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June 12, 2010

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Firebreather-turned-gym-owner Jimi Letchford runs CrossFit Ethos in Laguna Hills, Calif., and has opened his doors for Jordan Gravatt and his camera.

Whether you run a box, are thinking about opening one or just need some ideas about how to pimp out your garage, a look inside this well-equipped CrossFit powerhouse should give you some inspiration. While most of the equipment found in Letchford’s gym can be purchased at any great retailer, one piece of gear isn’t for sale or use: the original CrossFit HQ lifting platform.

“This is the original … ,” Letchford says. “We’re very proud to have it here, and it’s going to stay with us until someone reclaims it.”

10min 35sec

Additional reading: CrossFit HQ, 2851 Research Park Dr., Santa Cruz, Calif. by Greg Amundson, published Jan. 5, 2010.

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32 Comments on “Spirit of the Community: CrossFit Ethos”


wrote …

WHAT A GYM!!! haha my dream is come true!


wrote …

seriously, cribs?


wrote …

Nice box dude!


wrote …


The new box looks amazing! Looks like a serious playground.. wish I could see it! Glad my wife got a chance to work out there for a little while. Hope to see you again sometime when I'm around again in SoCal. It's so great that you and Madeline are doing so well. Hope it continues!

Take care brother,



wrote …

That HQ platform is an awesome relic and piece of CF history. I love that it exists in someone's box, it should be the Affiliate Cup Trophy.

I love seeing the another box and what people use for inspiration, training and nutrition. I'd be more interested if those areas of what happens in the box were delved into even further. Although I did laugh when Jimi opened the garage. The cribs protocol might have to be tweaked a bit to be more informational and less magazine like, but I'd love to see this turn into a series!

Awesome tape and presentation.

- Eric


wrote …

Kids corral is CRUCIAL. When I own my box, I hope to have a kids' area twice that size.


wrote …

That is a beautiful, absolutely gorgeous gym. Sort of a wish list of what you could have if money were no issue and you could build a crossfit facility the way you imagined one.

Maybe I'll get a lot of negative reactions with this, but have we also lost something with the move from garage gyms to slick, super expensive new facilities? I guess it's just easy to be sentimental for when crossfit was an underground thing, since at the rate its growing it is rapidly replacing parts of the fitness industry infrastructure. (Which is a good thing, don't get me wrong!).

The kids coral is a great idea, I wish we had one of those in our box.

- Ryan


wrote …

Not exactly inspirational. Sorry, sad but true.


wrote …

Jimi - Congrats on the success and the beautiful box!

You have my imagination in overdrive now!!

Love the set-up, the ideas, the boards, the kid corral, the new people glass area, and especially the platform!

BTW, where did you find the glass set-up for the pics and announcements?

Wish you the best!!

Nick DiMatteo


wrote …


I think what your doing in Laguna Hills is inspirational. Your gym looks amazing cant wait to come in and workout. I am moving down to Irvine in august so I am looking forward to workout @ CrossFit Ethos.

Keep up the good work your setting a great example and I love the kiddy corral Idea, Genius.

Jeffery Scott


wrote …

Awesome box. I think it has the perfect balance between raw/gritty and polished/functional. You are doing it right. Your attention to detail is evident as we were able to see your box. Well done.


wrote …

Very cool ... great design.


Austin @Unlimited wrote …

Jimi- Your box rox! Was that a toy snuffaluffagus in the kids corral?


wrote …

Love this video. Awesome production. I have to say it is both a privilege and an inspiration to be able to workout in this box. Never have I seen a facility that is capable of the volume of human production that this place can pump out. The Ethos coaching staff is awesome! Keep it up y'all.


wrote …

I can think of no better home for the original CFHQ lifting platform than my good friend Jimi's CrossFit Box. Jimi and his wife Madeline reflect the spirit and true "ethos" of CrossFit in all they do. Their coaching, leadership, values and vision are a huge part of what makes the CrossFit community such an amazing place.

Greg & Mallee Amundson


Damon Stewart wrote …

Beautiful, I love it and got some great ideas from your place. I especially liked the new member wall and will be stealing that idea asap.


Nick, those glass things Jimi is using for announcements and photos are from Ikea. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.


wrote …

Was just wondering if it's possible to have that CrossFit emblem made? Would love one! That steel sign was AWESOME!


wrote …

CF Ethos is a really great space to be sure! Got to see it at the Southwest Master's regional and it was/is awesome. I will certainly "steal" a lot of ideas for my own box someday. ;)

But I have to agree with Ryan Smith on the "slickness" factor though - sorry. I thought the same thing about it being a little fancier than what my personal preference is. I really like the whole garage-gym CrossFit feel myself. However, I do know the mentality in Orange County since I used to live there, and, all due respect, most of the folk are a little more swanky there so I think it fits the area. No offense taken I hope.


wrote …

Really nice space! Former? once a Marine always a Marine. Totally agree on the flag! seen boxes with out them! I think its a necessity!
Semper fidelis.


wrote …

Would love to see more video's like this one.


wrote …

Christina..what exactly is it that you are looking for with the sign? You can contact Steve at 714 388 4101 if you had questions for one....


wrote …

April- thanks for the response.....I will give him a call. I want one of those in my garage!


Shaun Tieman wrote …

This was a great piece! CF Journal should continue on with these CrossFit affiliate "Cribs" videos. As an affiliate owner its always great to see ways others have set up their space and used new ideas that were implemented into their box. Love the box Jimi!


wrote …

reduced fat?!? bah!


wrote …

Hey what happened to the mention of DMX Music as the provider of the tunes! Great sound system and awesome DMX music.


wrote …

Some great ideas flowing in your gym, congrats on your continued success. Would be awesome to see this become a series; always interesting to see how people run their boxes and their attention to detail. However...86 the cribs theme! The corniness of it takes quite a bit away from the production piece.


wrote …

Very cool box. I love the idea of exploring the layouts and designs of different CF gyms; but without the cribs theme.


wrote …

one word. AMAZING!!!



wrote …

That was fantastic. I enjoy the "CRIBS" spin on it but even still an awesome looking box. I loved it.


wrote …

you were inspirational at SOI and now, even more so as a Box owner. Following in your footsteps.


wrote …

Awesome box - loved the way you put the girls and heroes on for display...actually I loved it all.

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