise I'd spread the damn things out on my floor and crawl around eating them Pac-Man style.


wrote …

Daigle, not only am I impressed with your unbelievable dedication to improving as a crossfitter (which you have!), but your writing skills are killer as well. It's amazing to see, as CFNE is becoming more mainstreamed into CF main site, how lucky we are as members to be coached by the BEST in the business. Good luck to ALL CFNE members this weekend!!


wrote …


Awesome Article! Thank you for putting in writing a truly amazing recap of a once in a lifetime experience! I agree, Ben and Heather are two of the most amazing people in the Crossfit Community! You rock and have worked your butt off and it shows. I can't wait to see you all kick ass in Albany this weekend!!!!



replied to comment from kendra cecieta


Thanks so much, it was great to get to know you guys better. I can't wait to see everyone this weekend in Albany! If we have any say, it won't be a once in a lifetime experience either! I saw the card you and Ryan sent, very touching...high five!



wrote …

Great article and what a great concept. There are few communities that would ever bring together future competitors in order to help one another; a real testament to what we have in CrossFit.

Great programming too. I have been programming for my athletes that went to Sectionals and are headed to Regionals and I will definitely incorporate some of what Ben and CFNE did.

Thanks again for sharing this info!



wrote …

Article was bad ass,even had to go to your blog to read more.You have grest writing style hope you get to publish more articles. The camp sounded righteous, one can only imagine the knowledge someone can gain from beiong around so many top performers in one place.


replied to comment from Kyle Earhart


Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for checking out the blog!


wrote …

Good article - i've been up to CFNE a few times for comps and you guys definitely are doing something right up there.

I actually LOL'd at "We were all in it together, and it gives me a big, rubbery CrossFit boner just thinking about it." - read it twice. I like potty mouth humor.


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