Sins of the Steakhouse

By Pat Sherwood and Miranda Oldroyd

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May 12, 2010

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With a ridiculous travel schedule, HQ trainer Pat Sherwood may not always know exactly where he is or how to pronounce the name of his location, but he does know how to eat well in challenging circumstances.

In this installment of The Zone Chronicles, Sherwood and guest Miranda Oldroyd confess to a few small sins at Outback Steakhouse before hitting the road to Yosemite, Calif. Steeling themselves to battle a snowstorm, they stop at a Mexican restaurant along the way and redeem themselves by forsaking the bowl of chips and hitting the meat and vegetables hard.

6min 59sec

Additional reading: Optimized Post-Workout Nutrition for the CrossFit Athlete by Chris Mason, published March 11, 2010.

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30 Comments on “Sins of the Steakhouse”


wrote …

Hands down my favorite segment on the journal! Zone Chronicles could be a blog of its own, I love seeing what other people eat


wrote …

Great insight into real-world situations. Anyone know what sort of device Pat is recording his video on?


wrote …

Totally dig these, but its bittersweet knowing Miranda is married.


wrote …

Love the Vids. Keep it coming Pat.
I do admit i too sip on soda every now and then.


wrote …

keep it flowing pat! entertaining and educational !


wrote …

Yes! Coke! I'm pretty sure it's paleo. At least that's what I keep telling myself...


wrote …

I don't think I can ever get sick of these videos. Something about knowing what other people eat is oddly appealing. Thanks for the videos Pat.


wrote …

Excellent video! Thanks Pat.
Anyone knows the name of the music in the beginning of the vid?


wrote …

Who hasn't played that game with the coasters? Classic. hahaha


wrote …

Hands down the best way to eat that bread at Outback is with their honey butter with some cinnamon on top. You have to ask for it that way, though.


wrote …

I watch the Zone Chronicle every meal I eat. Doesn't feel like I'm eating alone and I just love these everyday situations where Pat shows you how to make acutal choices. Keep it coming!


wrote …

agree with others, love the vids!


wrote …

I'm really curious as to why all the pop? Diets no better than regular pop. Aspartame gets stored in our fat cells, and has shown that it can almost "double" the caloric intake when taken with a meal because our bodies don't understand how to digest a foreign man made sugar.

Any insight?


wrote …

Love these vids. Started CrossFit about three weeks ago and slowly going into zone. Great to know that I can eat out still if I make the proper choices (the chips would be really difficult to stay away from- would have asked them to keep it off the table if I were with others trying to eat the same way). Keep it coming Pat!


wrote …

Cool vids! Keep them coming!


wrote …

That bread is absolutely delicious but I'm 90% sure it's just bleached enriched wheat that has been dyed and sugared up. How many zone blocks is that loaf?


wrote …

#13, Rob,

The reason for the diet coke is simple. It is not based on factors of health, nutrition, work capacity, or sound judgement. I drink it because I like the taste and it makes me happy. I allow some things in my life to exist simply for the purposes of pleasure. This is an example of one of them.

I hope that helps.


wrote …

Pat, the bread they serve at Outback is a honey whole wheat.


wrote …

Pat dude you kill me man, love the videos its super cool to you guys get creative on the road. We all have foods we that we enjoy yours is DIET COKE its all good man were HUMANS...... PS i chow dark chocolate it makes me real happy.....


wrote …

x2 on Jeremy's comment. Sherwood, you are one of the most entertaining guys I interwebz know.


wrote …

You guys have no idea the real story behid this video. I NEVER drink Diet Coke. Pat MADE me order it because he didn't want to be the only one drinking it in the video. :)


replied to comment from Miranda Oldroyd

Haha too funny... are u sure it isn't yours Miranda?


wrote …

Great video. lol. What was that KB/Wall Ball WOD?


replied to comment from Daniel Sonsini

The wod was.....
30-25-20-15-10-5 of 2 pood KBS
5-10-15-20-25-30 of WBS

I did not enjoy it at all. The wod and everyone I did it with kicked my butt.



wrote …

Great vids and series, thanks again Pat! I too was curious about what you do all your recording on. FlipCam? WebPhone? Regular camcorder? Completely irrelevant to the subject; I'm just curious.


replied to comment from Joel Scarbrough

Seems 2 be some sort of video recording device,,,


Daniel Moller wrote …

I dont understand what's informative about this series? And why do you only pick fast food/chain restaurants? Or are these videos supposed to be just for fun? Maybe I'm missing the point.


replied to comment from Pat Sherwood

thanks Pat! I appreciate the comment. Keep the awesome videos coming i love your style


wrote …

You guys really need to lay off the diet coke.. that alone is ruining your diet not to mention the bread and chips.


wrote …

Miranda, where did you get the [get sick]* hoodie you've got? I must have it! Thanks!

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