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By Sevan Matossian

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Eleiko has over 50 years of experience in the business of creating high-quality bars and plates for some of the world’s strongest athletes. In fact, over 900 world records have been set with Eleiko equipment. Eleiko was also the company that introduced the rotating sleeve, which represented a great leap forward in weightlifting equipment.

World traveler Sevan Matossian was recently in Sweden to cover the Europe Regional hosted at the Eleiko Center. While there, he spoke with employee Andreas Lanker about the increasing popularity of Olympic lifting in recent years. Whether or not CrossFit is responsible is up for debate, but Lanker says more people than ever are diving under cleans and snatches in the last few years.

Anders Ericsson shares a little about Eleiko’s history, which interestingly includes waffle irons and electric appliances, and former Olympic decathlete Henrik Dagard gives his opinion about how decathletes would fare in CrossFit.

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Additional reading: The Missing Barbell Link? by R. Don Hollinger, published February 4, 2010.

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5 Comments on “Chatting With Eleiko”


wrote …

seems like a great place to work.


wrote …

Hi Sevan;

Really enjoy your European series, as a former multi event track athlete (high school), I definitely see the connection with the decathlon and crossfit. Wondering if you can convince Mr. Hagard to try Fran, after he's received some technical instructions via web or local CF trainer?

I'm sure this would provide some insight into the "capacity" he mentions. In addition, if you can ask him what kind of training he does on a regular basis.

Keep up the great work.




wrote …

seems like they were slightly annoyed to be interviewed


wrote …

@ James - I can see why you'd get that impression, but I think it's a cultural/language thing. Everyone at the center were extremely warm and welcoming at the Regional, doing their utmost to make sure both athletes and spectators had a great weekend!


replied to comment from Maria Estella Gullestrup

Cool. Thanks for the reply.

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