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The Zone Chronicles: Go-Bag Goodies and Travel Abroad by Pat Sherwood - CrossFit Journal

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May 05, 2010

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Denver one day, Holland the next—Pat Sherwood is a travelin’ man.

While it’s one thing to maintain the kind of work schedule Sherwood does, it’s another thing entirely to maintain a healthy diet while doing so. Take a look inside his “go bag” for a peek at what he keeps on hand while traveling to stay healthy and in the Zone.

Part 1 includes a special guest appearance by Miranda Oldroyd.


Additional reading: Hitting the Road, WOD Style by Jacob Bielanski, published Dec. 3, 2008.

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37 Comments on “The Zone Chronicles: Go-Bag Goodies and Travel Abroad”


wrote …

thanx pat, zone chrons are great, i could watch this stuff every day. please try to get more of the top athletes logging their daily food intake, for some weird reason i find it fascinating!


wrote …

I'm a fan of chronicling anyone's eating.


ps. I heart Pat Sherwood


wrote …

Very helpfull! As much as I study, I find I get more out of hearing various applications of Zone and Paleo by those who live it.
And please continue to use the snazzy Bosa Nova fits the subject matter.


wrote …

Thanks for posting a new Zone Chronicles! Great ideas for traveling.. I like those little almond butter packets.

p.s. I luuurve Pat too.


wrote …


Did you eat any of the protein bars on the trip? Or do you eat those bars ever? I'm against eating anything with a soy protein or soy lecithin put into it. I am against it because the process involved in changing a soybean into soy oil and soy protein is chemical. They take a bi-product of refining gas from oil, hexane, they then submerge the soybean into the chemical separating the oil and protein. The protein is now 21ppm hexane, a chemical that is toxic to the body.

My main question is why if we at crossfit eat paleo etc allow ourselves to eat something that is so bad for the body?




wrote …

Hey Pat,

love the video. It does give me some ideas not only for traveling but when I'm out and about, and I run into unplanned times when I need to eat (miss a bus home or work late). I have a stupid question but I never heard of them before. What are Paleo kits? Probably, someone else is wondering the same thing.



wrote …

Where do you snag the "paleo kits" from. Traveling is tough and those seemed super helpful!

@Rob: Most of us realize that bars are not ideal, but when it's pushing 4.5 hours since fueling the system and you pull over at a gas station, a two-block, three-block rounded bar is quick, easy, clean, and cheap. It holds you over till a better refill is available.

Take care,


wrote …

Pat is one of the best presenters in this Journal all of his videos are very easy to follow.


wrote …

I bought a Food Saver vacuuming machine thing and now I make my own Paleo Kits. It will pay off quick. Plus, now I determine how many blocks in each packet.

Great video!


wrote …

@Trevor and Charles:


wrote …

Love these Pat , keep it up! great stuff


wrote …

I've learnt a lot from these Zone Chronicles. Keep them coming Pat!


wrote …

Does anyone know where I can get those Paleo/Almond Butter packets around the Toronto area? Do you have to order them online?


wrote …

I discovered that a box of Power Bars looks like a kilo of cocaine or C-4 on the airport scanners.

This was on the family trip to Disney World, where I felt like an escaped prisoner in the Land of Carbohydrates, trying to scavenge a decent amount of lean proteins during the course of each day.


EC S wrote …

sherwood for president!


wrote …

Filet?!?! On an airplane? It's good to be Pat Sherwood.


wrote …


Love the zone chronicles. A couple of questions:

1) Fish oil: I am presuming you take more than the prescribed dosage. If that is the case how do you calculate daily intake?

2) Dairy products: I am zone and some paleo, but do eat/drink some milk, cottage cheese, etc. What are your thoughts on dairy products?

Thanks and keep the info coming. Very informative and enjoyable and has helped me a lot, especially on travel-related eating.



replied to comment from Thomas Nunan

@Thomas, wait, you mean churros aren't paleo-friendly?


wrote …

Part 2 should be interesting, Amsterdam has some crazy food options.

Also, don't know why, but Pat's voice/diction reminds me of David Cross on Arrested Development.


wrote …

Thanks Pat. Looking forward to Part 2 with all the other guests.


wrote …

What's up, CrossFitters?

#1, Huw
-I have already started filming more top athletes, so you should have that info coming. I'm not sure how long it will take since I don't see everyone I want to get on film regularly. But it is enroute!

#5, Rob
-I actually did not have to eat any of the bars. I have not eaten a bar in about 4 months, I've been lucky. It is always good to have a "worst case scenario" food with me. Sometimes I misjudge how many paleo kits or almond butter packets to bring. Then I could still have 5 hours left on a flight and my only other option is the airline pretzels. In that case, I eat the bar every time. I think we would all agree that there are always better choices we could have made and worse choices we could have made.

