Professional Passion

By Brad Ludden

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June 01, 2010

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Professional kayaker and Cosmopolitan pin-up Brad Ludden is one of those lucky people who have found a way to make a living doing something they love.

He started kayaking at 12, and by the age of 17 Ludden had a host of sponsors and was living the dream as a pro athlete. Years later, through his friendship with Kelly Starrett, Ludden was introduced to CrossFit but was at first skeptical about his need to squat: “I don’t need legs. I just sit down for a living.”

After experiencing CrossFit, Ludden found that overall fitness was important to his performance on the river but also his safety in a dangerous and unforgiving sport.

“In one year of training with Kelly and training with CrossFit, I saw my kayaking hit a whole other gear—and I had been paddling professionally at that point for eight years. I saw a whole other gear that I didn’t know existed.”

Ludden is also the driving force behind First Descents, a non-profit group that uses kayaking and outdoor sports to improve the lives of people with cancer.

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wrote …

Very cool video! This is just another example of all the doors that Crossfit can open for an individual, both physically and mentally. Kayaking is something I have always wanted to try. I have lived in Montana for the last 12 years and until just recently, did not think that it was something that I was physically capable of doing. After doing Crossfit for a year now, I know that it is definitely an activity that I can participate in with the proper instruction. Just recently I went rock climbing for the first time. I had a blast. It wasn't something I was automatically good at but it was something that I knew that I could physically do with a little instruction. Thank you, Coach Glassman, for all the doors that you have opened for me and many other Crossfitters.


wrote …

The final comment is great. "Something must be wrong. I'm so far ahead of everyone else. What just happened? I need to stop and process. This stuff actually works".


wrote …

I'm a huge fan of Brad's, and I had no idea he was a CrosFitter. So cool!


wrote …

Very inspiring and very grounded! Nice work Brad! Awesome!


Kristopher Germain wrote …

"Who's the best coach in the world?...This guy."!!


wrote …

great vid brad, thanx. and your coach "whatsaname - he's not bad either !!!!

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