International Dining

By Pat Sherwood, Adrian Bozman, Maggie Dabe and Lisa Ray

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May 21, 2010

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It’s a little-known fact that the tables in European restaurants are decorated with empty bottles of Diet Coke. HQ trainer Pat Sherwood makes this perfectly clear as he dines in Holland with fellow top trainer Adrian (Boz) Bozman, who may have sampled the bread.

“I would never think of eating bread, but since we’re in Europe...,” Boz explains before digging into a plate of duck.

Then it’s off to Colombia for a lunch date with Maggie Dabe and Lisa Ray, who join Sherwood for an experimental meal before heading out in search of Colombian coffee and treats.

Back home in Denver, Colo., Sherwood evaluates the damage he’s done to his training and diet but concludes that he managed to do a pretty good job of working out and eating healthy in challenging circumstances.

13min 22sec

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19 Comments on “International Dining”


wrote …

I watched that the whole way through. I told myself, keep watching this, you started watching now hang on in there and watch it right to the end.


wrote …

Another great "Zone Chronicles". I Crossfit, so i can eat whatever the hell I want. It's all about making smart choices 95% of the time, and enjoying some goodies when they present themselves. Life is too short not too.
Keep the great vids coming Pat, you are hilarious.


wrote …

More please.


wrote …

Pat, great job again - love all the chronicles, keep them coming!


wrote …

Pat - love 'em, er - the chronicles that is.......


wrote …

blah blah what's happened to crossfit, blah blah supposed to be about elite fitness blah blah what kind of example blah blah macrunutrients, blah blah disgraceful diet coke, blah blah purporting to be about nutrition blah blah loved the video, Pat


wrote …

loved it Pat!


wrote …

Thanks for giving me a snapshot of my homeland. However, the country of COLOMBIA has no letter "U" in it. It is not the district, it is the country. Please! spell it right.


wrote …

cool vid


Michael Garrett wrote …

keep the vids coming pat ur the man!


wrote …

Sprints do suck, now i wanna cheat ur a bad influence lol



wrote …

keep the camera rolling pat, great stuff. thanx.


Rob Barrese wrote …

I too heart Pat Sherwood! I think Maggie makes an excellent co-host for the Zone Chronicles.


wrote …

YES! From one fellow Diet Coke drinker to another, thank you for another awesome edition of the Zone Chronicles! Love the home gym, I have to find a house with a garage that has exposed rafters, the ceiling in mine is always getting in the way.


wrote …

I love these videos. Pat, your commentary is hilariously "delish".


wrote …

Pat another well done vid MAN, keep them coming You are killin us we love the chronicles, its really neat stuff seeing other cultures food.

All the best


wrote …

Cool vid Mr. Sherwood. I'm trying to eat like you all the time. I can't stand weighing and measuring anymore. I just eat pretty close to paleo with the exception of milk and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (guess thats not a good analogy for a crossfitter). Been enjoying food a lot more and less stress. Love the home gym, I'm always looking to see how others have their gym set up... but MRSA is no laughing matter! j/k, but seriously. Thanks for keeping it real.


wrote …

It's great to see the chronicles and the different foods being consumed with cheat items popping up. Its all cool,
I don't believe there is a fit person out there who doesn't eat or binge on some type of sweet.
keep the vids coming,
i'm curios what kind of food they would consume in the orient, That would be cool to see.


wrote …

I think a good rule of thumb is In Moderation...In Moderation. Besides, a little delayed gratification makes the little sweets taste even sweeter ;)

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