#13, Daniel
-I have no idea where you could get the almond butter packets in Toronto. I buy them at Whole Foods. They are like 99 cents a piece. I bet they are available on-line.

#17, Robert
-I take 7g of fish oil per day. I recommend most people start out at about 5g per day. There are several "formulas" out there to calculate how much you should take, but I don't think any of them are hardcore facts.
-As far as dairy goes, I don't really eat it 90% of the time. If I ask for an omelette in a restaurant without cheese and they bring it to me with cheese, I'm still going to eat it without blinking an eye. But, as stated before, I usually don't eat dairy. Large reasons that people may want to try avoiding dairy is that most of it (not all) has a pretty decent amount of sugar in it as well. Also, some of the proteins in dairy can lead to some auto-immune diseases with some folks. I would recommend cutting it out of your diet for a couple months and see if you notice anything.

Alright, everyone, have a good day!



wrote …

I would like you all to know...that while Pat was enjoying his FILET in first class on his way to Amsterdam....those of us headed to Afghanistan on a 12 hr flight...were not so lucky! You can bet we ate a bar or two during that trip!


replied to comment from Miranda Oldroyd


What did they serve you in Afghanistan?


replied to comment from Miranda Oldroyd

Miranda- where did you get that lovely shirt you are wearing in the video? :-)

And what do you mean, you didn't enjoy the food we were served on the plane? I thought the 1oz of chicken we got was tasty.



Rob Barrese wrote …

If anyone finds those Almond butter packets online I'd love to see the link! Thanks so much.


wrote …

Awesome video. Really motivational. I've been out of the zone for a while and this will eep me n the straight and narrow!!!



wrote …

Great article. Diet is uber hard to keep under control while you're traveling. Thanks for the great advice and I'm headed to Whole Food now to grab packs of Almond butter!

Looking forward to part 2.


replied to comment from Rob Barrese

Here's the link to Justin's Nut Butter.

Good stuff,


replied to comment from Daniel Sonsini

Hey Daniel-

The food on base in both Afghanistan and Kuwait wasn't bad. It was pretty much just buffet style where you could get yummy omlettes from breakfast (if you were around during that time of day and didn't sleep through your alarm...huh Nadia and Jenni??). For lunch we could get usually a chicken breast and a salad and fruit. And then dinner we even got to do the surf and turf one night. So, on base it wasn't bad. It was just the 2 days it took to get there and the 2 days it took to get back where we really needed our Paleo kits and bars.

I think it was a total of over 40 hrs flying (that's actual air time) to get there and back. Yikes! We love our troops over there though and were glad to get the chance to go visit!


replied to comment from Miranda Oldroyd

It sounds like a great experience. 40 hours of flying! Well at least your back now. Goodluck in the June Qualifiers!


wrote …

Thanks for the information on travel and food intake. I travel a lot and would like to see a journal article on some meal examples.
Since diet is as important as the WOD's; thanks for making this video.

Thanks for supporting the troops; it is appriciated.


Eric you are the man! Thanks a lot!


wrote …

I wll admit that I love the food log videos, especially when an elite style athlete shows up on one. Keep these coming. On the flip side, this is actually the Paleo-Chronicles right? Just wondering if the zone doesn't work for anyone else, or if someone would actually consider this zone?(if it is zone, then the book needs to be redone)


wrote …

#33, Daniel

The "zone" not only refers to accuracy and precision, the type that comes from weighing and measuring your food, but it also refers to what Barry Sears calls a "therapeutic zone". This therapeutic zone is about maintaining your blood sugar levels in a healthy range as to prevent living in a high state of insulin and/or causing silent inflammation among other things. With practice, this can certainly be done while traveling and not weighing and measuring for a short time. This is actually stated in Dr. Sears books. I hope that helps clear things up.



replied to comment from Pat Sherwood

Thank you for the response, and explanation of your intentions. I've watched all of the zone chronicles, and find myself referencing them all the time, especially during a pinch. You make a good point about insulin control and its importance, but when I think of the zone I am just so hung up on the 1:1 ratio of protein blocks to carbs, and its precision, that when I see paleo kits, I consider them paleo, although people consider them zone(those that take away carb blocks and replace them with fat), which I saw first hand from you way back in the second zone chronicles. None the less, excellant stuff, thanks for all the hard work.


wrote …

Apparently, everyone knows about this but me, but where can I get these Paleo packs that Pat and Miranda speak of?!


wrote …

100% raw almond butter squeezy packs from Artisana at

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